Okavango Camp/Rest Day - Day 28

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November 11th 2008
Published: November 15th 2008
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Okovango CampOkovango CampOkovango Camp

Was lovely...
A day of rest. We all agreed unanimously that we needed a day off from driving so we didn’t rush. I spent a good deal of time bringing the Blog up to date and the very kind owners of the place had a satellite internet connection and they very kindly agreed to send off an email with the Blog. It was too slow for pictures, so they will have to wait - sorry about that. There was also a lot of laundry to be done. Fortunately the sun shone and we were able to get lines out of the shade so that everything could dry. There was a lot of bird watching which was great and we arranged to have our evening meal in the lodge as a treat - a break from camp cooking and camp washing up. There was a huge buildup of cumulonimbus at the close of the day so we put everything away before going for our meal.

Just in time, as the heavens opened and all umbrellas came out for our walk to the bar. Here we met a group of locals who were only too pleased to give advice on our proposed plans for
Until it rained...Until it rained...Until it rained...

And became rather less pleasant
Namibia tomorrow. We also met André, an accountant from Maun who was staying a couple of nights in the line of his work. He joined us for the meal and he was very interested in all that we are doing. He says he is going to do the same one day - we hope he does! It poured that night, in fact pretty well all night, but we managed to stay dry till morning.


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