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July 29th 2019
Published: July 29th 2019
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Week 4

Monday, this morning I got up and got ready for school, but I didn’t want to leave Justice, as he was very exhausted and he asked me to stay home with him, so I agreed too. So, for the rest of that day was me and Justice just sleeping.

Tuesday, this morning Justice walked me to school, before he headed off for work. He asked me to hug him, but I’m too shy to in public he just laughed. As, soon as I got to the school, I greeted both madams and when I was making my way to the headmaster’s office, form 1 students were shouting at me to come to them.

This, morning and afternoon the students were supposed to be doing 2 exams, but they didn’t, so me helping them to revise for science was pointless. Then, all of a sudden, I felt very ill. Then, Junior sent students to me to go and get me to go and see him, so I told the students if Junior wants to talk to me, he should come to me, as I didn’t feel well. The students came back and said have to go and see Junior, so when I went to see him, he just wanted to be silly and I told him I don’t want to be silly, as I’m feeling very week. Junior asked me to go and get Madam Gina.

So, when I saw Madam Gina, she could tell something wasn’t ok. I asked her where is the best place to quickly get a period pad, as I had just started my period. She kindly took me to a stall, were a woman sells them, but the next problem was where will I go and put my pad on luckily madam lives near the school, so she took me to her place, so I can do what I needed to do.

When, me and madam Gina got to the school I told her Junior wanted to talk to her. All, Junior wanted to tell her was about my dance routine I did last summer for Our Day. When, Junior left for the other school me, Madam Esther and Madam Gina sat and had lunch together, as Madam Gina brought me a bottle of coke and 2 dough balls, I was so thankful.

That, whole afternoon I was sat in Madam Esther’s classroom watching her teach whilst getting bitten by so many mosquitoes. Madam Esther was teaching the children about bathing and one of the students said us white people when we bath, we sleep, everyone laughed, but I said it is half true. After, Esther finished teaching we sat and talked about tattoos and piercings, whilst waiting for the school to finish. Then, Madam Gina came in and shouted ‘your still here’ and I was like yes, as Madam Gina thought I might’ve escaped to form 1.

When, school finally finished I sat at the school waiting for Justice, so all of the really small children came and sat on my lap. Finally, Justice came like 1 hour and 30 minutes later, so I went to tell Junior and Sir Frank I was leaving in which Junior kept asking me for food, so I gave him the other dough ball.

Wednesday, before I left for school like always, I make myself a hot chocolate, but 1 packet was missing and of course it was Justice who took it.

The whole day at school I spent it in the headmaster’s office, as there was nothing happening at school today. So, all day I was reading. When, school finally closed I was waiting for Justice, whilst waiting all of the little children came running to me and was waiting with me. Some, time later Justice finally showed up, so we can finally go home.

On, the way home after the trotro we went to this mini market to get some food stuff for tonight, as we are eating rice and stew. Before, buying the food stuffs there was this alive duck, but after the food stuffs the duck wasn’t alive no more in fact, I can see it getting chopped up it was horrible.

That, evening Eunice and Francis came around to cook the food and too talk to me and Justice, as me and Justice haven’t seen his siblings for a long time now.

Thursday, this morning I woke up at 7 and for some strange reason I was very tired, as well as Justice he was very tired, so we both agreed to not go to work today and just stay together and sleep all day.

At, 3 me and Justice went out to get another big bag of ice cream. However, when we got there, we thought they were closed, but luckily the shop keeper was sleeping. So, we got the same ice creams, as last time 10 strawberry yoghurt for Justice, 10 fan ices and 10 fan joys for me. After, getting the ice creams we went to a road side shop to get toilet roll and 10 packets of hot chocolates, as somebody i.e. Justice had my last packet.

That, evening we slept till 7 and went out again to get fried rice, as tonight we both can’t be bothered to cook. Once, we got our fried rice me and Justice spent the next 3 hours eating and talking it was really nice that me and Justice had a long talk about our pass, we learnt more about each other.

Friday, today at school I spent the morning at the head master office, but at lunch time I went to sit with form 1 girls and there was this topless ripped guy walking all the girls went crazy, I honestly didn’t think the guy was that good looking.

That, afternoon I spent it in class 2, then 1 of my girl students from class 4 asked me to help her with her maths revision. So, for 2 hours I was teaching her even though it was hard, with all the little children making too much noise.

When, school closed both Madam Esther and Madam Gina made me to go to the school meeting, I wasn’t happy, as I hate going to the school meetings. All, the teachers were complaining, as school had finished but they can’t go home. The whole meeting was about school fees and summer school. 1 hour and 30 minutes later the meeting was finally finished.

Saturday, today me and Justice would be attending a funeral at Asamankese. So, we had to wake up at 5, we both struggled so much having to wake up so early. When, travelling to the funeral we had to catch a trotro to Circle which took an hour and then catch a bus to Asamankese which took and hour. Whilst, walking through Circle a man tried to steal my watch, but luckily, I knew what he was doing, so I pulled my hand away and my watch is a double locked, so its more complicated to get the watch off.

When, we arrived at the funeral we came across one of Justice’s workers, so we all walked together, however we got lost, as we don’t know where the actual funeral is, as Justice has never been to this village before.

The whole funeral was really good. As, all of Justice’s workers were there, as it was there supervisor’s mum that has died and she was 58. All, the workers asked if I eat fufu and I replied with yes, they were all so surprised, so when me and Justice ate fufu together the workers were watching us. After, eating we sat on this filed to watch the live band and people dancing. The village mayor was there, so all the workers and me had to go around and greet the mayor and all the guests. I got along with most of the workers, a they were all so kind and very funny. Whilst, at the funeral I became friends with these 3 small children, but the problem was we couldn’t speak to each other, as they don’t know English.

When, travelling home it seemed to take forever, as we had to travel in the dark. So, we got on a trotro and then on another, all the way to Circle in which Justice caught me sleeping. Once, we got to Circle Justice took my bag and my hand, as we walked to our next trotro, when walking another man came up to me and touched my shoulder in which Justice said a few words to him. Justice wouldn’t stop looking back, just to make sure no one is following us. When, we got on our last trotro it was a very quick journey.

Sunday, this morning is Church and today Justice is coming. The whole Church service was very good, but the video camera man kept filming me, so the whole Church can see me. As, Justice made us sit near the front with all the Nigerians. After, Church service me and Justice waited to greet Junior. But he said he had to go and sign something. So, me and Justice waited for Junior outside the gates, but he was too busy talking to people. So, I went to greet my pie mum, which she smiled and gave me a free pie and coke. After, peaking to my mum me and Justice went home.

That, afternoon me and Justice wanted to do our washing, but when Justice went to get the water there wasn’t any. So, instead we ate plenty of food. Whilst, eating Eunice and Michelle came in which both of them were saying me and Justice love each other too much. When, Michelle and Eunice finally left me and Justice went to the Labadi Beach.

When, at the Labadi Beach we had to pay extra at the entrance, as there was an event going on. After, the entrance me and Justice just managed to see Medikal and his girlfriend Fella. I couldn’t stop smiling, as Fella is my female celebrity crush. Whilst, at the Beach we saw some of the Ghanaian football players training. After, watching the men train me and Justice went walking on the beach, until it was time for this event to start. The event was these 2 strippers twerking on stage. To my surprise Justice didn’t like it, so we thought it was a good idea to go home, as it was now dark.

Once, at home Justice cooked us some indomie, so whilst he was cooking, I was dancing, as I had too much energy. After, eating I kept on disturbing Justice, as he was playing a game on my phone and well, I just like annoying so in the end he gave up playing and said he will get me back.


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