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August 6th 2012
Published: September 1st 2012
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Here's a compilation of our final week at Sacred Heart Hospital. While we returned for a night at the Sitsope lodge, our rooms on the actual compound were finally completed and ready to move into. This would make our lives slightly easier to be on the compound most of the time.

- Hartropp and Rosalind resuscitating a baby. Once saved they named him Brian Benjamin, although his Apgar score was initially zero, several relexes have yet to return.

- Outreach to a small nearby village, more intimate setting with far less people, we weighed the babies and checked vaccination records.

- Consulting room with Ebeneezer going through cases ranging from minor trauma, fibroids, malaria, typhoid, pneumonia, fungus, diabetes, hypertension, etc. His diagnostic skills were really impressive and he allowed me to participate in many assessments.

- Enlarged scrotum caused by hydrocele is quite shocking upon first glimpse

- Drinking at Deseniadenko, and then short ride back from the Abor market by motorbike

- Haircut for 1.50 cedis

- Climbing the adjacent water tower by the hospital with Marina and upon descending getting rudely told "You are welcome", which was sarcastic because we clearly were not welcome.

- Scrubbing in with Emmanuel for emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy (did not know any of the names for the surgical instruments!)

- Late nights with Richard doing meds, NG feedings, injections, etc.

- Hartropp, Beertropp, Ragetropp, Dressingtropp, Damagetropp, Trancetropp

- Drinking at Kugbey's and back pain

- Night rounds with Emmanuel while he playfully grilled a nurse for making mistakes with every patient in ER

- Getting wasted with Marina

- Consulting room with Austin, interesting diagnostics then lunch at his place with beer and walking dead (and coolest kid ever was there)

- Irrigation and dressing on amputated diabetic patient, also found to have perennial sores

- Delivering more supplies to the wards

- Assessment classes with Venus

- Soccer, weights, running, and exploring surrounding areas

- Goodbye's to all and giving Deth Claw to Kugbey's for care

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