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August 31st 2012
Published: August 3rd 2012
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Are there people out there who feel sorry for me? I had to get up at 3 AM to catch a bus that would drive us 3 hours to Abu Simbel. Of course I slept on the bus, I tried to at least. But that was not the worst part; on our way back, our convoy (the bus) got a flat tire. Guess where? In the desert. Yay! *rolling eyes*. But enough about my complaints that just stands in the way of you reading my experiences in and about Abu Simbel.

As I said, we had to get up early to get a convoy to Abu Simbel. Of course, there was other convoys going to Abu Simbel at 11 AM, but the sun would be so strong that you could barely stand the heat. It was already hot in the morning, imagine the weather at 2 PM then.

Abu Simbel was amazing. It's so great, the statues are amazing. By the way, the statues in Egypt kept surprizing me every time I saw them. It was kind of small though, but worth the visit. it makes you think how in the ancient times, people were so smart, when you see how perfect the statues were made and the hieroglyphs told you how smart people in that era were.

people, visit Abu Simbel!


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