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July 25th 2012
Published: July 27th 2012
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Well, well, well. Day Three in Egypt, Cairo only to be specific, and I'm still not bored. Although I've passed Tahrir Square a lot of times and it was my second time on a felucca, Cairo kept surprising me day after day. It's amazing how a city can make such a huge impact and makes you feel home, although that country looks nothing like your own.

Today, I've been to Coptic Cairo. It's nothing like Islamic Cairo. Coptic Cairo was small, although, it looked like it was. The funny thing was that there was this little stair case that led you to a world down Cairo, as I like to call it. There were all narrow streets and you can't see anything interesting, untill you walk a little bit further and see churches and some synagogues. Oh and...

People like to trick you when it comes to money. They will pretend to "help" you, but at the end they say something I've heard enough in these few days; "Tips?". Of course not, you dummy, I can compliment people too, but I don't get money for that.

Oh well, that was me getting frustrated. Anyway, we met up with a friend of ours; Amr. He took us to the St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church, where we met our other friend Zein and his two guests.

We've visited little churches around the big church, which were very cute. It was funny to see them all together and not that far away from each other. Which brings me to something else; 5 months ago, a pope died and people would go to St. Mark's Church in the three days after his death. He would sit in his chair and people had the opportunity to see him.

That was our day, but the night was even more fun. After visiting the churches, we decided to invite someone else we met on my first night in Cairo to join us in the felucca. Yes people, my second time on a felucca and again, with the greatest belly dancer in Cairo... Wait no! The greatest belly dancer in Egypt; Mina. He brought a friend and we enjoyed our -unfortunately- last night in Cairo.

I enjoyed my days in Cairo. It was amazing and I will definitely come back one day!


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