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August 7th 2019
Published: August 7th 2019
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Week 6

Monday, today I spent the whole day typing up my week 4 and week 5 blogs. Once, I was able to complete typing the blogs up I then tided the kitchen and the bedroom. When, Justice finally came home he brought a box of pizza for me. After, eating we went out to get toilet roll and my favourite drink.

Tuesday, today was another quite day all I did was sleep until Justice came home. When, Justice came home today he brought me 2 dough balls, seriously I’m not even asking Justice to bring me anything.

That, evening me and Justice went to the barbers, as Justice wanted to get a hair and beard shaved. Once, Justice was finished at the barbers we went to his sister Eunice place. At, the house was Eunice and Francis in which they both shouted “Izzie”, I just laughed. After, talking to Justice’s siblings, we spoke to the women who lives opposite the siblings. The women said I’ve stolen Justice, I simply replied saying “I’ve done you guys a favour”, they all laughed.

When, leaving Eunice walked me and Justice too the roadside. At, the roadside we spoke to Eunice about her and Michelle, as they still haven’t spoken since their last argument a week ago. Once, we finished talking to Eunice me and Justice went to get some fried rice. However, when eating the fried rice, I couldn’t finish it, as I was too full, I was so ashamed.

Wednesday, today Justice decided to not to go to work, as he wanted to stay home to keep me company. That, morning Justice made me my egg bread, and we tried this milky coffee, which tasted very good.

After, breakfast Justice went to Nungua to collect his phone, so I stayed home to get myself ready. When, Justice came home he had brought me my favourite tropical drink.

That, afternoon me and Justice went fabric shopping. I brought 2 fabric and Justice brought 1.

That, evening Justice and I went to get Justice some credit, so I decided to go to this stall that sells packets of drinks, so I brought 16 tropical juices for 15 cedies which is a bargain, as 1 tropical juice cost 1.20 cedies.

Thursday, today I was home alone, so I decided to do my clothes washing, but I couldn’t finish it all, as my fingers were peeling again, so I had to stop. After, clothes washing I decided to wash the dishes, so that Justice doesn’t have too. Then, Justice came home and he gave me a big bag and said its all for me, I was so shocked and very thankful, inside the bag was 5 ice creams, 2 bags of plantain chips, 1 small bag of chocolate cereal, waakye and 2 dough balls. However, when I hugged Justice by accident his shoe hit my big toe and half my nail came off, so Justice had to watch me peeling off the massive chunk of the nail off, Justice reaction was so funny.

Friday, today was another quite day for me. Today, all I did was tidy the house and got my clothes in from yesterday’s washing.

Saturday, today me and Justice went to the Coco Beach, as this is my favourite beach. Whilst, at the beach Justice was able to reunite with one of his old friends, so we told his friend we will come back to the beach later after the mall.

At, the mall me and Justice went to the supermarket, so that Justice can buy himself bread and for me to buy a box of biscuits, peach juice and deodorant. Whilst, at the mall me and Justice kept fooling around and there were these 2 small children and well Justice shouted at them and 1 of the children jumped so much he fell of the toy bike, me and Justice couldn’t stop laughing.

After, the mall me and Justice went to see this family that Justice use to stay with when he left the volunteer house. As, soon as we got to the family the 2 little girls came running to me and Justice went to speak to the adults, whilst I played with the 2 girls. After, seeing the family me and Justice headed back home to put all of the shopping away and relax a little.

At, around 6:30PM me and Justice went back to the Coco Beach, as we had promised his friend we would come back. Whilst, in the taxi the driver told us his story about why his wife had left him, which Justice loved the story so much he got the guys number.

When, we got to the beach it was very dark, so me and Justice were able to have a table in the light. After, me and Justice finished talking we invited his friend to come and join us. Once, Justice’s friend arrived we sat and talked a little telling story. Once, we were finished telling stories we went to meet the man’s friend who drove us to this nightclub.

At, the nightclub I was the only sober one, as I only drank grape juice, where as everyone else had plenty of alcohol. When, leaving the nightclub me and Justice were offered to be driven home, but I refused, as the driver was very drunk. So, I got me and Justice a taxi, on the way home I had to direct the driver, as Justice was too drunk.

Sunday, today me and Justice went to Church, however I found it very hard to try and stay awake, as it was very warm in the Church. When, Church finally finished I went to greet Junior and my pie mum. Once, I was done talking to them both, me and Justice went to the mall, so I can exchange 200 pounds. After, exchanging we went to the supermarket, to get bread and body wash.

After, putting all of the food away me and Justice decided to head to the beach. At, the beach we ate food and talked. Until, we both decided it was a good time to go to a hotel, as this hotel is so beautiful. At, the hotel we ordered some chips, as I have missed the taste of ketchup. After, being at the hotel me and Justice decided to head home. Once, at home me and Justice went out to get some fried rice and we went on a Pepsi hunt.

Week 6 was a week that I had to learn plenty and had to deal with certain situations, honestly this week has been a week I have been able to grow as a person. Hopefully next week is better and hopefully I will be able to be busier next week.


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