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July 24th 2006
Published: July 24th 2006
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If you've ever imagined what it would be like to visit an African fishing village in pre-colonial times, go to Ada Foah. Although they may not have electricity or running water, this village is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited. I went to Ada Foah with six other friends who I met either at work or at the Obruni House -- Jessica, Timo, Candice, Carolyn, Chris, and Christian. We first took a 2 hour tro-tro (a Euro-van converted into a crowded group taxi) from Accra to Ada Foah and then a 20 minute boat ride from the center of 'town' to our huts. The boat, which looked like a gondola-canoe hybrid, took us past men fishing in the estuary, women paddling with chopped wood on their head, and tons of locals playing and bathing in the water. We were at the very southern tip of Lake Volta, right before it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Our huts were on a little peninsula that had the lake on one side and the Atlantic on the other.

When we arrived at our huts, we were welcomed by three or four locals who worked there and a band of
Loving lifeLoving lifeLoving life

This was my favorite place in Ada Foah...a hammock right over the lake.
dogs and goats. We immediately ordered beers and lunch (which took about 2 hours to make since they had to paddle into town to get the food) and then relaxed on the hammocks and chairs that they had provided. There really wasn't much to do there besides talk, eat, and sleep but it was still a nice escape from the sewage, car fumes, and street vendors in Accra.

I am now back in Accra and about to go to NAFTI (the National Film and Television Institute) to talk to the director about filmmaking in Ghana. And then...I'll probably nap (shocking, I know).

Additional photos below
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Puppies chillingPuppies chilling
Puppies chilling

I think this sums up my weekend :)
Jessica, Timo, and Christian...Jessica, Timo, and Christian...
Jessica, Timo, and Christian...

...on the boat to the huts
Local children playingLocal children playing
Local children playing

I love this picture :)
Boat passingBoat passing
Boat passing

Those are our huts in the background.

25th July 2006

Mark... you definately have the nack to somehow find and get into great situations and have wonderful experiences!! I think all of us back here at home in the States are experiencing this adventure vicariously thru you. Keep the updates coming and more pictures! Somehow I kind of figured your Starbucks addiction would be curtailed this summer. Other than the fried dough balls what else are you eating? What happened to all the Indian food?? We all miss you and look forward to your updates on your Blog...Love you, Dad
13th April 2007

Just got back from here
How surprised I was to find this! I just returned from there, and laid in this same hammock. ZuZu is still there. They've also built a little wooden bridge across the lagoon now, brand new. Wonderful place. Was in Accra visiting my daughter who is volunteering there.
13th July 2007

just got your message...sorry for the delay! that's crazy that we were in the same hammock...ada foah is beautiful and i miss ghana terribly. i hope your daughter is appreciative of her time there :)
8th October 2007

beautiful Ada
Missing Ada and came across your website. I visit twice yearly a I do volunteer work for a plastic surgery charity. We have a house on the Volta and my cousin has an paridise island acroos from us. I had some wonderful days listening to the birds, watching the little fishing boats and drinking with the locals. Hope to be back again in the spring.
28th October 2007

What a beautiful home town
Thank you much for this beautiful pictures of the islands at Ada-Foah. In fact I am from Ada, and has grown up there but can't tell you what island is it,because there are 12 islands in the estuary-shame on me. As a kid, I did care to know all this places until I left for Tema and Accra. All I could remember was it in 60s and early 70s , I had seen a lot of whites coming to the islands and the beaches around Ada-Foah.
28th October 2007

Beautiful Home.
I now leave in Holland.
19th March 2008

paradise for sure
Just gotback from there last weekend. Amazing place. I took an identical picture on that hammock.
21st May 2008

hey, weirdly i actually stayed in this exact place when i was visiting ghana. it had flags painted on the doors of the huts right? i was wondering if you had the contact details of the guy who owned the island, because i was thinking of traveling back there again and i know that we had to call to get the boat to pick us up, thanks for any info, was great to see your pictures from when you were there
6th July 2008

ooh tell me more about Ada Foah!
Im thinking of going to work in the area and was doing a little research and came up with your lovely photos and blog- please tell me more! Does the Island have a school? Do you have any more photos? Thanks :)
6th July 2008

not being argumentitive but how long did any of you stay? it is far from paradise! kids playing in water? washing and living! how many locals die at estuary {southern tip of volta} is just incredible due to non swimming fishermen being capsized trying to get out to sea to feed family, could go on and again not argumentitive but my friend now owns and runs a fishing charter there and my knowledge isnt of paradise,, for locals!!! and for me thats what matters, local hotel workers sreve meals that cost more than they earn in a month. sorry! been 3 times and gave all my money away. nice but nobody should have to live like this. rob from scotland,

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