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October 5th 2008
Published: October 6th 2008
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Above Aswan from our hotel room...Above Aswan from our hotel room...Above Aswan from our hotel room...

We slept only four hours in this hotel as we had to get up at 2.30am to join the road convoy to Abu Simbel.
Hello! Holly and I have just arrived back from the most amazing time snorkeling off the red sea coast at Hurghada.... but I don't want to talk about that just yet we have to catch you up on the last 7 days or so.

Temples and tombs and enough history to make you wish you'd been paying more attention at school. We've been to Aswan, Abu Simbel, the High Dam and Luxor. I've taken around 1000 photos (thank goodness we live in a digital age) and luckily for you I cannot load them all here now!

Where to start?

After Cairo, the pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, the Christian and the Muslim ends of town we headed by overnight train to Aswan. The train takes usually around 12-14 hours but we took 20 hours and no trip would be complete without the air-conditioning deciding that 25 degrees was cool enough and Egyptian bed bugs!

In Aswan we got a look at the Aswan Dam, the High Dam, the unfinished obelisk and the beautiful Philae Temple. We finished off our day with a sunset cruise on the Nile in our Felucca... ah bliss.

Next we are ready to
Temple of Abu SimbelTemple of Abu SimbelTemple of Abu Simbel

... south of Aswan built by Ramses II over 3000 years ago and relocated piece by piece to this spot due the creation of Lake Nassar with the building of the High Dam in the 60's.
travel along the Nile to Luxor on our cruise boat...

I don't want to give you too much too soon so I will continue with our adventures when our tour finishes on the 8th, we'll be back in Cairo by then.

A big Happy Birthday Mum for the 4th October - I wish you had a mobile, I was thinking of you that day - what do you want by way of an Egyptian present? Some cotton, alabaster, papyrus, let me know.

And I certainly haven't forgotten you Hannah - I will call you tomorrow and wish you a Happy 10th birthday sweetie - I love you.

Take care everyone, we miss you. Jo and Holly

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The High DamThe High Dam
The High Dam

After Egypt completed the Aswan Dam project unsuccessully they sought financial aid from the United Nations, the USA and Britian - all refused. The Russians gave aid from 1960 - 1971 to build the High Dam. 4 turbines could generate 2.1 million kw of electricity per day (not all used at once though) and consequently electricity in Egypt is around 15-18 LE per month. That's around $AUS4.50. The resultant Lake Nassar continues south for 500 km, 350km in Egypt and 150km in Sudan.
The Philae TempleThe Philae Temple
The Philae Temple

...dedicated to the Goddess Isis, godess of Love and Motherhood. Located in Aswan and accessible by boat on the Nile...

7th October 2008

Thamnks Jo
It's good to finally hear from you and wonderful to hear of your adventures. Is your flash drive a 1Gb or 2Gb? The view from the hotel room at Aswan wasn't too shabby...an early call must have been exciting. Thanks for the birthday wishes...you decide on the gift...you pick great pressies. Hi to you too Hannah...Happy Birthday sweety. I just posted your card to day ...hope your day was happy darling...big squishy hugs from Grandy. It was great getting your email too Holly, something I wasn't expecting and truly delightful. All my love to you, Mum/Grandy

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