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May 23rd 2021
Published: June 1st 2021
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Here we are, I'm at my 90 days in South Africa so it's time to hit the road. So the choices are getting more and more limited if you are coming from SA...and I have no intention to go to Europe with so many restrictions. So here I am in Egypt. Trip was fun as I had to be sure my bags where not left somewhere...on the way. Trip was Durban-Doha-Istanbul-Sharm. Little tricky point, I could only transfer airside in those places...and I was on two tickets...so didn't want to have issues tracking my bag in Istanbul...or getting lockdown in quarantine for 14 days. Yes, I went with only carry-on...with my full diving gears! Interesting experience.

Job done and arriving in Sharm at 2am. The hotel has a shuttle...decent price for a single...take a taxi if more people. First, Sharm for 2 days. This place is everything I don't like in tourism. This is the quintessential package place. Was never for me, will never be for me!

I actually did 2 days before and 2 days after a 7 nights liveaboard on the Snefro Love. Was few days spending not much beside sleeping, trips to the swimming pool and visiting a trashy tourist place.

The main reason of this trip ...beside the fact that I had to go on a plane far away enough of home was to dive the Thistlegorm wreck. I won't copy you Google, you can do it if needed. The wreck has been sunk in 1941 by the Germans. It's a British cargo that was attempting to reach Alexandria via the Cape to bring supplies to British soldiers.

The wreck is rated in the top 10 worldwide. I will agree...even if I believe Chuuk Lagoon is way ahead in many ways. So Thistlegorm done, I still have now to go down to Vanuata for one more on that list to do!

Beside the wreck, the coral life was pretty amazing. Those colours are truly special! Fishes are all over the place....but let's admit it...close to no macro life and even less big boys. Well....I'm spoiled at home for this! So enjoy the pics, I'm trying my best!!

The boat, the Snefro Love is normally taking 20 guests divers. We were 9, so that a perfect ratio. It is also my 18th boat in term of liveaboard. Why do people love so much to dive the Red Sea?? Let be honest, it's cheap and great value for what it is! Food was decent, cabin nice, boat pretty huge...and staff caring...so a very decent diving week!

Will I come back?? I don't think so. I have now dive the South Egypt Red Sea, plus Eilat, Aqaba and then Ven south to Sudan plus Djibouti. I'll probably bring Tanya to Petra and Wadi Rum with a side dive in Aqaba....but I believe I'm done diving Egypt.

Next...well...as you imagine nice little shopping stop in Istanbul. I could enter Turkey after being out of SA for over 10 days. This explains the added days in Sharm! Next...coming soon...

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