Photos from Sinai, Egypt, Africa

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Coffee stand
Mount Sinai
Last Light
Mt Sinai from the Pilgrim's Trail
Sinai Sunset
Climbing Mt Sinai
For Whom the Bell Tolls
All of Sinai Spread Out Below
Mushroom Rock
Waiting For Sunrise
Sinai 030
Buying Watermelons
Romain, Birgit and Matt A-OK
Matt practising buoyancy control
Matt studying the RDP
Restaurants lining the water in Dahab
Camels passing through Moray Garden
Romain, Natalie, Ibraham and Matt
Moray Garden, Dahab
One of the crowd
Reef life
Shesia makes an appearance. Actually not that bad..
Twobar Anemonefish
Snorkeler's Paradise
Hello Coral Reef!
Coral Reef
Trying to stay awake on New Years Eve.
The boys prepare for their night dive
Another night, another beach bar / restaurant
View from our bedroom window.
Another cool cat to share the sun lounger with.
Early morning dip. The first of many.
2010 is looking good
Laid back Dahab - the beachfront 2
Laid back Dahab - the beachfront
Best view in the house
Goodbye to Egypt
Bedouin style!
A camel, Anny and our Bedouin guide
Anny on the climb
Desert, sea, camel and moon
The church on Mount Sinai
The last light of day
A camels eye view
The moon, masquerading as the sun
Oasis in the desert
Bedouin preparing tea
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