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October 28th 2010
Published: October 28th 2010
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Sunset at ISHSunset at ISHSunset at ISH

Here's the beautiful "African Sky"
Hey people of the world who happen to check out my adventure in Ghana:

I recently was reviewing all the blogs I had written last school year and got super reminiscent. I also realized I never found the time to give a farewell to my beloved home in GHana. I think I was more than ready to come home at the time I was leaving and I know for sure I did not feel sentimental about the place by any means.

Africa, Ghana, the developing world in general can wear you down in ways you would not believe. I was tired of being hot, tired of being harassed, tired of those damn ant-bites every day, and tired of the food. I needed to go home.

But now I'm home, and I miss my red-red! I was at a store the other day, and the cashier had an all too familiar accent. I didn't want to be politically incorrect, but I would tell he was from Africa. Besides the accent, he had the right color...and let me clarify: most Africans I've met have such a unique dark color, so deep and their skin looks unbelievably soft. Before I went
Last Halloween in GHLast Halloween in GHLast Halloween in GH

Since it's about that time I am with the Night Market girls, in my COWGIRL USA costume all ready for the International Students' Assoc. costume party!
to Africa, I would have felt weird about making distinctions about people based on their skin color, but that is an everyday thing for the average Ghanaian, and besides, I feel okay about it because after traveling and living elsewhere, I am able to recognize the different colors of our skin as the universes' palette. ANYWAY, I couldn't help but ask the man if he was Africa and which country. He replied, "Ghana," coyly, but with a big white smile. Ahhhh brother Francis and I talked and talked, about Ghanaian food, about the course he completed at Legon Campus and had some words in TWI. Wow! I miss Ghana!!

Well, I think I am going to make it a point to keep writing about Ghana, to share my experiences and pictures with the world, until I get tired of it. Yes, I've been back for a good 4-5 months now, but looking at my blogs, I can see there are so many tales that didn't get told. If this website is looked at by someone who was deciding whether or not to go, all I can hope is that my blog gets read and they go. It will change
The Crew on HalloweenThe Crew on HalloweenThe Crew on Halloween

fairy, Michelle Obama, Cleopatra, mermaid, cowgirl, doctor
your life, people!

I suppose I should go back to writing an exciting economics paper...haha...I miss the days of no homework at Legon Campus.

Love you all,

Robin Ray

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Flyin in GHFlyin in GH
Flyin in GH

African trees make for a good Jane impression. Where's Tarzan?!

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