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July 1st 2019
Published: July 1st 2019
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Week 1 Blog

Monday, this morning me and Justice woke up and for the first time in a long time I had to have an African wash, by using a bucket of water which was very good, as the water was very cold. After, washing me and Justice just talked and listened to music until Michelle came, so that the boys can eat their Banku and I eat my crackers. After, we all finished eating me and Michelle sat and talked, before us three went to Eunice place, so that Justice can go and get more clothes.

When, Justice finished getting his belongings me and Justice made our way to see my dad even though we were 2 hours late. When, we got to my dad we sat around the pool side and talked. Before, me and Justice made our way to the mall. At, the mall me and Justice went to the supermarket and brought sweet bread and fan ice and strawberry frozen yoghurt. After, the supermarket we made our way to exchange money. In, which I’m very happy that this time round they gave me the money in 20 cedies instead off 50 cedies, as those notes aren’t helpful at all. After, exchanging the money we went to the Vodafone place so, that I can buy an internet box in which to my surprise it wasn’t that expensive.

Once, I was done with everything me and Justice went to another supermarket near where we live, but when in the trotro I thought I had lost Justice’s ring I got so worried, but luckily, I haven’t lost it. At, the second supermarket I brought myself a water bottle, so that I can save money when buying water, so I can fill the bottle up with water by buying sachets.

After, the supermarket me and Justice went to his sisters Eunice place, so that me and Justice can watch some African football. Seriously, I was so tired I tried so hard not to doze off. Then, Francis came home, so he can watch the football with us. When, me and Justice started walking too our place he had forgotten the house key, so we had to walk back to meet Francis, so that he can give Justice the key.

When, we finally got to our place Michelle was there, so whilst Justice quickly washed, I was playing music and talking to Michelle, but when Eunice came around, she was not in a good mood. So, Michelle went to talk to her. Once, Justice finished bathing we quickly made our way to the hotel to see my dad, as he invited us to have dinner with him. However, when we got to the hotel it started raining heavily it was horrible. So, when we finally got to my dad we sat down and waited for the rain to die down. But, in the end we gave up waiting and just went to walk to the restaurant, it was very bad, as the outside of the hotel was completely flooded.

When, we finally got to the restaurant us 3 sat down to a buffet, as I haven’t eaten anything for the past 2 days, I made sure I ate plenty of chicken, it was so good. But both dad and Justice made fun off me, as at the moment my memory is terrible and I don’t know why. After, food we went back to the hotel room, as I can get my bag. After, saying goodbye my dad me and Justice hurried back out of the hotel and into the taxi.

Tuesday, this morning I woke up at 7:30 as, I don’t need to be at the school until 9, so this morning I was rushing, as always I am not an organised person at all, however when I was finally ready I had to wait for Justice, as him and Michelle are counting money. So, this morning means I can’t catch the trotro to the school otherwise I would’ve been very late. When, we finally got to the school it started raining, so we made the taxi to stop right outside of the school. As, soon as I was about to step into the school, I got too nervous, as I hate the first day back. So, me and Justice walked for a bit before I was finally ready to go in.

When, I walked in the school like last time all the students came to me especially the tiny children. Madam Gin was very happy as she shouted “eii Izzie” and Esther was like “have you brought our cake?” The welcome was very good, don’t know why I got so nervous. I sat in the headmaster’s office in which all the male teachers came to greet me 1 by 1. In, which Sir frank talked to me about Brexit and Junior wrote me my timetable.

At, 11:30 my dad and Justice came to the school, so that I can donate lots of the school equipment. Junior, kindly read my personal statement then next minute me and Junior were having a debate about law. After, I finished talking I took my dad back to the hotel then me and Justice went back to our place.

As, soon as I got home, I wiped out my laptop and started to lesson plan, as now I have my timetable. Justice went out so he can shave his hair. So, it was me home alone planning my lessons.

At, 7 me and Justice went to go to the hotel, as my dad has invited us to another dinner. When, me and Justice met my dad we spent the whole time talking/ listening to football, as Ghana are playing Benin. The dinner was, so good however what I ordered was very spicy, so it took me forever to eat it. At, around 8:40 dad rushed me and Justice out of the hotel, otherwise we would’ve been caught up in traffic, as everyone was watching the football.

As, soon as me and Justice got home, I sat on my bed watching YouTube, as Justice was helping Michelle with something.

Wednesday, this morning I woke up at 6:45 which gave me plenty off time to get ready, but once again I was late, as me and Justice have created a new game, as we have a box in the corner and we throw the plastic bottles in the box in which Justice is terrible at it.

On, the way to the school Justice took me, so that I can learn how to get to the school on my own. But the only problem is I have to cross this really busy road, but I will learn how to cross it well soon.

