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July 10th 2019
Published: July 10th 2019
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Week 2

Monday, this morning I woke up feeling very weak, as of last night there was too much arguing. This morning I left for school normal time, but somehow, I got to school early at 8:45, my class was at 9. This morning I taught class 4 division fractions, they found it so complicated.

After, teaching class 4 I went back to the headmaster’s office in which there I spoke to Esther and Junior, as they have invited to take me to the Nungua Festival this weekend. When, Junior went to teach he told me I can come and watch him, so I said yes, so I can learn more on how to teach better, even though I spent the whole lesson reading. After, Junior finished teaching I watched madam Cythrina to teach ICT, for me I didn’t like the way she teaches, as she just writes on the board without explaining.

Before, I left to go home I saw Sir Collins the old headmaster, I was so happy, as I have missed hearing his jokes and his riddles. When, Junior finished what he was doing we had a long conversation, before Sir came to join us to walk to catch our trotro’s. Before, I left two students from form 1 came to speak to me in which I apologised to Zalia, as, I told her that I forgive her stealing my money and if she wants to talk, I am here for her.

Whilst, I was walking with the 2 teachers to the trotro, I came across a student and she was like ‘madam Elizabeth’, Junior he got very jealous.

That, evening when I got home, I spent the whole evening alone, until Justice finally came home from work.

Tuesday, this morning I had breakfast for the first time, as I have never eaten breakfast. After, eating me and Justice went to work together, but we walked our different ways, once we were done with the trotro.

When, I got to the school both madam Gina and madam Ether fought over me, saying they want me to teach their classes, so I told them I will teach class 2, but not class 1.

Today, I taught class 6 in which we did the country quiz and spelling test, the children are very competitive. After, playing the quiz I was reading with some of the students. Then, madam Abigail came to the class and started shouting, he created a scene. When, madam Abigail left I taught class 6 English until form 1 wanted me.

So, net I taught form 1 and they asked me questions about astronomy and the reproductive system. After, answering all of their questions the girls played with my hair until school finished.

Wednesday, toady at school 3 madams asked me what happened yesterday in which I told them, they were shocked, as they don’t like madam Abigail, as apparently, she causes too much trouble.

That, morning I taught class 2 maths and then I taught form 1, as they wouldn’t leave until I came to their class. In form 1 the children wanted to do some acting, I which the children made me to act, o I had to be the crying daughter of my dead mother, in which the class laughed saying I’m good at acting, even sir Dennis was laughing.

After, teaching form 1 spent the rest of the day in the headmaster’s office talking to the headmaster. When, school closed me, form 1 and Junior spent it in the headmaster’s office rehearsing for our day, me and the girls were dancing.

That, evening I brought 2 fan ices and eat indomie, so for the rest of the evening me and Justice had a water fight with the water sachets, as we are such children. After, the water fights me and Justice waited for the lights to come back on, as lights were out again until 11 at night.

Thursday, this morning me, Junior and Sir Seth were being silly in the headmaster’s office, with sir Seth somehow thinking that me and Junior are dating, even though we are not. Junior, had to go somewhere that morning, so I decided to go and see madam Gina in class 2.

For, the rest of the day I was in class 2 with madam Gina talking about marriage and why its not good to trust people. At, lunch time madam Gina ordered egg and fried rice with chicken for us both to eat, it was so good. After, lunch I taught class 2 maths, as madam had to go somewhere so I offered to teach her lesson for her.

Before, closing from school the owner off the school wanted to talk to me about the issue on Tuesday. After, the meeting form 1 wanted me to watch them rehearse their dance for our day, so me and the boys were distracting everyone, as we were creating our own version off the dance.

After, rehearsals I went home, but yet again the lights were out, so I cooked me and Justice some indomie in the dark. Justice rated it 60/100, but I know he was lying, as he didn’t want to admit mine is better than his.

Friday, this morning I had to meet this girl who lives near us, so that if she wants to hang out with me, she can. After, introducing myself to the girl, me and Justice made our way to work.

That, day at school I taught class 4 English, but the boys didn’t want to learn, so I gave up teaching them. Then, madam Gina sent a student to get me. So, I went to madam Gina and she told me that madam Abigail has quit the job, I was very shocked.

Before, going home form 1 wanted me to do some rehearsals with them. Since, yesterday form 1 has improved with their dancing, they have nearly finished. After, rehearsals the students begged for me to come to Saturday classes, so I told them that I need my sleep. Me and Junior then had a walking race to the trotro.

That, evening there was another light out, so I went to get some indomie, as I don’t like cooking in the dark. Before, sleeping me and Justice talked about how we will be able to see each other again, as now I’m planning to study university in the UK.

Saturday, this morning I got plenty of sleep, as I woke up around 9. Justice prepared for my breakfast, before he went to get his card done. So, the girl came around, so we spoke told stories, before she decided to go home and eat. After, bathing I did all my washing, so when I was drying my clothes the girl came around to help me drying.

Once, done with drying I spent the afternoon sleeping and then the girl came back to see me, as she wanted to speak to Michelle. Finally, Justice came home and strangely he was very happy, so that evening was a good evening, as both me and Justice were happy.

Sunday, today I will be attending Church alone, as Justice needs to do his washing. Todays Church service was good, but the lights kept going out, as at the moment the electricity power in Ghana isn’t very good. So, some of the service the Pastor had to shout, as the microphone can’t work without electricity. There were 3 children who came to sit next to me it made me laugh. After, Church I met with Junior, but we couldn’t talk to long, as he is very busy today. As well there were plenty of people who wanted to take photos with me, I felt like a celebrity.

When, in the taxi going home I got lost, as I told the driver to turn left into a close too early, so I walked the rest of the journey. When, I got home Justice was very surprised, as he thought I would’ve spent more time with Junior.

After, Justice was finished with his washing his clothes me and Justice went on a hunt to find the closet fan ice shop near us. We did find 2, but they were closed. So, me and Justice gave up looking and headed home, as it was very hot outside. For, the rest of the afternoon me and Justice spent it sleeping, until again the lights went out.

So, instead of getting really hot indoors, we went on another walk for 2/3 hours. Whilst, on the walk it was funny, as different parts of Teshie had light and other didn’t. When, deciding to go home we had to find another way, as there was this huge fire, as someone was burning tyre, so the fire got out of control, so there was black thick smoke everywhere. So, me and Justice did manage to find some fan ice, fan joy and strawberry yoghurt, to try and get the smoke taste out of our mouths. Then, we came across a fried rice stand, so we both brought fried rice and chicken, in which tasted amazing.

Altogether, that was week 2, and I am excited to see what happens in week 3, as me and Justice are going to start planning for our big trip in August. Next, week is the revision week for the students at the school, so the teachers are going to get very stressed, this coming week.


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