A Trip To The Rainforest

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May 11th 2008
Published: May 11th 2008
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A Trip to the Rainforest

The rainforest: Protected, pristine, lush, full and cool in the heat of the day. It’s a very beautiful place abundant with provisions. It’s also a very dangerous place. A place where darkness begins to set in by 4pm. If you do not know it well, you should never enter alone.

Robert, a 6th grade student, is the person I call on when a guide is needed! He knows the footpaths, as well as the dos and don’ts of the forest. He has the “hunter’s eye” and can spot a hunters trap or an animal in hiding. Sure the adult men probably know more but Robert is very people friendly and a tour guide at heart.

As I walk through the forest I see green leaves and vines hanging, clinging and wrapping themselves around their environment. A knowledgeable person sees medicinal plants used to cure a variety of illnesses. What simply looks lush and beautiful to me is filled with herbs for wounds and ingredients even the pharmaceutical companies search for to make life saving medications. At certain times of the year these companies visit villages to buy certain seeds and pods needed for their medications. One such is the pain killer Paracitamol similar to Tylenol. Other nuts and shells are used for lotions, oils and soaps. The trained eye will see materials to create beautiful cane/wicker furniture and what looks to me like a fallen stick is actually an animal snare.

This concept is the same with God having the trained eye and our lives being the forest. We may view a particular person as unsuccessful, lacking in abilities, potential or maybe a little too rambunctious. But God sees with a trained eye. He handles us with love and respect. He sees the abundant potential and possibilities each of us possess. God sees and knows them because He’s the one that planted them in our hearts and character. He sees various elements and knows how to cultivate them into benefits to encourage and provide for us and someone else. What elements do you have that God can harvest and cultivate? If given half a chance I have no doubt He will find some things of great value.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Hope you have a great week!
Christine & Co


11th May 2008

hunter's eye
Kir, reminds me of a few years ago at Mercy Ships home office in Lindale, Texas. John Copley and I were walking in the bush looking for a possible site for a demonstration farm. I grew up in the woods of northern California - with rattlesnakes, mountain lions, etc. Not sure where Jon was from. But I identify with the hunter's eye. He was about 10 feet ahead of me on a small trail through brush about 4-5 feet high. As he passed by one particular bush I could see hidden on a branch next to him a large rattlesnake. I stopped and pointed it out to him after he was safely by. Fortunately the snake was only sunning itself! John
17th May 2008

Snakes in Trees
The thought of snakes in trees makes me shiver! There are times when I prefer ignorance! (smile)

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