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August 14th 2019
Published: August 14th 2019
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Week 7

Monday, today is a holiday in Ghana! So, this morning Justice went to work, so at lunch time I can go and meet Justice at his work place. On, my way to Justice’s work place there was this terrible car crash, so that meant for most of the journey I was stuck in traffic.

When, I finally met Justice we went to the hotel, but Justice had to quickly go back to work, as they haven’t closed yet. So, whilst waiting for Justice I ordered myself a fresh pineapple juice it tasted amazing. When, Justice finally came back he brought one of his supervisors, as he wanted his supervisor to meet me. After, talking us three went back to Justice’s work place, as Justice wanted me to meet his manager. The manager was ok, I was very surprised he knew about the teams in the Championship, as no one knows that league only the premier league. The manager told me and Justice that we can get everything for free at the hotel, as the manager said he would be happy to pay for it.

Back at the hotel me and Justice ordered spring rolls and pineapple juice, me and Justice didn’t want the manager having to spend too much money, so that’s why we only ordered two things. After, eating me and Justice spent the time talking before we went to see two of his friends.

At, this stall Justice introduced me to two of his friends, before Justice went back to his workplace to say thank you to the manager. When, Justice came back from talking to his manager me and Justice then made our way to the mall.

At, the mall I went to the Vodafone shop to get more internet, but when we went into the shop it was very busy, so we decided to do the internet ourselves when we get home. After, the Vodafone shop me and Justice went to a cafe, as Eunice and their cousin was coming to meet us. When, the sister and cousin arrived we all made our way to Eunice’s place.

At, Eunice’s place we all talked. Then, three women who are the family’s friends came to visit. Honestly, the three women were so funny. Justice was even dancing for us, then a love song came on and Justice performed the song to me everyone including me just laughed. As, well me and Justice ate the best fufu ever, and I’m telling you it was the best fufu I have ever had, the fish was smooth and the fufu was very soft. After, eating fufu the cousins mum came to visit us, so we all ate jollof rice together. When, leaving to go home I really needed a wee so, Justice took me to the outdoor bathroom, there was no toilet, so I had to take off my shorts and pants and went for my wee, the whole situation was so funny.

Tuesday, today Justice decided to not got to work, as he was too tired. So, the whole day we spent it sleeping, until in the evening Eunice came to visit us. So, me, Justice, Eunice and Michelle spent time talking. After, talking me and Justice went for a walk, as we haven’t been outside all day. After, our walk we both went to order our dinner Justice ordered Banku and I ordered indomie.

Wednesday, today I was supposed to do my washing, but the neighbors had beaten me too it. So, today I typed up lasts week blog.

That, evening me and Justice went on another long walk, as this evening I wanted to eat fried rice. After, I collected my food Justice then went to order his Banku. Whilst, eating my fried rice I realised I actually prefer the more expensive fried rice.

Thursday, today Justice didn’t want to go to work, so all day I was stuck with him. So, in the afternoon we went out to get our African wear to be made. The total cost for my clothes was 110 cedies (60 cedies for the 2 skirts and 50 cedies for the dress). Once, we finished doing my measurement we went to Justice’s tailor the total for Justice’s shirt is 20 cedies. After, we finished with our fabrics me and Justice went vegetable hunting.

That, evening I was watching Justice cooking whilst I was stealing all of the meat. The meal tasted so delicious, as it was a healthier meal then what I have been eating. After, eating when getting ready for bed Justice had to be my very own bug killer, as in the bathroom there were 2 small spiders, cockroach and a cricket it was horrible.

Friday, today I was able to do my washing, so for the whole afternoon I was washing. Luckily, this time my fingers didn’t hurt, as normally I do get blisters on my fingers when I do my washing.

That, evening when Justice came home, we went out for a walk. Justice kept asking me what I would like for dinner and my only response was I don’t know, as today I wasn’t really hungry. In the end we chose to eat fried rice. When, walking to get the fried rice a cat suddenly ran into the road and got hit by a car. I gasped so loudly it made Justice laugh, but luckily the cat didn’t get hurt, so it ran back into the bushes.

Saturday, today was another quite day for both me and Justice, as for the whole day Justice was washing his clothes. When, Justice finally finished washing me and Justice went to his barbers, as Justice wanted to get another hair and beard cut. When, we got to the barbers it was 9PM, when we left the barbers it was 10PM.

Sunday, today is Church morning, but when we got to the Church me and Justice were a few minutes late. The whole Church service was very good, as we had this pastor from Liberia doing the service and he was very good.

After, Church service me and Justice headed to the mall to the supermarket. At, the supermarket I brought shampoo, peach juice and a box of biscuits the total cost was 37.95 cedies. After, we finished at the mall me and Justice headed home.

For, the rest of the day me and Justice didn’t do anything, as we didn’t want to go out. So, we ate food and late in the evening we decided to watch a film, which was nice as we don’t have TV here. After, the movie Justice cooked me fried egg and made us a hot chocolate before we slept.

Week 7 was another good week, honestly I don’t want to leave yet, as I am enjoying myself too much, but if there was one thing I would change is to eat other foods instead of fried rice and indomie every day, as it’s not good for me at all.


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