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July 19th 2019
Published: July 19th 2019
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Week 3:

Monday, this morning I was planning to go to school, but I decided not to, as it was chucking it down with rain. All, of a sudden the house started flooding, so I had to do my very best and clean up all of the water, but thankfully the water stopped coming in.

When, Justice came home we went out to get the big pack of ice creams that we tried to do yesterday, but failed. However, we were successful we got 10 strawberry yoghurt for Justice and 10 fan ices and 10 fan yo’s for me, as its 25 for 20GHC, as the fan yo’s are 50 pesewas I was able to get 5 extra ice creams. Justice he was ashamed off me, as I managed to get a total of 30 ice creams instead of 25 for the same price.

When, we got home Justice tided the house, as in the morning the house flooded. After, he finished tiding Justice then tried on his old clothes and asked for my opinion. Then there was this small spider on the bed in which I ran out of the room screaming, Justice just laughed at me.

Me and Justice went out to get some ingredients for dinner and some internet credit, as my internet finished today. After, buying the credit we went to our friend’s house to get the ingredients for my breakfast and some tomatoes. After, buying everything I watched Justice cooking, so I can learn how to make his food.

Whilst, eating we was listening to what was happening outside, because Ghana are playing football, so when it came to the penalties we would listen closely, but the final result Justice didn’t like, as Ghana lost, I was celebrating very well.

Tuesday, today at 5:30 I woke Justice up, as he wanted me too, when I did, he went ack to sleep for like 15 minutes and when he saw the time, he got very worried, as his bus is at 6:10. Justice was rushing so much, I kept on laughing.

In, the trotro there was this woman who was preaching, the problem was I wasn’t able to understand, as she was speaking in Twi/Ga. Once, I got to the school I greeted the teachers and the dinner ladies and Junior was like ‘why didn’t you come yesterday?’ I replied, because of the rain, as in Ghana you can skip work if its raining.

Today, there was a school meeting which was all about the teachers going out to celebrate the end of the school year. After, the meeting I went to form 1 to help the children with their revision, as next week is there exam week. At, lunch I brought some chicken and fried rice, which wasn’t the best I’ve had, but it was ok. Next, minute many students from class 6 came out of the headmaster’s office crying, so I asked why and they replied they didn’t do their French homework, so Junior canned them. So, I explained to them why Junior got, so angry and the children understood.

At, the end of the school day Justice met me at the school, o we can go home together. On, the way home in the trotro we were part of a trotro race, as our trotro was racing with the blue trotro, I honestly thought we was going to crash, by the way the driver was driving.

As, soon we got home me and Justice went to sleep for an hour, after we had our ice cream, chicken and this dough ball. Once, we woke up our neighbour friend came to see us, so us three sat on the bed talking about journalism and rich people in Ghana.

Wednesday, this morning at school I spent it in the headmaster’s office doing coursework, as today I have another deadline. When, I was trying to do my coursework I kept on getting disturbed by my student Carrie, Sir Seth and Junior. Sir Seth keeps on saying I am Junior’s wife in which like always both me and Junior told him we are not together.

That, evening at home me and Justice went out too get some fried rice and chicken, because all day all I wanted was fried rice. Our, neighbour friend came to visit us, as she wanted to tell us something. The whole night me and Justice struggled sleeping, as at 1 I woke up and every hour I would wake up the same with Justice. Then, every time I went to sleep, I would either be laughing or talking in my sleep, in which Justice tried to respond to me, as he thought I was asking a question, so when he realised I was asleep he got a bit scared.

Thursday, today I left home 15 minutes late, but somehow still managed to get too school on time. That day at school seemed to take forever, I went to form 1 and there the girls did my hair. However, like always form 1 they make so much noise, so I decided to leave the class.

In, the headmaster’s office there was this cockroach, in which I’m scared of them all of the student was laughing at me. Before, leaving the school Junior came to see me, so we had a big conversation, as he knows something was wrong with me. When, leaving the headmaster’s office Junior somehow managed to walk into the table, he was like ‘I’m very smooth’, I just laughed and replied ‘yes very smooth’.

That, evening when I got home, I waited until Justice finally returned home. So, we both headed out to get some indomie, so Justice can cook it for me. When, we returned home I stayed with Justice to watch him cook. Then, the lights went out, but thankfully the lights weren’t out for long, as I don’t like it when me or Justice cooks in the dark.

Friday, this morning me and Justice left for work together, which means this morning Justice was able to cook me egg bread, as no one can fry an egg better than Justice. Justice walked me near the school, as he was meeting a work friend.

