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December 23rd 2009
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Following Ivan's speedy recovery (nothing like a good old fashioned home remedy of lemon and garlic) we board the Felucca. The boat takes over an hour to depart, however we aren't left bored due to great friends we meet along the way. This includes Wilson and Susan, brother and sister currently residing in Hong Kong and New York, both growing up in San Francisco. The other couple is Marco and Linda, both from Montreal. We sail to this nice Nubian village and get to meet some local kids and walk around the village.

We finally make it to the first destination of the evening, an inlet inhabited by some camels. Unfortunately the boat becomes sand logged that night and instead of falling asleep listening to the gentle melody of waves lapping our boat, we instead fall asleep with camels bellowing our ear. To make it worse there isn't enough blankets ,there are no mattress and the boat is overcrowded – see the original promises made by Captain Jack Sparrow here .

The following morning things are complicated further as the boat is logged and it will take a few hours to leave. We decide to finish the tour here and make our own way to Edfu. Ivan informs the captain.

This is where things get ugly. The captain wants the remainder of our trip payment. He has been promised his dues and he is not about to lose money as a result.

Unfortunately we have also been promised a boat with enough space, blankets and even cups with handles. We refuse to pay the cost of the trip on the grounds of our original agreement with Captain Jack.

Unfortunately this aggravates our captain further and he refuses to accept our departure without payment. All hell breaks loose and before we know it Ivan and dad and the captain are butting heads. He is swearing and threatening to fight my brother. Plus he tells us there is no way from here – it will cost four times as much as the Felucca fees in transport fees to get to Kom Ombo.

We eventually calm him down, grab our things, I unknowingly in the rush leave my laptop behind. And we are off to make our own way to Luxor, hopefully via Kom Ombo…

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