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April 21st 2008
Published: April 21st 2008
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Riverdance The Show. Ah! I love it! I never tire of watching it. The music draws you in. The dancing is captivating. I saw a live performance in Michigan a few years back. We have the show on VHS now and “rewind” is a fabulous VCR feature. Praise is just as captivated as I am by it and asks to watch it every chance he gets. He even enjoys the music and singing. Riverdance and Song of the South are his current favorites. The boy has good taste!

We are all enjoying our holiday weeks. The lawn is mowed and Spring Cleaning is accomplished to a satisfactory point. There’s something about washing away all the dust of the last months/year. It just brings a freshness to the atmosphere.

I’m waiting for our dog Daisy to deliver her pack of pups - any day now. The end of the week we’ll have a visit from Kim, a Peach Corp volunteer who’s stationed not too far from us. Kirk and Kwabena have both gone to visit their mothers and siblings. Kirk had to travel a little farther to visit his.

Last night was an absolutely miserable night for us. Praise and I are at our house in town and it was hot (even for us) and sticky to put it mildly. Between the two of us I think we got about 2hrs sleep. Today is a new day and the beginning of a new week. Praise and I are waiting for Agnes, our eldest child, to arrive this morning. The three of us are heading to the village where the nights are usually cool and fresh. With her around it’s guaranteed to be a great week! Agnes is always a delight. She and I began our teaching careers the same year. She is also teaching at primary school level in a very remote village far from … any town, family or friends. The difference between us is that she first attended Teachers Training College for three years! Guess I’m going the route of “On the Job Training”.

I like this quote by Sydney J. Harris, “Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.”

Hope this is a great week for each of you.
Christine & Co


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