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December 22nd 2009
Published: April 13th 2012
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We decide to leave Aswan by Felucca. Felucca for those that don't know refers to the sailing boats that you see float up and down the Nile seemingly without a care in the world. The captain and everyone who knows someone who has a boat are all keen to make commission off you the unsuspecting tourist in Aswan by selling you a trip. The trips come in various colours, sizes of boats and numbering days. We decide to pick a trip for three days sailing and two nights sleeping on the boat. The boat is to sail us to Edfu where we join on a bus that takes us to the Edfu Temple and then to the Temple of Kom Ombo before we get to Luxor.

We meet with a few captains and we finally get down to the best price I've heard 85 Egyptian Pounds which I suggest to my family that we take as they all seem the same to me.

Then we meet Captain Jack.

Captain Jack Sparrow as he likes to refer to himself In Aswan, wins my brother and dad over quickly. He steers us towards the boat that he is promising, explains how its "so much larger" than the other boats. On the boat we will receive enough blankets to keep warm, comfy pillow mattresses, amazing food, great staff and great company as part of his cruise. To me it sounds the same as any other Egyptian sales person promises, to be taken with a grain of salt. My brother and dad are thrilled and excited about it, and I decide not to be a spoil sport and agree to come on this particular tour rather than a cheaper one. We agree to take the Felucca the next day and we arrange to pay half the trip at the start and the remainder on the completion of the trip.

Unfortunately the next day my brother falls incredibly ill and we are not able to join the trip and have to postpone for a day.

That I day I go solo exploring Aswan, finding new husbands, taking a free ride for half the day on someone's motorboat in Aswan (rare for Aswan when someone is always trying to sell you something) and visiting temples on the other side of the Nile.

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