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March 10th 2016
Published: April 11th 2016
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So I was supposed to be in the lobby at 03:15 but at 02:50 I get a knock on my door that woke me up. The worker said I needed to be there at 03:30 instead. I asked 3 times and he seemed to understand me so I went back to bed and set my alarm for a lil later. Another knock on the door at 03:15 and the same worker says the bus is here now. Mother Fucker….If there is one thing I hate more than almost anything else its being woken up unnecessarily….since childhood…goddamnit. Whatever. The 3 hour ride to Abu Simbel only took 3.5 hours so I think that’s a positive? Anyways, the temple of Ramesses II is a very iconic Egyptian piece of work. The HUGE statues out front are an artist’s or architectural dream. So amazing. So huge. No words….and inside there were so many hieroglyphs and colors and many many everything….very cool. The temple of Nefertari next door had six large statues out front of the queen and her king Ramesses II and some children, supposedly. I have heard stories of people of different dimensions and the statues representing their actual size etc…idk…but the temple of Ramesses II has a chapel of Thoth if anyone knows who that is and can make the connection… ***que creepy music!!!!*** after a couple hours there we jumped back into the van (and by we I mean 6 couples and 3 old ass individuals)(no one for me to play with…) for another long ride through the desert. Oh well…at least I had the wheel hub to sit on lol it was so hot and uncomfortable idk whats happening to me here in this country but all luck must have stayed behind in Ethiopia. I got a phone call…weird! It was on the driver’s phone so he passed it back and Achmed was on the other end telling me I would arrive around 1, have 30 minutes to rest, and then go do more touring. So when the bus arrived at 1:30 he was waiting for me….no rest for the wicked. I said I needed food first and he said I could eat it on the way as we were going to pick up 2 more people for some sight-seeing! Yay! People! Turns out it was an elderly couple who spoke Arabic and French and couldn’t walk very well….So off we went to the unfinished obelisk of Aswan to pay more entrance fees and look at a rock in the ground. Then off to the high dam which created the largest man-made lake in the world called Nasser Lake after the guy who built the dam. I guess there’s a Chinese lake bigger now, but yeah so this is the second largest in the world. I didn’t want to pay a dam thing hehehe so I sat in the van and waited. Then we left to go to the temple island of Philae where I paid for a boat ride to the island and then entrance fee to check out a pretty cool place. Theeeeeeen it was late enough for me to miss the Nubian museum AGAIN so I ate some kofta and showered up as I had to be packed and ready to jump on a Nile river cruise early in the am. Boom. 19 hours day….sightseeing up the yin-yang….sleep on this bed that is too short and basically the softness of wood should be nice….lol…I think im going to book another all inclusive. At least these kinds of places cant really change on ya. Food and drinks and a bed. The end. We will see though….we will see.

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