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Africa » Gabon » West » Libreville June 6th 2017

I'm happy to have found a country where very few of my fellow travelbloggers have blogged from. Imagine, I could find only nine blogs about Gabon on! This is not a small country, but they have only 2 millions inhabitants in the country, and a good 600,000 of them live in the capital, Libreville. This includes a serious amount of foreigners too, coming mainly from lower incomes neighboring countries. Everybody speak french here, or one of the many different dialects. The country has been mainly turn around the oil industry as well as the wood industry provided by the huge tropical forest. As you know, oil prices are nowhere where they used to be, and it shows here. The country had develop a model where a huge part of the population was working in one ... read more
Golf de Libreville
Made it to the longest drive...nice!
Downtown Libreville

Africa » Gabon » West » Libreville July 12th 2011

Last time we talked about the Marché Mon Bouet and the Sabière. Today I’ll talk about the sea food market—Port Moel and Quartière London. The port moel is one of the principal ports of Libreville. There you find a sea food market. I got there was because that I was about to hold an arriving BBQ. The price was not expensive. I bought a 1.8kg carp at 5000 FCFA which is about 8 euros. (1 euro= 656 FCFA) Then after I got to Chinese market, which was not so far from the port. It was run by a person from Northeast China. I found it big and I got what I wanted. In Gabon, there’re lots of Chinese workers who are in the construction field, telecommunication field or even fishing industry. Then I went to the ... read more
the same disguise
Julie and Nolwenn
the result

Africa » Gabon » West » Libreville July 10th 2011

This morning I went to the biggest market of Gabon: Marché Mont Bouet. After 20 minutes’ drive, I was driven to the Petit Paris. Comparing with the Chinese street market in the 1990s, this market is much more than disorder. So many people were around me that I worried about my security and, of course, my bag. I didn’t dare to take any photos. This market is really big. Many shops sell Chinese manufacturing products. It seemed the market in my hometown in my childhood. I just felt that I got in a time machine, but the faces were not the same. I bought a small gift for my friend, because it was her birthday. I knew her when we were in France. This friend gave me a lot of help when I was I Libreville. ... read more
Party ending
Doris and Melyne

Africa » Gabon » West » Libreville July 9th 2011

I waked up with a one-hour time difference. I decided to get out. I was a little bit worried by the new environment about the security without doubt. Finally I got a city tour with my first guide: Michelle. Transport: There’re not buses or trams in the city. But “taxi” is the main public transport. You can share the taxi with the other people or you can make a “course” that means the taxi driver will just take you on board. The starting minimum fare is only 100 F CFA. But attention, because the “taximan” can tell the tourist from the citizens, and they’ll ask much more than it should be. Never should you put a doubt if your proposition is so low, they are always greedy. I can’t give you more advice, but if you ... read more
sunrise on air
Over the beach

Africa » Gabon » West » Libreville July 8th 2011

I get started from Nancy, France. After two hours’ train, two hours’ transit, one hour’s late and several hours’ flight, finally I arrived at Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. Several things shocked me. Firstly is the color of people changed, I don’t mean white change to black, I mean that there were much more Asian faces at that airport. I can tell most of them were from China. Addis Ababa is an important transit point in Africa. The Chinese workers were sent to any corner of Arica. By chance, I took the same flight with several Chinese workers. They spoke neither French nor English. Secondly the airport had only one shabby toilet in the waiting area. I didn’t expect a luxury toilet, but at least clean and comfortable. There was only one for more than thousands ... read more
beside the sea
Entry chez Yvette
seaside view

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