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June 26th 2019
Published: June 26th 2019
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Ghana Weekend Blog 2019

Saturday 22nd June today is the ay I go back to Ghana, after waiting for 5 months. Surprisingly this time around I haven’t brought that much with me, as I can get most of the items in Ghana. When, leaving the house I said my goodbyes too everyone, but truthfully, I wasn’t sad bout leaving home, as I’, too excited for Ghana!

When, me and my dad got to the airport we went through security, but on the body scanner machine my dad got through without getting buzzed, of course I go through the machine and I get buzzed my dad couldn’t stop laughing, as in my family it’s a game that we play to see who gets buzzed and who doesn’t. After, security me and my dad made our way to Boots to collect my 3 boxes of malaria tablets, as we found out that it is cheaper to get the tablets from the airport, then getting them from the doctors. After, collecting the tablets we made our way to the lounge. At the lounge me and my dad ordered ourselves some curry, whilst I also got myself a hot chocolate, in which my dad thought it was very weird to eb mixing hot chocolate and curry together.

When, we finally got on the plane both me and my dad got upgraded again, into club world, in which means we have a bed on the plane. On, the plane I watched Darkest Hour first, the movie was very good with plenty of detail. The next movie I watched was Fighting with My Family, in which this movie was very motivational, as it was all about not giving up on your dreams and proving people wrong. Finally, the last movie was What Men Want, this movie was good, as it was very funny, however I wasn’t able to finish watching it as I had only 15 minutes left. Whilst, on the plane one of the flight attendants came to speak to me and my dad, she asked what I was doing in Ghana, in which when I told her I teach she was very shocked, because she thought it was amazing.

Once, we were off the plane we had to wait for our bags in which this English man came up to us and started talking about his travels in Europe when he was 16, in which me and my dad found that very interesting.

When, we finally reached the hotel we were greeted with fresh pineapple juice, in which normally I don’t like the drink, but surprisingly I loved it. However, me and my dad had to wait for an extra bed to be place in our room, as there were no twin rooms available. However, 45 minutes later the maids came in with a bed, but said it wasn’t yet finished, so me and my dad had to wait again in which 20 minutes later they came back to finish it. In, which now my dad is happy that it doesn’t need to share the bed with me no more.

On, Sunday this morning I was feeling very nervous, as today is the day I start reuniting with people i.e. Justice and Junior. So, after breakfast I went to meet Justice at the reception in which he gave me a big hug. I joked with him saying he has made us late for Church. So, we took a taxi to Church in which we arrived just on time, as people were just coming out of the 1st service.

The Church service, altogether was very good, as it was about not letting people bring you down from your success and from today onwards everyone will be asking you for help. When, Church finished Junior came to greet me with a big hug and we talked about life, it was very good being able to see Junior again. Standing outside the Church I was still talking to Junior, but there was this man who looked like Kwame and I was suddenly getting very anxious, but likely Justice told me it wasn’t Kwame.

After, I was finished talking to Junior me and Justice went to the hotel to meet my dad and he told us it would be a good idea before it rains to move my suitcases into mine and Justice apartment. Whilst, in the taxi with all of my suitcases we met with Eunice and she came with us. Once, at the apartment I dropped all of my stuff and off me and Justice made our way back to the hotel, so I can so and swim, as I haven’t swum in so long. However, when taking my clothes off to swim I was too shy, as I am not body confident. When, I finally was ready to swim me and my dad did a lap of the pool and then we came straight back out. For, the rest of the afternoon me, Justice and my dad sat around the pool side talking and joking around whilst watching England V Cameroon.

When, the sun started to set me and Justice went to Eunice place to eat fufu and watch 2 football matches, as it is the African Nations. At, Eunice place I was able to reunite with Francis and meet their cousin.

After, the football me and Justice walked back to our apartment in which we just went straight to sleep, as we were very tired.


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