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July 17th 2006
Published: July 20th 2006
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Nii and INii and INii and I

Nii and I at the media conference...Nii is the driver of the CDD van.
Hello friends,

The past week or so has been ridiculously hectic but, for the first time, I think I'm starting to become accustomed to the lifestyle here in Ghana. I think I was a little too excited to eat native Ghanaian food, though, because after two days of fufu for lunch (a yam and bean paste) my body hates me and I don't think I'll be eating anything but bread for the next day or so :/

I had planned on taking this past weekend off to catch up on sleep and travel around the city a bit but it turns out that the CDD (where I'm working) had organized a seminar/conference for Ghanaian journalists and Parliament members from Saturday to Sunday to encourage dialogue between the two groups about how the press can better cover Parliamentary procedures. The two cameramen from GTV (the Ghanaian state-run TV station) were intrigued by the video camera that I had....we talked a bit about film/broadcast journalism and one even gave me his number in case I ever wanted to stop by the TV studio. I also met an awesome guy from the University of Ghana who studies gender relations in Ghana...he was
Harrison and IHarrison and IHarrison and I

Harrison is the CDD's Parliament guy.
probably the only other attendee around my age. The place we stayed at was beautiful and there were peacocks and rabbits roaming free around the hotel. Overall, the conference was well worth the trip, but I still haven't had the chance to catch up from my jet-lag.

After I returned to Accra, I went straight to the Obruni House and had some beers and chocolate pancakes with some other Americans/Europeans. We also went to the top of the Obruni House, where I got to see the ocean for the first time, although I've yet to make it to the beach.

I think that's about if for now. I just finished making a powerpoint presentation for one of the profs at the University of Ghana and now I'm going to go procrastinate with Candice, Carolyn, and Jessica some more (we played a great round of 'Name that Tune' last week).

😊 Adios

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Ghanaian JournalistsGhanaian Journalists
Ghanaian Journalists

Listening intently.
Hotel GardenHotel Garden
Hotel Garden

A garden at the hotel where we were staying.

22nd July 2006

Holy S*&#
You are in Accra. I love it!
22nd July 2006

great experiences!
I love reading your blogs! sounds like you are having an amazing experience out there...keep writing!! Love-jamie
23rd July 2006

I love you and hope you return safely.

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