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February 3rd 2013
Published: March 19th 2013
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Eight and a half hours and two inflight movies we touchdown…

As the door opens on the plane and everyone jumps to get into the hustle and bustle we like to call the aisle, the heat overwhelms the air conditioning like a warm blanket and you take your first breath of warm air.

Reborn you feel as thought the holiday has just started and you make your way to the exit onto the on ramp for customs. This time we decided to skip with pre-booked transfers grabbed our bags before the locals and headed for the taxis outside. We do try to travel lightly and this is great unless you’re pulling your bag along and the local bag carrier is attached to you and the bag, protesting that he should be carrying it, it’s his job!

Jump into a taxi that’s marked as a taxi and not just a car with a man in it although these can sometimes be hard to differentiate and we give the hotel address in English and the driver says welcome and thank you in English.

Were off like a sidewinder missile at full speed to the hotel, slum like apartments and half built houses and people sorting rubbish piles with fires go by outside the car window in a golden blur. The driver tells you his brother lives in London maybe we know him? Suddenly we turn towards the sea and the road narrows the hotels appear, palm trees and locals wearing scruffy uniforms tend grass hedges and paint walls.

We arrive at our holiday destination. The Grand Makadi, Makadi Bay, Hurgarda.

A quick tussle with the taxi driver over the price of the transfer, he leaves in a huff and half of what he was asking plus a tip.

Check in quick and simple and off to our room we go.. To our surprise we actually don’t have rooms we have a detached beachfront apartment. Drop off the bags and head out to explore our surroundings. Bar check, pool check, beach check. Done.


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