That, morning Junior was playing his music, whilst trying to get my attention by keeping on poking me, the students loved watching us fooling. At, lunch time I was making my way to see Madam Gina, when form 1 stopped me and asked me to come to their class, I said I can’t, as not I’m going on a lunch date with Madam Gina, the children wouldn’t stop laughing. I went to class 2, but Madam Gina wasn’t there, then all of a sudden I heard her calling me, so I went to class 1 and in there was Madam Esther, Junior, Madam Ruby and Madam Gina we all sat there and talked and laughed, Madam Ruby kept saying I would be a perfect wife for Junior and then there was me and Madam Gina and we was like no Junior isn’t good enough it was so funny.

That, afternoon I taught class 2, missing numbers, as I wanted Madam Gina to relax, as she is pregnant. The lesson went well, but the children need to learn how to add numbers, so in the summer school I will teach them that. Before, closing me, Madam Gina and Madam Esther sat in class 2 and talked, as we were waiting for school to finish.

Before, going home I went to meet a friend of mine called Nana from Ukraine, for the first time. As, he is Ghanaian he has his own car, so he picked me up at First Junction and drove me near my house, so I can get some money. So, we went to the Labadi Beach, Nana was so surprised by how many people wanted to sell us stuff, so I simply said welcome to a life of an obroni he simply laughed. So, we sat down and drank pineapple juice and he ordered himself orijin as well. The total cost was 40 cedies I nearly chocked at the price it was so expensive. When, it came to pay I pulled out £40 by accident, luckily the waitress was good and didn’t accept the money, so Nana paid the 40 cedies, as I didn’t have any cedies. I told Nana its an easy mistake, as both £20 and 20 cedies are both purple paper notes, o its easy to get it mixed up. After, paying me and Nana just walked on the beach until he drove me home.

That, evening I waited for Justice too come home from work, so that we can go and get food. However, when Justice came home, he already had fufu, which I was meant to eat it with him, but my tummy wasn’t feeling good, so I went to get myself some indomie. But Justice did buy me some plantain chips, which he ate most of them.

Saturday, today Justice went to work, as I was supposed to do my washing, but I couldn’t as our neighbour had beaten me, as she has used up all of the washing line, its ok I can do my washing another day.

Once, Justice was done cooking we headed off to the Junction Mall, but we got into the wrong trotro, we were lucky we knew before it was too late. As, soon as we got to the mall we came across Josh, us three were so surprised, as we didn’t expect to see Josh here. After, greeting Josh me and Justice went to the Vodafone shop, so I can get more internet. I was stuck between 4G or 6G, so Justice said 4G as I may not be able to finish the 6G, as the internet is only valid for 1 month. After, getting the internet we headed to the supermarket, so I can get shampoo, conditioner, loaf of bread and 9 packs of indomie the total cost was 69 cedies.

After, we finished at the mall we went to the market to go food shopping, as its cheaper food shopping at the market then at the supermarket. At, the market we came across a student of mine, who has just completed school. At, the market we brought a set of onions costing 2 cedies, a set of tomatoes costing 2 cedies, red oil costing 3 cedies and 2 cups of rice costing 6 cedies. After, the market we went to the little food shop to get a bag of pasta and 2 shrimp cube flavouring with the total of 3.20GHC.

That, evening when we got home, we put the food shopping away and Justice went to sleep, so I decided to do my clothes washing. After, washing my clothes Justice prepared us some indomie before we went to sleep.

Sunday, this morning is Church morning, but again I will be attending the service alone, as Justice needs to go to work. Church today was very good, but at the ned of the service the Pastor said if you need to be forgiven come to the front, almost the whole Church went, the Pastor wasn’t expecting it at all. After, Church I waited for Junior like always, so we can see the pie women, like always she gives me free pie and free malt, as I’m her daughter. She kept on asking if I love Junior and I kept on replying with no, she wouldn’t believe me.

After, Church when I got home I waited for Justice, as he said he would come and pick me up and take me to the festival, but in the end Justice said I should meet him at C5 , but I told him I will not come, as there will be too many people and I properly be by myself, as Justice would be working.

That, whole evening I was waiting for Justice to come home, but he never did, so I went to sleep. At, 2AM I woke up and Justice wasn’t there, so I called someone and asked what time the festival will finish tonight the person said 3/4AM. 4AM I woke up and no sign off Justice still and then at 5:30AM Justice finally came home, I literally burst out crying, as I thought something had happened to Justice.

Week 3 of the Ghana blogs completed, time is seriously going fast here in Ghana I honestly wish the time could slow down, as I don’t want to go home yet!


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