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Africa » Botswana February 9th 2015

I’ve been away from Guba the past 2 weeks, doing an incredible camping tour of Botswana and Zimbabwe! The tour started and ended in Johannesburg, where I splashed out on a decent camera before my trip began.The first 3 days we drove a long way through Botswana, which was tiring, but the group (there were 13 of us) at least went on an evening game drive the first night at Stevensford Game Reserve in Tuli Bock, to get our first taste of African wildlife. We saw a couple of Kudu, springbok, impala, wildebeest, skip hare and some new birds. The drives through Botswana were actually interesting, I found it incredible being surrounded by endless trees and scrub! The same in Zimbabwe. There were a lot of cattle grazing, plus some donkeys and goats, which would usually ... read more
Okavango Delta floodplains
Young lion at Chobe
Victoria Falls

Africa » Botswana December 11th 2014

Day 5 All night I couldn't fall asleep. Moreover, the story told by Greg about unfortunate last year's diving of South-American group added the fear. They arrived two weeks after Amos left the island. Initially the season was chosen wrong. In addition, the number of participants exceeded five. And when such a large group of divers surrounded the large male, the croc panicked and attacked one of the divers. The other diver could rescue the unfortunate tourist. He survived of course, but he is still working on the recovery of the limb. There is a rule - no more than 3 people at a time. Two divers have to secure the one who works with a reptile. You must always give the animal a chance to escape and in no event deprive it its own space, ... read more

Africa » Botswana November 25th 2014

We drove about an hour and crossed the border this morning into Botswana for a day of safari at Chobe National Park - half day by jeep and the other half by boat. Chobe has one of the largest elephant populations in the world and that was evident by the sheer number of elephants we saw. We also got very close to lions lounging under a tree. The lions had killed an animal (unidentifiable to me) and one of the younger lions got up to feed on the kill. By boat we were able to get close to hippos in the water and on land, including a baby hippo which I've decided is my new favorite animal. There were lots of crocodiles in the water but they seemed camera shy so I didn't manage to get ... read more
The sable with an elephant backdrop
Lions under a tree
Monkeys are cute in any country

Africa » Botswana November 25th 2014

We have been home for over twelve months now (I still can’t believe it has been that long), and I have one final blog from our trip to get out. It has been written in my mind all this time and finally I can transfer it here to stop it from changing as time moves. I am sure it has already altered in some ways, but I am not overly concerned as I think the essence of the place stays with you long after you leave. When I began my travel journey in 2009, my first stop was Johannesburg - South Africa, then Entebbe - Uganda. I was as green as any traveller could be and was excited about the journey before me. The experience that I had in East Africa, particularly Uganda, fundamentally changed who ... read more
Stadium - Johannesburg, South Africa
South Africa
South Africa

Africa » Botswana November 15th 2014

I am trying to cling the bottom of the river with my hands, they are completely sinking in the sand. It helps, but just for a few seconds. The stream is so strong that we are being rapidly carried down the river. Again and again Amos is trying to stick the monopod into the sand. We are struggling from last strength in order to keep ourselves in a place. The depth is about 8.5 meters and a black abyss teeming with giant crocodiles is behind us. I am trying to dodge my face from the rushing debris that fell into the water upstream. The visibility is only few meters. I can only see pieces of dirt, twigs, leaves, dead stems of papyrus, and here in this mass we lose Walter. He went up to check our ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Chobe National Park November 7th 2014

Die Chobe Marina Lodge ist traumhaft am Ufer des Chobe River gelegen. Mit einer Bar auf einer Terrasse über dem Fluss, einem Pool, zwei Restaurants und luxuriösen kleinen Bungalows im traditionell afrikanischen Stil ist der Aufenthalt hier eine echte Wohltat nach den Zuständen im Rainbow Hotel. Wir haben ein Angebot gebucht, dass neben Vollpension auch zwei "Game Activities" am Tag beinhaltet. Man kann jeden Morgen und jeden Nachmittag zwischen einem Boat Cruise auf dem Chobe River, der auch zum Nationalpark gehört, und einer Jeep Safari durch den Park wählen. Am Ankunftstag können wir natürlich nur noch die Nachmittagstour mitmachen und entscheiden uns für eine Bootstour. Mit einem kleinen Boot fahren wir raus auf den breiten Fluss und schippern 3 Stunden am Ufer entlang und durch die zahlreichen Nebenarme des Chobe. Hier gibt es eine riesige Nilpferd-Population ... read more
Chobe NP

Africa » Botswana October 29th 2014

The background. One frosty evening last December I was hiding from Moscow bustle and hustle at home... I do adore big cities but at the same time I nearly hate us great opportunities they require too much in return. Cities are teeming with life: people who are always running somewhere, rumbling roads like a giant beehive inside your head and a whole system of endless tunnels beneath your feet encircle eternally glittering city. And even the sky lined with fancy patterns of planes takes away the last hope for a little piece of space and silence. How do I miss the peace and silence among this urban bustle, how difficult it is to return to life with all these phones and appliances, producing so many noise and interference! I do wish to open the window ... read more
Amos Nachum

Africa » Botswana » Ghanzi District » Ghanzi July 28th 2014

So I finally made it back to Africa. Botswana was the home of my best friend Ralph back when I was only 15. We used to play cards in the street (which was usually empty) until Ralph was struck by a 1948 Studebaker, which ran over his leg. The air here is warm and dry with a fresh smell of manure waking you up fresh in the morning. I am looking forward to basking in the hot sun and eating loads of sweet nectar. The city has changed rattled with businesses, Looks like there is money to be made here. I think I will try to find work. Im Hungry for many things. I might find a hostel I can crawl into and melt into the soggy bed. Ahh everything is just fine!... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Chobe National Park July 23rd 2014

A two camera battery day. Highlight after highlight. Border crossing from Zambia to Botswanas. Amazing to see thee trucks lined up on both sides of the river waiting for the ferry to take them across One of the ferries is currently out of orderit can take 3 days or more to cross. We went across by skiff, had our passport stamped, disinfected our shoes in the foot and loth bath and drove to where we joined the cruise of the Chobe river. Saw lots of bird life , elephants, crocodiles, and hippos. They were everywhere. It was fantastic. Back to Chobe lodge for a buffet lunch. After lunch we went on a game drive - very bumpy and dusty . We saw giraffes drinking from the river. Fantastic to see the way they bend over then ... read more
Red winged swallow

Africa » Botswana June 30th 2014

Botswana is a lovely country, though rather bureaucratic at times. Took over 2 hrs to pass through from South Africa. Chobe National Park is wonderful, so many species of bird and animal. My favourite today is the marabou stork, even if it looks ugly. This afternoon's boat trip should be fun then off to Vic Falls tomorrow. Will add more photos later... read more

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