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March 1st 2016
Published: March 24th 2016
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So my last night in Addis I got eaten alive by some bastard bed bugs….i was using my sleeping bag liner which has anti bug stuff in it but I didn’t cover my face so they bit me on my upper lip and below my lower one! Swelled up something fierce…and it itched a lot…goddamnit…oh well…looking like the elephant man never hurt anyone I suppose lol…so I arrived in Cairo around 01:30 and immediately felt the annoying touting Egypt is famous for…blurg…anyways…pushed past that to find my taxi and went to the heart of the city to meet a guy who took me through three alleys and up five flights of stairs to find my dorm bed…no idea where I am or what im doing…but…to add insult to injury some mozzies decided to have a go at my exposed hands…eaten alive….damn these bugs!!!!! So now im in cairo with no plans of anything except a small basic idea of a few places I’d like to see in Egypt. Long story short im on my own against plans and completely lost….First morning I sort of find my bearings and decide to go get a guide book so I can figure out what to do without the need of the internet. Four bookstores later I finally found a book in English and it just so happens to be the brand I despise most, Foders….damnit….oh and to top that off, it was published 2009. Fuck me. Cool waste of money so I decided to drown my sorrows and join the hordes feasting on flesh (I haven’t eaten meat in a long time). Choice number one? Mcdonald’s. Hahahahaha….there are only three countries in Africa that have maccas and Egypt is one of em. A nice McArabia treated me well and so did the big mac. Boom. Back to winning at life…lol. I plan on getting a sim card for the 3rd time this trip (most people get them every country…that would mean this would be my 13th, but im special and only had phone for South Africa and Uganda). Keeping the plans short as everything here is written in scribbly and I don’t speak Arabic! Small victories is what im looking for…wish me luck!


24th March 2016

Dirty thirty
Haha I almost feel bad for you and your bed bugs. Jk love you brother

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