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February 6th 2013
Published: March 19th 2013
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Although for the first couple of days we acclimatised ourselves to the surroundings relaxed, went swimming and had a few large drinks’. We soon began to get itchy feet and decided to go for a walk around the outside of the complex, holiday complexes are great value for money but if you don’t go and explore you will never get to see the real people and culture of Egypt. Out side the complex and head into Hurgarda town seems like a god idea dressed like travellers in a hot country, shorts, flip flops, hat and sunglasses. Looking like a couple of “where’s wallys” in the streets of old Hurgarda, we stand amazed by the hustle and bustle of the town, no real roads, being approached by every businessman with a shop offering a cup of tea, because they already know your English and probably have money to spend in their store. We try to make our way towards the new marina that had just been built to find, it wasn’t quite ready and a half built office that had been used as a rubbish bump was being grazed upon by a residential goat. The fishmonger that worked from a shack across the street dragged a giant eel from a behind a garage door towards his outdoor chopping table, the stench of fish guts in the heat was quite breath-taking with one arm down the eels throat he struggles to lift its head to table and with the other hand he grabs the biggest cleaver I have ever seen wielded by man and brings it down on the poor creature with deadly precision. Apart from the shock of what’s going on outside on a table, by a dusty road. No one else looked at it they were to busy staring at Carly the milky white blond female that was with me. Time to try and find a more touristy part of Hurgarda.


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