When, I finally got to the school I arrived on time at 9. Like always Junior likes to disturb me, as he tried to take my earphones away from me. I went to teach class 5, I taught them how to do division maths, but in fractions. After, class I asked the students if there are any topics in maths they can’t do, so that I know the topics to teach them.

After, class I sat in the headmaster’s office with Junior, as he went through my music, as he loves my music too much, as I have his Cameroonian music on it. Then, Junior asked me one of the students to get me and him some waakye. The waakye tasted so good. The rest of the afternoon I spent it in the headmaster’s office typing and writing. Until Junior finished teaching he came back to do some marking and give me more music.

After, school me and Justice went home, until we went to see my dad at the hotel at 7:30 to eat with him again. For, dinner I had kelewe in which is this very seasoned plantain, whilst at dinner there were lots of cats, so dad and Justice enjoyed scaring them. After, dinner me and Justice went home, in which we went straight to sleep.

On, Thursday at school I was told to teach class 2, in which I had no problem with at all. I taught them maths. The only problem was they had so much energy. There were 2 twins in the class, they were the most polite and hardworking students, as those 2 girls you can tell they really wanted to learn. However, Junior came to the classroom to ask for my earphone, so at that point I asked Junior to make the students to be quiet.

After, teaching class 2 I spent lunch time talking to Esther all about the festivals in Ghana, she told me her favourite festival was Cape Coast. After, lunch I went to sit in the headmaster’s office and their I spoke to Junior and another sir, until both of them went to sleep.

Then, Justice came to collect me from the school, so that we both can go to the hotel to say goodbye to my dad, as today he will be flying back to the UK. Whilst, with my dad we took plenty of photos. When, watching my dad drive to the airport it made me realise I am now alone in Ghana.

Friday, this morning I woke up feeling very tired, but after washing I was ok. This morning I took myself to school. Once, I got to the school I sat in the headmaster’s office, as my first lesson is at 11 and right now its 9. At, 10 a student from class 6 asked me to teach them in which I said yes.

For, me I love teaching class 6, as they are so polite and hardworking. After, teaching class 6 I spent the rest of the day with class 6, even though the class was over, 2 girls students kept on asking for more work. The girl students were playing with my hair, whereas the boys were making videos, I loved seeing how creative the students were being. At, the end of the day Junior came to cane the students, as they don’t attend Saturday classes, but before Junior caned them he gave them 1 more chance, as I was there and he knows I don’t like it when he canes my students, so if they don’t come this Saturday Junior will cane them.

That, evening when I got home, I spent it sleeping, as I was very tired. At, 10 Justice came home, so we both went out to get some indomie, so that we can eat together. After, eating we both went to sleep.

Saturday, this morning me and Justice went to the market, so that we can buy some food, as later Justice will be making me jollof rice. At, the market we brought rice, flavouring/ spices, pepper, onions and chicken. After, the market me and Justice went to the pool bar, so that I can meet a volunteer called Josh from America. After, meeting Josh me and Justice headed home, so that I can wash my clothes.

After, washing my clothes and eating me and Justice went out to watch the football Ghana V Cameroon. The final score was 0-0, but the game was very interesting. After, watching the football we headed to see the market women outside the volunteer house, so that we could surprise her, indeed she was very shocked. On, the way home in the taxi we came across Prince and his volunteers, so our taxi was driving behind them until they went to the petrol station and we carried on our way home.

Sunday, today me and Justice had to wake up early, as today is Church day. I was ready at 8, but I had to wait for Justice, as his clothes are at his sister’s place. So, we were an hour late for Church, I wasn’t happy at all, as I love Church. Today, service was another good service. After, Church I went to speak to Junior before I left.

After, Church me and Justice went to the pool bar, so that Justice can play pool and so I can meet Josh. When, Josh arrived we sat and talked whilst, we were waiting for one more person.

After, the pool places me, Josh, Justice, Osha and 2 other men went to the Coco Beach. Whilst, at the beach me and Osha went for a walk to catch up on a few things. Whilst, the boys went swimming. But there was something that annoyed me about the boys they were drinking alcohol and then go swimming, so for me the sober one I had to make sure they are all safe and don’t drown.

Once, we were done at the beach we went back to the pool bar place. As, soon as we got there I just left, as I didn’t like the environment of heavy drinkers, I thought Justice was going to come with me, but instead he prefers to drink alcohol instead.

When, I got home I bathed and cooked food, as I hadn’t eaten all day. But, that whole evening me and Justice were just arguing it was horrible.

So, that's the end of week 1 of my summer Ghana adventures, who knows what will happen next week. I am very thankful for being able to come back here and to be able to reunite with so many of my friends and students.


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