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Africa » Cape Verde » Saint Anthony March 12th 2019

Travelling has different significance to different people. For some, it's a form of therapy. Some regard it as a means of relaxing. But for others, Travelling is simply an art. There are even people who do not like the idea of travelling at all. I consider myself fortunate to have travelled through the UK and to some other places around the world. Travelling to me represents much more than an art or a form of therapy . Travelling is a way of life, a culture of sorts. Travelling inspires me to dream. While in the air, on the sea, or even on land, my thoughts are crystal clear. I see things with different perspectives to most people, and I’m able to foster a holistic and unbiased opinion. Travelling gives me the chance to visit places that ... read more

Africa » Cape Verde » São Vicente » Mindelo August 17th 2017

Dear All Greetings from the island of Sao Vicente, my fourth and final island on my Cape Verdean tour. I really like this island, and I have found its capital city, and main city by far, Mindelo quaint, charming and very characterful. Although it has only been two days since I last wrote a blog entry on Santo Antao, and I have only spent two nights here (though three if you include the brief one I spent here on the way to Santo Antao), I feel I couldn’t do my trip justice without writing a separate blog entry for each of the four islands on my travels, so here is my final one for Sao Vicente. I last wrote on my final afternoon in Ponta do Sol – I didn’t have a very relaxing final evening ... read more
Eagle Monument
Laginha Beach
Fish Market

Africa » Cape Verde » Santo Antão » Ponta do Sol August 15th 2017

Dear All Greetings from Santo Antao, the second largest of the Cape Verde islands, and my third out of the four which I have planned to explore. All three so far, whilst all stark, barren, and mesmerisingly beautiful, have also been quite different, and a real pleasure to explore. Whilst Santiago was undeniably the most developed and centre of the archipelago, both politically and economically, and Fogo was the stunning volcanic cone surrounded by black sand beaches and crashing ocean waves, Santo Antao is towering, mountainous and rugged, deeply set throughout by kilometre-deep ravines and river valleys, and the north-eastern part which I am based in is by far the greenest area I have seen so far in this country. I believe I last wrote from the serene and remote Tortuga B&B, passing away my final ... read more
Coastal Walk to Fontainhas
Local Girls
Loggerhead Turtle

Africa » Cape Verde » Fogo » São Filipe August 11th 2017

Dear All Greetings from the Cape Verdean island of Fogo! My second of four islands that I plan to visit here in Cape Verde. I am continuing to having an amazing time in this country, perhaps these last few days have even been better than when I first arrived. I’m beginning to think that while Senegal and The Gambia are countries to be experienced, Cape Verde is a country to be enjoyed! Experience and enjoyment are both certainly objectives of my travelling career, and I understand that you can’t always have the latter without also having some of the former, but it is actually quite nice to be really enjoying my travels now! I have very much enjoyed a number of “wow” moments so far in this country, and I remain excited at the prospect of ... read more
Pico de Fogo
Grey-Headed Kingfisher

Africa » Cape Verde » Santiago » Praia August 8th 2017

Dear All Greetings from Cape Verde, country number 76! And what an amazing country this seems to be. Cape Verde consists of a group of nine sizeable islands, and countless smaller ones, stretching out in a semi-circular archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. My impression so far is only of its main and largest island, Santiago, and based on this first impression, these are bleak, desolate and actually quite stunning islands surrounded by an ocean of impregnable blue. They are spectacular, and they have come as a very welcome relief from my travels in Africa. I have certainly enjoyed traveling in Senegal and The Gambia, they have offered new experiences and it has been pleasurable exploring a region of the world I’ve not yet set foot in, but in all honesty the two countries ... read more
Rua Banana
Fortaleza Real de Sao Filipe
Me, Cafe Shack with a View

