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March 16th 2016
Published: April 12th 2016
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Surprise surprise the French girls are here!!! This hotel has good wifi toooooo… Things are cool again….despite the shitty shitty tour its over now. I got three days to do nothing in Luxor before I start my vacation and I am sooooo looking forward to it J I did wind up going to the Luxor museum as well as the mummification museum. Both pretty interesting. Peeps say the Luxor museum is better than the Cairo one buuuuut idk…there are way way way more things in Cairo but Luxor has better quality items with more time and space devoted to them. So it’s a toss-up. The mummy museum was one room giving all the details on how to mummy. Lol I like museums!!! I also went to an old souk (market) to get harassed by everyone. That wasn’t my intentions, but white guy long dreads=bullllllshit……oh well…I got to learn some Arabic and work in a shop trying to get customers to buy crap. Hahahaha….and I got a small scarab out of the deal. Really only worth 1 egyptian pound (a dime) but I kept it as a baksheesh! What else to do with my time except roam the streets looking for falafel which in doing so I learned an important lesson. Here in Egypt falafel is a breakfast item….lol….weird! I am used to it being in places where there is kebab. Kebab is that giant cone of spinning meat shaved off into some kind of wrap and eaten at all hours of the night…(read drunk food). But instead of meat they almost always have falafel for a vegetarian option. Soooooo I thought it would be the same in Egypt but its not! Falafel is, however, and amazingly cheap food item that all people can enjoy. But only til about 1 pm….blurg…off to sleep early tonight cuz I have a bucket list item to check off in the am. That’s right. Instead of paying $450 USD in the Serengeti, I paid about $25 to complete this task. Yessssssss…, it’s a hot air balloon ride!!!!! YAAAAAY!!!!!


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