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July 29th 2019
Published: July 29th 2019
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Week 5

Monday, today is the 22nd of July, which represents me being in Ghana for exactly 1 month. This morning Justice was late for work, as we forgot to set his alarm. When, I was leaving for school Michelle kindly walked me to the roadside, so that I can get my taxi.

That, morning at school Junior wouldn’t stop disturbing me. He asked me how was my night at least 7 times. Junior tried absolutely everything to get my attention. For, the morning exam I had to examine class 6 and in the afternoon exam I examine form 1. When, the school finally closed I sat in the headmaster’s office trying to call Justice, but Justice wouldn’t pick up, as he is still at work. When, I was leaving the office Junior came in to disturb me even more, he wanted me to do the rehearsals with him and form 1, but I told him I’m too busy today. Junior came to give me a hug, but he then did something that really annoyed me, so I told him that he shouldn’t do that thing again.

That, evening I cooked myself some late lunch, as I was very hungry. After, eating I did my washing and when I nearly finished with washing Justice came home and was very happy too see me. In which Justice kindly helped me to dry/ rinse my clothes.

After, finishing washing Justice went to cook our food again, as he still believes he is a better cook than me.

When, it came for me to have my evening bath like always it takes me forever to actually get in the bathroom. So, Justice started pretending he can’t speak or hear me and all the humming noises he made just made me laugh too much, as he sounded like a crying dog and then all of a sudden n actual dog started to cry, so we just both laughed.

Tuesday, today at school I spent it in the headmaster’s office, as there wasn’t anything for me to do at school, as all the students have finished with their exams. Whilst, in the office a number of students would come and see me and then get told off, as they were making too much noise.

When, school closed Justice came to meet me from school, so we can go to the mall to get internet and other bits. When, we went to the mall we first went to the Vodafone shop to get 5.5GB of internet, but me and Justice were able to skip the que, as one of the staffs remembers me, so she decided to severe us straight away.

After, getting the internet me and Justice then went to the toilets, however Justice wondered why I took so long, so I told him I somehow managed to lock myself in and then only 1 tap was working. After, going to the toilet me and Justice headed straight to the supermarket, so I can buy Justice more bread, as he loves bread too much. For, me I brought shower gel, 9 packets of indomie, peach juice, oats biscuits and 1 hot chocolate packet. Altogether, the total cost was 39.26 cedies.

When, we got home from the mall me and Justice went to a stall to get some chilli peppers, onions, rice, some shrimp cubes, tomatoes. After, shopping Justice cooked us dinner. Then, Eunice came around and for like 1 or 2 hours me and Eunice just talked about marriage, as she is hoping she can do her marriage next year.

Wednesday, Justice didn’t go to work, so I decided to stay home with him, as I wouldn’t be doing anything at school. Eunice came around and she was shocked to see both me and Justice at home. However, we did have to leave Eunice, as I wanted to go and get some fabric, to make a dress.

At, the fabric stall Justice was helping me to choose some fabrics there was 3 that I liked, but I only had enough money to get 1 fabric today. I got 3 yards at the cost of 35 cedies. On, the way back from getting fabric me and Justice went to a stall to get toilet roll and a packet of biscuits for me.

As, soon as we got home it was as if we walked into a war zone, as Eunice and Michelle were arguing in which Justice had to sort the problem out, as he I Eunice’s older brother. After, Justice finished with dealing their situation I then took Eunice to the bedroom to talk to her to make sure she is ok.

Thursday, today at school is my last day and its our Day. This day is everyone’s favourite, as everyone loves Our Day. When, I got too school I sat with Madam Esther all day and all of the small children came and stayed with me all day. Junior kept coming to me and Esther to disturb us with his dancing. At, school I had plenty of food, as in the morning Madam Ruby invited me, Junior and Madam Esther to eat yam and stew with her, in which Madam Ruby was surprised that I don’t eat bone. In, the afternoon Madam Esther invited me to eat indomie with her, which tasted good, but wasn’t as good as Justice’s indomie. To be honest I did prefer last years Our Day, as this year looked quite messy and I had a big head ache. Justice came to the school to meet me, as well Justice kindly brought me 2 dough balls.

Friday, today I had no school, as yesterday was my last day, so Justice decided to stay home with me to keep me company. The whole day me and Justice either spent it sleeping, eating or watching videos. However, when Justice was finished bathing, he came out of the bathroom and he was very happy, he was dancing and singing and telling me he is a new person, as he has washed all of the dirt away.

After, Justice was finished with bathing me and Justice then went out to a new fried rice stand. Even though it’s a bit more expensive as your get 1 fried rice for 10 cedies, whereas the other fried rice stand you would get 2 fried rice for 10 cedies. However, this fried rice stand you get 2 big pieces of chicken and the packaging is really good and the food tastes amazing, so me and Justice have decided to stay with this fried rice stand.

Saturday, this morning me and Justice woke up early, as this morning we are going too the market, so before the market gets very busy me and Justice want to go when its quiet. When, we got to the market we came across one of Justice’s work friends, so we spoke to her for like 2 minutes.

At, the market we brought a bowl, red oil, plantain, garlic, onion, tomatoes, pepper and tom brown; which all cost a total of 28 cedies. Then, we headed to the mini market shop and we brought shrimp flavourings, packet of gizzard, a packet of sausages, pasta, rice and toilet roll, the total cost was 14.80 cedies. After, we finished at the market me and Justice went to the waakye stand which we ordered our own food the total cost was 6 cedies. As, well we brought 2 dough balls costing 2 cedies. Before, heading home me and Justice went to my hair salon too see the women and ask if she can plat my hair this Thursday, which her doing my hair will cost a total of 86 cedies.

For, the rest of the day me and Justice stayed home sleeping and talking. Until in the evening me and Justice went to get my light, as our light has finished, but the two places we went their electricity current was low, so we had to wait and come back later, on the way home me and Justice went to the stall to get 2 tropical drinks and some bread for Justice. After, dinner me and Justice went out again to find a pharmacy, but the one we found was closed, so we gave up.

Sunday, today me and Justice went to Church we literally arrived right on time at 9. However, Justice as well noticed that when the pastor was speaking, he does always look at me and Justice a lot. At, the end of the service the Pastor said this quote which I loved a lot and it was ‘you don’t need to have people and people don’t need to know you for you to be able to reach your own success’.

Later, in the day me and Justice went to see Justice’s dad. When, travelling I told Justice he is coming with me to the airport, a this is the same road to the airport. When, we met with Justice’s dad he walked us to his house. As, soon as we sat down the dad prayed and then brought me and Justice coke and crackers each. Honestly, I love Justice’s dad he is such a kind and free man. Justice’s dad works with this school, so he showed me and Justice some of the school annual books. Instantly, I fell in love with the school, so Justice dad told me all I need is a degree in any subject and that’s it, so now I’m very excited. After, we finished talking to Justice’s dad, Justice dad said a closing prayer to end the talk. Then, Justice dad drove us to the nearest trotro station, but on the way to the station Justice’s dad showed us the outside of the school, honestly it looks like a 5-star hotel it looks amazing. Once, we got to the trotro station Justice’s dad stayed with us until we got onto a trotro to make sure we are safe.

That’s, the end of week 5 honestly, I am sad school has finished, but this now means I have more free time for myself to be able to meet my friends etc. Let’s see what week 6 has to offer to me.


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