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Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon April 19th 2013

I know, super late, and I'm missing Week 13. To be honest, I don't remember what else happened during the week 14 besides ending my class at Ashesi and my internship. So with that said, here are all of my pictures that I've chosen to share with you all from my internship (a couple are repeats, but they're just so darn adorable that they had to be included in this last post about them)... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon March 29th 2013

Last week was a bore, at the beginning of the week, as I was trying to catch up on my sleep from traveling to Kumasi, the week before. But the boredom did not last too long as my friend, Sena, (who I finally have a picture with!!) had a dance performance at Alliance France. This was on Wednesday evening, so of course, I found my way over to the Alliance France complex to see the beauty in dance and the arts as a whole. I was in a whole new world, (not to steal from Aladdin) when I entered Alliance, the atmosphere was like GIS (the International School that I’ve mentioned before) in the sense that it hid the pollution of the streets of Ghana, and there were so many posh internationals! I was once again, ... read more
BAGEL place
Game Ticket
Typical Selfie

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon March 11th 2013

This past week was a relaxed week due to not going to my internship and having Wednesday, which is normally my full day of classes off because of Ghana's Independence Day holiday. Without doing really anything significant this week it ended up being a great week for my body to decide to get sick. I was sick when I woke up on Monday morning. I had the shivers and was sweating more than I normally do. I had a headache and my stomach hurt. It was definitely not a good day for me. So while thoughts of the possibility of me having Malaria flew through my mind... I just ignored it and tried to tell myself that sleep would cure me. The next day I felt 10 times better, still had a few symptoms but I ... read more
Painting the Beads
Clay Kiln

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon March 7th 2013

Firstly, I would like to apologize on how late this post is. I would mention about why I haven't written until now, but then I'd be taking away all of the writing material that I need for next week's post. Therefore, getting straight down to business, this is how my week looked summed up. 1. I saw Zebras... I know, I know, I don't really understand it either... but I did, there were four of them at some "company" that I went to visit on Wednesday. The company, while not really a business yet, but more focused in the R&D side of things was founded by some man who ran for president a few years ago...and whose daughter is now the prime minister something... ?? Overall, to be honest, I'm not quite sure what was going ... read more
Cult Religion?
Wooden Stereos
Wooden Medical Robot

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon February 25th 2013

This past week my "Maame (Mommy) Instincts" kicked in and my photography skills (with the help of instagram). As everyone says, pictures say a thousand words... so while I tried to write captions under all of the pictures, use your imagination, because trust me, the week was not only of smiles, there were tears and upset faces all around because that's exactly what all maames see on a daily basis. So I'll just do a quick recap to let you get straight to the photos: 1. I failed at teaching my first English class...structure of the classroom is not the same. While I wanted to me more interactive with the class, I was interrupted by the teacher to just read from the book, word for word...After that first attempt, I just continued to observe from my ... read more
Learning Colors
Reading as a Class

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon February 18th 2013

My internship, which I had stated previously, was what I would be counting down each day until the last, could have been seen as a small part of my stay here, if I were to ignore what was happening and just be in the school environment versus actually living within it. Instead, I have decided to do the adult thing, and take everything I witness at my internship as a learning experience of the Ghanaian culture. So with that decided, my internship with not only be a huge part of my time in Ghana where I will go happily there, well that is after morning assembly (where most of the caning is done in public) but where I can understand the future generation, with not only a business mindset, of consumer mentality, but on the level ... read more
The Wedding Ceremony
Family Photo
The Confetti

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon February 13th 2013

My eyes are hallow, empty without the life and happiness that they had just yesterday. My host mother saw me yesterday evening when I returned home and merely said, “I see that you’ve cried, your eyes tell that you have felt pain, what happened?” Having cried for an hour straight earlier in the day, only a few tears were left in my tear ducts as I retold my day, I had not been the one who had to endure physical pain itself, but had been a witness to it, a bystander to what I felt was wrong. With the crack of a stick, I learned that I was powerless. I have been so privileged to be told that “I can do anything that I put my mind to,” “If I can dream it, it can come ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon February 11th 2013

With my luck, week 3 started with a visit to the University of Ghana's Public Hospital... as I twisted my ankle on my way to register for the traditional dance class. Ironic, I know. After going through the typical system of an outdoor hospital and telling myself that I was totally fine, as I looked at my swollen foot. I was sent off with a $1 (USD) icy-hot cream and $10 (USD) 2-angles x-rays. So, as I got back onto campus with my U-Pal, Atsu (pronounced: "Ah-choo", like from Robin Hood Men in Tights...but actually means twin in Twi) I went and registered for the dance class. So I had one class registered and set at the University, I was still waiting on one more, but for some reason out of the hundreds of classes being ... read more
Baboon 1
Baboon 2

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon January 22nd 2013

I landed in Accra, Ghana on Friday, January 11th 2013. Stepping off the plane from my lovely upgraded business class seat (where you get real silverware and hot towels), a rush of humidity hit my face. Remembering to not pull out my camera to take a picture of the plane, like I did in Russia...I jumped into the shuttle bus as quickly as I could to avoid the mosquitoes. Then the line to get through customs grew and grew...making what I expected to be a fast trek through, more than an hour long wait. Once through and my luggage pulled off of the conveyer belt, the quest to find the hopefully still waiting there CIEE sign to take me to their safe haven began. Weaving through men asking to take my luggage for me and if ... read more
To School
Road Work

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon February 15th 2011

I'm starting to settle in here, and in a warped sort of way it seems as if I've been living in Legon a very long time. I can get anywhere on campus with no problem, have pretty much figured out Accra's public transportation system, and have created a more balanced diet for myself after finding a conveniently located vegetable stand. I don't get heat rash every day anymore and I have an appetite in the middle of the day even when it is super hot. Human bodies are amazingly adaptable. Classes have started, but they haven't really gotten serious yet. My favorite by far is my African Dance class, which is so much fun. The TAs in that class know who I am even though I am one of like 60 white kids in the class. ... read more
Our Kitchen
The Beach
Reality TV!

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