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June 11th 2010
Published: June 11th 2010
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Today was the last day of classes, but let me catch you up on what I have been up to.


1. Prof. Opuko is a teacher at the University of Ghana at Legon and has actually also taught at NC State and some other universities in the states. He has been teaching us religion of West Africa and some culture of Ghana. I already knew a lot of the traditions and religions because of a class I have already taken so it has not been difficult.

2. Prof. Smith McKoy is a professor at NC State and has been traveling with us. Her class is about Francophones and Anglophones of Africa and how colonization has effected the people of the Africa and the African Diaspora today. This class has really helped me gain a better understanding of people in Africa and those that were moved from it.

3. Prof. Addo has been teaching Twi, a common language used here in Ghana. It is hard because he talked so fast but he was animated and made the class really fun.

So what I have been doing.

Class everyday 830-2 (a longgggg day) and then usually napping or going on an adventure in Accra. Two days ago I went to the mall, it was much like an American mall but smaller and it had a grocery store in it. Today I went to a market in Osu (a part of Accra). Everyone wants you to go into THEIR store and buy what THEY have, so people are always coming up and telling you where to go and that they have the best price. It is interesting because I have to bargain with everyone, they say 30 ghana cedis and I saw 10...and from there I end up paying like 15 or so. Myself and group of us went to the market and we took a tro tro to get there, it was hot to say the least and crammed. THe tro tro is much cheaper than a taxi but we took a taxi back. The taxi driver was name Simon (but he pronounced it a little bit different) and we jammed to some American music in the car.

The real fun stuff is coming up, starting tomorrow. Tomorrow Gennelle (my roommate) and I will be hanging out with a Ghanian family all day and really get into the culture and what not. I think we are going out tomorrow night with some people from Wake Forest that are here. Sunday is a free day (finally) and we are going to hit up the beach then hit up the bars to cheer GHANA on in the world cup because everyone here is into the games and it's going to be a good time! Monday we will be going to Dr. Opuko's farm (really a forest/jungle from my understanding) and see some herbal medicine and other things. Tuesday I will be hitting the road for Benin and I really do not know what is in store for me there or Togo!

I can't wait to get going and start experiencing more than class!

Also I was able to finally post some pictures onto facebook! So take a look!

Love and miss you all.

Bugbite count : more than i want to admit or count.



12th June 2010

Juliaaa what a crazy different life you're living right now! Are u saying you already got your 6 credits in like 2 weeks?! If so awesomeee! and good thing u know how to haggle with the salespeople. I'm sure many foreigners/Americans get scammed if they don't know how to do it. Have u met some cool people, Africans or Americans? I seriously cannot wait to hear all the details when u return. As for now this blog is great! Also, do the former NC State teachers who teach over there prefer the Ghana way of life to the American lifestyle? Ahh I miss you more than you know, seriously. I'm in Wilmington now...if u catch my drift. I have lots to catch u up on as well but public blog is no way to inform you of my love life! Meet in Ghanian hotties? :) love you cant wait for u to be bizack. Mwah much love!
14th June 2010

i still have to write a paper and do a small group project, but for the most part im done with the class stuff. I have met many cool Ghanians, everyone here is sooooooo nice and helpful. The NC State teachers def prefer the Ghana lifestyle! Ahh wilmington! i wanna go to there sometime when i get back! thanks for the response! love and miss you girly!

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