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Africa » Botswana » Southern October 1st 2019

Beste meelezers: wij zijn alweer thuis, hier het slot van onze mooie reis. Intussen heb ik overal foto's bijgezet. Er staan ook al 2 filmpjes in: Kijk in blog 2 naar ons helikopteravontuur. Volgende filmpjes gaan de komende tijd komen. Kijk dus nog eens een keertje. Wij hebben genoten, ik hoop jullie ook van onze verhalen en foto's! DINSDAG 01-10-2019 19e Vakantiedag Vandaag gaan we dit park weer verlaten. De nacht was wat onrustig: deels door het nog herbeleven van de middag, deels door het geluid van de onafhankelijkheidsfeesten, er was tot 7.00 uur muziek uit het dorp te horen! Eerst maar koffie, sap en een pannenkoek, boeltje opruimen, afwasje doen en dan zijn we reisvaardig. Uitgezwaaid door onze Zuid-Afrikaanse helpers gaan we op weg. Bij de gate van het Makgadikgadi ... read more
Veel stofstormen onderweg

Africa » Botswana » Southern » Kanye April 7th 2013

I've put off writing this entry as I've had a hard time finding the perfect way to describe my time spent in the African bush of Southern Botswana. Where do I even begin? Do I start with the ever-present sounds of monkeys and birds, the smell of dead elephants, or the sunsets that truly took my breath away? Some of the aspects are amazing, some are less than desirable, but they mixed together to form a priceless week. I left Botswana feeling accomplished, proud, at peace, and completely unready for my time to be over. But I suppose the best place to start is, in fact, the beginning. We arrived at the teeny airport of Polokwane in the afternoon of November 30th. In typical African style, our driver was MIA upon our arrival, but we targeted ... read more

Africa » Botswana » Southern April 25th 2011

This is the final blog from Mashatu - hope you've enjoyed the photos and information. Remember to view the photos in large format by clicking on the first one and using arrow keys to scroll down to notes and to progress. Cheers from Jan & Garry... read more
Final Morning
Brave ... behind a Rifle

Africa » Botswana » Southern » Kanye August 4th 2010

“If you reject the food,ignore the customs,fear the religion and avoid the people,you might better stay at home”.James Michener.The addiction is growing with each day and there was once again a sense of wondering what lay ahead as we negotiated the sand and water channels back to the main road to then point vehicles south.Destination Maun.The countryside in this region was desperately dry which was in stark contrast to the highest flood levels seen in 75 years.Trees are somewhat stunted and there are many dead ones that,at some stage,succumbed to the ravages of drought.The little villages we passed had a moonscape look to them with sand and dust being the dominant features.At some point on any journey there is a need for a comfort break.This involves a leg stretch and a cup of that fine instant ... read more

Africa » Botswana » Southern » Kanye August 4th 2010

“To travel and wander is to discover”.Anon…..running out of travel quotations.So it was with a touch of wanderlust and the addiction of the African bush that we delivered ourselves on the morning of 1st August to one of Africa’s best game reserves…..Moremi.This is about as wild as it gets and our first two nights were spent at South Gate camp site.No fences here so you are living with whatever is out there.For good measure,as we set about deciding where to locate things in yet another camp site routine,we heard the snapping and cracking of breaking trees close by and there they were…..a herd of elephant quietly going about their business of seeking the juicy bits of Mopani trees.Interesting tree this as Moremi is broadly described as a Mopani wooded region which fringes on the southern most ... read more
Beautiful flooded pan areas
Our friendly lurking hyena...
Another fine gourmet potjie in process

Africa » Botswana » Southern July 15th 2009

Return to Botswana Having worked in Botswana for 17 years it was an amazing feeling to be heading back there for a visit after 11 years away! Our sons, Michael and Joel, who had been studying in Singapore, met us at Joburg airport. Amidst the excitement of not having seen Joel for 6 months and Michael for a year, we still remembered to take the family self-portrait! After a special evening with friends in Joburg, we were in the air again and touching down in Gaborone. It was sooo good to see so many of our friends at the Sir Serestse Khama International Airport to meet us. In some ways it almost felt like we hadn't left! Surprisingly, our Setswana came back and we had fun using it again! Gaborone has really changed: new shopping complexes, ... read more
Joel and the sunset!
Nando's on Michael's 26th birthday
Beautiful baskets

Africa » Botswana » Southern November 15th 2008

Up early again today, at 5.45, to pack up the tents before breakfast at 6.30. Breakfast was lovely again and I felt sad to be leaving such a beautiful place, it if was a bit buggy. Thankfully, no spiders or scorpians in/under the tent. Getting the tent down was easy, but not getting it into the bag! We then drove to the Botswana border through Hoedspruit, Tzaneen and Polokwane, where we stopped for lunch. I bought some food and a pair of trousers/shorts. I found a copy of Russell Brand's "My Booky wook" on the bus and started to read this. Not being asleep meant that I could glance up occasionally at the countryside as it passed. I am still shocked at the rural villages, which seem very primitive to me, but the people seem busy ... read more

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