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July 8th 2011
Published: December 23rd 2011
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I get started from Nancy, France. After two hours’ train, two hours’ transit, one hour’s late and several hours’ flight, finally I arrived at Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia.

Several things shocked me. Firstly is the color of people changed, I don’t mean white change to black, I mean that there were much more Asian faces at that airport. I can tell most of them were from China. Addis Ababa is an important transit point in Africa. The Chinese workers were sent to any corner of Arica. By chance, I took the same flight with several Chinese workers. They spoke neither French nor English.

Secondly the airport had only one shabby toilet in the waiting area. I didn’t expect a luxury toilet, but at least clean and comfortable. There was only one for more than thousands people.

Thirdly but not lastly, the airplane smelt!!! When it took off, it smelt like the manioc. And the plane was like a poor bus. You have a television over each aisle. You can take any seat that you want. You can even get on board with wrong boarding card for another flight.

Last thing that I want to tell you
beside the seabeside the seabeside the sea

Comfortable during the dry season
is that the Gabonese believes in God! From start to end, I was surrounded by the children of God. I don’t criticize the belief. However, the woman beside me talked about the God during the whole flight, more than 3 hours!!! And never, never did she take a break!

I arrived at 13:45, local time. The customs officers were really against the Chinese! They took any measure to find your mistakes. Because they thought you, Chinese come is for taking our jobs, they don’t believe there could be a Chinese tourist. I felt that I’m not welcome to this country. Yvette came to pick me up.

First impression of Yvette, it’s hard to tell, but I knew that I must love this mama for 2 months. However, she is someone that is always right.

After 5 minutes’ drive, we arrived at Yvette’s house. It was a white seaside house. I can say that was a real dreaming house. Anyway, I can say it was also an African classical house. Because Yvette loves the African food, drinks.

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Entry chez YvetteEntry chez Yvette
Entry chez Yvette

Yvette's house

23rd December 2011

Sooooo cool~ So you write your traveling blog in this way just to practise your english?
23rd December 2011

not only for practicing, but for sharing with anyone who can understand this language. Anyway, thanks

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