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March 11th 2016
Published: April 12th 2016
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Lol today I was supposed to meet Achmed at 10 so when a different guy came with a car at 10:30 I was confused but I got in…trying to roll with it…and all things went downhill after that. I learned that the cruise itinerary was different, again, than what I had printed on paper. The entrance fees to all places I was told would be between 400 and 450 Egyptian pounds and when Achmed did the math it came to 680….this 5 star cruise does not include drinks lolol…Achmed had no idea about the 3 nights in Luxor that im supposed to have included in this “tour.” JFC (jesus fucking christ) idk why I thought doing a tour would be the best way. Mostly cuz I didn’t have time to plan anything and usually you pay for the convenience of someone else doing the thinking and planning. But since I have been going with public transport every way idk what I paid for. Just got ripped off…and Achmed has really tried to help but there seems to be a huuuuuge gap between the promising assholes of Cairo and the rest of the country. Fuck. Lies up and down the Nile. Really not happy. I know I can be quite negative when prompted, but these are just facts and the fact is this trip sucks. I am ready to be done with it…all-inclusives or bust……F

5 star cruise means the TV doesn’t work when the boat is in motion…which is all the time. Also, the refrigerator seems to be broken too…but that’s ok cuz they don’t allow any drinks aboard….somehow I snuck past security with a 6 liter bottle of water and a 2 liter of coke, but they will be warm in no time. It also seems that the AC is trying, but not really working. And when the boat is moving the whole bed shakes…..and now the window is shaking violently..aaaand just outside my window seems to be some kind of machine that make a horrible noise when we dock. Scared the bejesus out of me at midnight the first night!!! goddamnit…never again…

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