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Africa » Cape Verde » Santiago January 27th 2016

Hello from Santiago island in Cape Verde (CV) , one of 10 islands once ruled by Portugal but independent since 1975. We are now firmly in the Tropics..300 miles from Senegal on the west African coast. CV is a friendly place pop. 128,000 with 58% of the population under 50 years. There are so many young people that children go to school in shifts the first from 07.30 to 13.00 and the second from 13.30 to 19.00. Could be a good idea for London! There is 25% unemployment but still very low crime rate this our guide thought was because no one goes hungry. They give food but not money to the unemployed. Most young people who may have gone to one of 4 universities on the island will move abroad to work. The climate is ... read more

Africa » Cape Verde » São Vicente January 18th 2016

Mindelo, Cape Verde Islands The westernmost promontory of Africa, Cape Verde gives its name to the group of islands almost 400 miles to the west. Mindelo, is the main town of St Vincent with picturesque and colourful Portuguese colonial buildings. Cape Verde became independent in 1975 from the Portuguese. The islands have led a chequered history, for along time the economy of the islands was based on little else but the slave trade, the islands being on the route from West Africa to the New World. Nowadays the economy depends on the airport on Sal, the port facilities in Mindelo and agriculture. Coffee and bananas are the main exports, with salt being produced on the island do Sal. Fishing is a flourishing industry and a by product from the volcanoes is exported to make cement. Arrived ... read more

Africa » Cape Verde » São Vicente January 13th 2016

Wednesday January 13th, 2016. Mindelo, Cabo Verde Islands Cabo Verde is one of the smallest and poorest of the African nations, lying some 400 miles of tnly 9 of the 10 volcanic islands and 8 smaller islets have been settled. Mindelo is on Sao Vincente island and is the main town. Around 50,000 people live in Mindelo, representing almost 12% of the entire population of all the islands. The islands' name 'Cabo Verde' in Portuguese derives from their position lying off Cap Vert, the Dakar peninsula of Senegal. The islands gained independence from Portugal on 5th July 1975. The volcanic scenery is quite spectacular but the islands are extremely dry and have only 10% viable agricultural land and most of the food needs to be imported. The main crops that they can grow here are maize, ... read more
0.  Stewart and M using the Internet in Mindelo
1.  Colonial Buildings, Mindelo
13.  Pam Stewart and D in Mindelo

Africa » Cape Verde » São Vicente January 8th 2016

Cape Verde, Porto Grande Cape Verde was a Portuguese colony until 1975 when it gained independence. In 1990 they became a democracy. It is very hot, very dry and by our standards poor. The principal activity is fishing. One of the objectives of the tour we took was to view the island from the top of a mountain. Unfortunately the top was covered in clouds so only pictures from stops as we climbed and descended the mountain. The drive was very bumpy, but then most of the roads were bumpy.... read more

Africa » Cape Verde May 25th 2015

Day 60 Wednesday May 13 At sea up the coast of Angola towards the Gulf of Guinea 30c partly cloudy Gail was up early and walked for about an hour. When she was walking she saw a pod of whales. She went to her tap class with Helene and then we did the first of the cruise line quizzes followed by the line dance class again with Helene. We went to a lecture on Opera by the American professor who although he is a bit of a poser has some good information and is a big fan of Pavarotti. After that we had a cup of coffee upstairs and a little bit of lunch which we don't usually have. The "Second Best Marigold Hotel" was on in the Cabaret Room so we watched it. It was ... read more

Africa » Cape Verde April 22nd 2015

Mittwoch, 22.04.2015 St. Helena – Praia (2’128 Seemeilen, 4 Seetage) Auf dem Weg nach Praia überquerten wir zum zweiten Mal auf dieser Reise den Äquator. Im Januar in südlicher- und nun in nördlicher Richtung. Praia ist die Hauptstadt der Kapverden, sie liegt auf der Insel Santiago, einer der südlichsten Inseln der Kapverden. Ursprünglich stand bei der Rückreise, Dakar in Senegal auf dem Programm, diese Destination wurde aber schon vor Reisebeginn gestrichen und Praia auf den Kapverdischen Inseln ins Programm aufgenommen (Ebola?). Unser Schiff legte, mit mächtig Schlick im Hafenbecken aufwirbelnd, um 14.00 Uhr in Praia an. Die planmässige Abfahrt wurde auf 20.00 Uhr angesetzt. Wir hatten also nicht viel Zeit für einen Stadtrundgang. Der Industriehafen, in dem wir vor Anker lagen, war... read more

Africa » Cape Verde » Sal » Santa Maria March 13th 2014

Hello my fellow travellers! So, I'm back in Sweden after a somewhat tedious flight which was delayed by about an hour. But at least they showed a good movie on the flight that I hadn't seen before so some good, some less good. Since we arrived so late in Stockholm all the trains had already left but I was fortunate enough to get a ride to the bus station by me ex girlfriend's ex and there I was given a free bus ride to my friend's place by a very nice driver. He could probably see that I was tired and that I didn't know it wasn't possible to buy tickets on the bus. I arrived at my friend's place at around 3 am and went straight to bed. Anyway. I enjoyed Cape Verde but, as ... read more
Tired Traveler

Africa » Cape Verde » Sal » Espargos March 12th 2014

Hello my fellow travellers! Today we went into Espargos, the capital city of Sal, it's a quite small and quiet place really. There's no hustle and bustle here, no tourists, no stress and no sellers. Just everyday people getting on with their everyday lives, such a thing is always a pleasure to see as it feels more genuine, nothing put on spectacle to suit a tourists camera or envision of what the destination should be like, only reality. Getting there was interesting though, as we approached the minibuses we stopped in a clothing shop where Lisa found a dress she was interested in. I came inside for a while to act as taste/moral support but after a while I went outside as it wasn't quite my venue. When I looked over at the minibuses it seemed ... read more
Rare Meat!

Africa » Cape Verde » Sal » Santa Maria March 11th 2014

Hello my fellow travellers! Today's submerged escapades have come to an end. We went out with the submarine Neptunus (in honesty it's just a glass-bottomed boat) and took a look of the waters outside of Santa Maria. The tour was pretty short and only had three stops, although the two first ones were so close to each other that I didn't realize that there were two separate stops. Those were of two shipwrecks at just a few meters depth. There wasn't that much to see of it though and the water was murkier than I expected and even though I love shipwrecks these ones didn't rock my boat so to speak. The third stop was far more interesting! Beneath the waves is a statue of Jesus, called the Christ of the Seas. It was put there ... read more
On the Neptunus

Africa » Cape Verde » Sal » Santa Maria March 10th 2014

Hello my fellow travellers! Today has been a nice and calm day. Me and Lisa has pretty much just been laying around and reading all day. We did take a stroll down to the pier (dodging around the two main streets as best as possible to avoid all the sellers) to check up about going over to another island but it turns out that it costs almost as much as the whole trip combined which is just insane. We did however go down to the people that organize the glass bottomed boat tours and booked a tour on the Neptunus for tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to it even though it was a bit pricey. After we had booked our underwater adventure we sat down in a quiet restaurant and just reflected on events so far. ... read more
Kids Playing Soccer

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