Africa » Cape Verde » Boa Vista April 1st 2017

Om wat meer van het eiland te zien, dachten we er in eerste instantie aan om een auto te huren. Maar ook dat is niet goedkoop en dan moet je nog zelf rijden ook! Dus een babbeltje gemaakt met een van de pickup-bestuurders die in het centrum rondhangen, hopend op een leuk ritje. Taxi’s zijn hier bijna allemaal pickups, met bankjes in de achterbak, dus kunnen er 9 mensen mee. Gewone taxi’s zijn er ook, maar minder. De meeste taxi’s rijden rond of staan bij restaurants in de hoop een vrachtje op te pikken. Ze hebben overigens alleen veiligheidsriemen voorin, achterin is niets.Onze keus voor een ritje viel op Michel, die een aardige kop heeft en wat Engels spreekt. De eerste rit ging naar de regio Norte in het noordoosten. ... read more

Africa » Cape Verde » Boa Vista February 25th 2017

Boa Vista is ontdekt in 1480. De zeeman die als eerste dit eiland zag, riep: “Kapitein, goed zicht” (boa vista), in plaats van “land in zicht”, zo blij was hij dat hij land zag omdat er een vreselijke storm aankwam. Het was het vierde Kaapverdische eiland dat door de Portugezen ontdekt werd. Eerder waren Maio, Santiago en Fogo aan de beurt. Nu is het zo’n beetje gekoloniseerd door de Italianen. Italiaanse restaurants en ijssalons, Italiaanse constructiebedrijven enz. En een beetje door de Chinezen die bijna alle kleine winkels in handen hebben. Ik heb overigens liever met de Italianen te maken, ook al spreken de meesten van hen geen woord over de (hun) grens, dan met de Chinezen. De Italianen zijn over het algemeen vriendelijk, de Chinezen over het algemeen niet. Maar gelukkig hebben we tegenover ons ... read more
Toca da Garoupa
Ca' Nicola
Zo wordt hier gebouwd

Africa » Cape Verde » Saint Anthony February 22nd 2017

We take the dawn ferry from Sao Vincente to Santo Antao, our fourth Cape Verdian island. Thankfully, it is a calm sea. The island's hills are rugged, rocky and recently volcanic. We start along a cobbled track, they are common in Cape Verde. We are high enough to sometimes be in the clouds. Pine trees catch the moisture and drip on us. There is a huge view south over Sao Vincente, looking very small in the vast Atlantic. We climb over a ridge and the view changes. Below us is a deep ravine, maybe 400 metres down near-vertical sides. The sides are striated with different colours of rock and nestling at the bottom are small villages, each surrounded by terraced fields. It is a beautiful and arresting sight. We walk around the ravine rim and then ... read more
Village in a ravine
Grog still
Local young lady

Africa » Cape Verde » Fogo February 15th 2017

The island of Fogo is basically a volcano in the middle of the Atlantic. Its beaches are black volcanic sand, striking against the white surf and the blue sea. Portugal once sent convicts here and an eccentric French Duke set up home here in the 1870s, fathering at least 11 children and countless grandchildren.. Most of the island is the volcano's caldera. Sitting at about 1,750 metres it contained two small villages. The ground here is a mixture of volcanic sand, rough volcanic rock and heavy brown boulders. It looks like the moon. Our first walk takes us past the more recent eruption vents, 1995 and 2015. These both spewed molten lava into the caldera below. The paths of the lava are clearly visible. The 2015 eruption lasted 6 weeks and destroyed most of the buildings ... read more
Pico Fogo at dawn
The team
Grey headed kingfishers

Africa » Cape Verde » Praia February 9th 2017

Op het vliegveld van Praia (Santiago eiland), waaiden we zowat uit ons hemd. De wintermaanden zijn ook de windmaanden, maar het waaide harder dan anders vertelde iedereen ons (so what else is new!). Alle toeristen die nieuw waren in Kaapverdië en nog geen visum hadden, moesten er op het vliegveld een halen. Dat gebeurt bij de paspoortcontrole, in een aparte rij. We stonden al zo ongeveer een kwartiertje (het ging allemaal niet snel en er was maar een visumloket) toen een van het douanepersoneel ons uit de rij kwam pikken en naar voren leidde om snel aan de beurt te zijn. Waarom? vroegen wij (zonder te protesteren overigens). De leeftijd? Jaja, knikte ze. Het heeft wel eens voordelen om een grijze kop te hebben ;) Toen was het snel gepiept. Wat ze doen is een scan ... read more
stairway to heaven
markt van Praia
alles wordt op het hoofd gedragen

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