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February 6th 2010
Published: February 6th 2010
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Wonder BoxWonder BoxWonder Box

Mercy giving Barry and me a demonstration
While in Cape Coast, we visited the Progressive Womens' Co-op Credit Union Ltd. This credit union was originally formed to help women of the area save, borrow and build their businesses. It is now an open bond credit unions that has members from all walks of life and also includes men. They have what is locally called the "Wonder Box". It is a savings box that the member keeps either at her home or or place of business. Atany time, savings may be dropped through the slot in the box and until the Su Su collector comes, there is no access to the funds. On a monthly basis, the money is collected to deposit to savings, repay loans and use for larger ticket items. It has been given the name "Wonder Box" because at the end of the month, the amount that can build up is amazing! No matter how hard Barry tried, he was unable to get the money out once is had been dropped through the slot in the box, and he tried very hard!!!

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Perhaps my hand will fitPerhaps my hand will fit
Perhaps my hand will fit

No such luck Barry
Progressive Womens' CU staff and Board MembersProgressive Womens' CU staff and Board Members
Progressive Womens' CU staff and Board Members

Thomas (on the left) enjoys working with all the women

11th February 2010

Does Monica Aidoo still work there? I believe that was her home credit union.
11th February 2010

I'm not sure who I'm responding to but, yes Monica does still work for Progressive Womens' Credit Union in Cape Coast. We were lucky enough to spend two days with Monica. She even came to visit us at our hotel in Elmina She is a wonderful warm person.

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