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Africa » Egypt » Sinai » St Catherine October 19th 2016

The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands. - Sir Richard Burton We were met this morning at 7:30 by our guide Ebad and driver Hassem, for our "Egyptian Desert Experience" day tour. We munched on our breakfast boxes as we drove out of Dahab. We had to bring our passports with us as we pass into UN controlled territory and they check visas. There are numerous checkpoints we had to go through, the one leaving Dahab which we passed through coming from the airport on our way here, and a couple of other checkpoints in the South Sinai. They keep very good track of tourists going into the Katherine protected area. The scenery as we drove into the Sinai desert changed from rugged granite mountains to softer sandstone hills. ... read more
Sinai desert
Sinai desert
Me and the Sinai desert

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » St Catherine November 10th 2014

Into the Heart of Sinai. As we rolled up to the checkpoint, the soldier who had flagged us down walked around the car and stood in front of my window. He wore an automatic rifle of some kind, strapped across his chest – the barrel pointing down at the road. His left hand covered the trigger guard almost negligently and because the gun was at eye level next to my window, I had a brief opportunity to wonder how the regulation army green barrel and metal stock had become so scratched and dented. His right hand moved up to the window, palm facing upwards. “Passport” he said in heavily accented English. I handed over our passports and he began thumbing through the pages with calloused fingers. ‘Those hands look as if they could use a little ... read more
Mushroom Rock
All of Sinai Spread Out Below
The Bedouin Camp

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » St Catherine October 13th 2011

It was a magical journey that began with as little as one hour sleep. I’m not sure if I was nervous about the climb but it was my only sleepless night so far during my travels. I think I finally fell asleep at midnight and was awakened by a wakeup call at 1:30am. We had a guide named Moses – really that was his name! We were fortunate enough to have a full moon that night to guide us up Mount Sinai; one barely needed the light of a headlamp. I wonder if Moses himself was as blessed as we were? Although some archaeologists and historians dispute Mt Sinai’s biblical claim to fame, it is revered by Christians, Muslims and Jews, all of whom believe that God delivered his Ten Commandments to Moses at the summit. ... read more
Daylight on Mount Sinai
Happy to be here
Our guide, Moses

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » St Catherine June 4th 2011

yesterday me and dad climbed mt sianai to the monestry which is very religious to christians, muslims and jews but to climb it you could take 3000 steps up made by a single monk that heard god tell him to do it or you could take a camel path that was more modern but alot longer because it zig zagged up the mountain to the top. we went in the middle of the night to a tour bus with 12 other people that took 2 hours to get to the mountain and when we got there a guide took us up the camel path and it was really tiring even in the cold of the night so we put on jumpers and cept going. at the top the air was even more cold so i used ... read more
egy_mt sianai sun rise
egy_mt sianai joe
egy_mt sianai monestry

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » St Catherine November 15th 2010

Never trust a guidebook. The lesson of the day. After spending the night on Mount Sinai, I had been planning on getting either the 1pm bus, or one of the 'frequent' minbuses that my guidebook said run from St Catherine to Suez, where I could then catch the overnight bus to Luxor, saving me spending a night in some deadbeat town or at worst the bus station, and giving me time in Luxor and Aswan before the ferry to Sudan. But once I was back from the summit, I was told there was only a 6am bus to Suez. And nothing else. No 1pm bus. No minibuses. Nothing. My only option was apparently to hire a car for 120EP, more than my previous 5 nights accomodation. It may have only been 12GBP, but still. It's all ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » St Catherine November 10th 2010

After the desert tour, I received the news that I'd been dreading - the rumours were true, and the weekly ferry to Sudan on 15 November had been canclled. I had two options, I could either head straight to Aswan now, just making the replacement ferry on the 11 Nov. Or I could hold back and catch the ferry on 22 Nov. Not being decisive at the best of times, I struggled with the decision. Either rush to Sudan, for more time in Ethiopia? Or take things easy in Egypt for a few more days. In the end, Sudan seemed too far away, and too big a leap to jump into. I was feeling lazy. I was enjoying the coffee and dominoes in Cairo. I still had Sinai, temples and fellucas to see in Egypt. And ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » St Catherine January 2nd 2010

Spirits soaring we decide to head off bright and early to Mount Sinai the next day to see Catherine Monastery. Again we aim to try the hitch hiking route. Were both keen to see how it goes hitching in Africa and how it differs from the experiences I have had in Asia, Europe and the US. We seem to be successful initially explaining to the driver that we have no money. We get to the police check point and he insists he will take us no further unless I give him a kiss. My friend Kostya who hitch hiked significantly through the Middle East, says this is the problem for girls if choosing to hitch hike through the Middle East. Generally its fine, but you will more then likely get some harassment so your better off ... read more
Camel Time
Me Ivan and a token Egyptian in a cave
Sunset at top the mountain

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » St Catherine March 20th 2009

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » St Catherine March 19th 2009

Photos of Egypt on the way to St Catherine...... read more

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