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March 17th 2016
Published: April 12th 2016
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Well this balloon tour was pretty sweet! Just before sunrise about 12 of us climbed into the basket while a huge flame was blazing away. Didn’t really have time to get second thoughts about lifting off to a million miles above the earth and away we went! Climbing higher and higher I realized we were the first balloon (of about 7 total) to reach cruising altitude and I think that was maybe the coolest part: getting to be in the air while the other balloons were ascending. Fun! The other possible coolest part was traveling over a small body of water and seeing the reflection of the balloon in it. Noice. That’s about all for this post. Im excited to start vacation tomorrow. Im tired and definitely a bit travel weary…so im happy not to be forced to do anything (by my own accord because of time or money etc). What’s that you say? Ive been on vacation for 8 months??? No. no way. Traveling is not the same as vacation. It’s hard work on all fronts. Sometimes not knowing where you will be tomorrow or how to get there…always in a foreign country with a foreign language…trying to see things of interest without getting ripped off as a silly tourist…having to get out there and do the ground pounding to figure out all things….first hand research style. Its tough! But now ill be on vacation. And when a cool guy like me (lol) goes on vacation I do it right. Where am I going and what will I be doing??? Hehehe here ya go: I have one week in an all-inclusive resort in Hurghada, Egypt, then I fly to Alanya, Turkey for one week in an all-inclusive resort, then back to a place called Makady Bay in Egypt for a week in an all-inclusive resort, then off to Hammamet, Tunisia for a week in an all-inclusive resort. Hahahahahaha yay vacation!!!! Ive been to 4 all-inclusives around the world before and im doubling that total in the next month. Oh man…im so ready to read books and drink beer during the day…no commitments really except uploading a blog or two. Hehehe…almost done with this whole trip so why not go out with a bang! Yessss….hashtagwinning J

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