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Africa » Angola June 10th 2018

Wherever you look, there you will fly – Thai Proverb. One of my life mottos is that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. In life there are opportunities or learning's that appear only when one is set, not before. These opportunities may have always been there however it’s not until you are personally fit that it will reveal itself. Now once visible, the choice on whether you take this path is yours and yours alone. This was the case with West Africa and me. In various times in my life this special region had beckoned but I was never ready, something got in the way; the path was blocked. For West Africa is not a beginners journey, it takes experience, time, money, patience and passion to make it through in one piece. In ... read more
Map of Angola
Seaside artwork in Luanda
The Luanda promenade

Africa » Angola » West » Malanje January 18th 2018

We knew it would be difficult... We knew ANGOLA isn't easy for travelers... We didn't know anyone who had done it before... but we had a plan, and we really wanted to do it! We were visiting the Black Sable National Park and watch Angola's National animal in the wild! Did we manage to see the Black sable live? This park isn't signed, there's no entry checkpoint... we were told that we had to go to the tribal chief (Soba) and ask permission! So we did, we went to the nearby village asked to see the soba. The Soba says this is a very important matter and we should ask for an audition with another tribal chef, another soba, the big Soba! When we arrived at the bigger village, to ask for an audience with the ... read more

Africa » Angola » East » Lucapa January 28th 2017

A voir un peu comment il nous classe le truc ;-) Bizarre quand même ce choix de pays...... read more
un arbre

Africa » Angola » West May 13th 2015

Day 48 Friday 1 May Durban A$1 equals around 10 Rand 24c partly cloudy, some wind Just a bit on last night's wild weather; the Cruise Director said he's been at sea for 15 years and had never experienced a night like it and another crew member said the same thing to Gail when she was doing her morning walk, so it was something to experience. We had a leisurely breakfast and went down to the pier to board the bus. We were obviously berthed at a different dock to the last time we were here because it was much more pleasant. The bus drove out through the city, luckily it was a holiday for Workers Day so there was much less traffic than normal. We drove out on a 4 lane highway to the Tala ... read more

Africa » Angola » West » Malanje January 15th 2013

The plane was full - 95% middle aged white guys on the flight + long immigration lineup. They have the most frustrating sequence of id and baggage checks on the way out. A few beers with an South African cousin to get the lay of the land. He told me a scary story of the chinese convicts that are working construction in Luanda. Drive up to the Capanda dam, lots of green, baobob trees - hardly any cars, people or villages. Inside the hill resort Pungo-Andongo + a walk up the hill. Roads are so quiet, where is my motorcycle? Goats can sleep, people dry clothes, have fruit markets, and display bush meat on them.... read more
Sunset over barbed wire
Old Antenna

Africa » Angola » North » Luanda July 19th 2012

Thursday July 19 We left Matadi at 07:30 and wound our way up and around mountains to the Angolan border. Narrow streets meant we were quite close the morning hustle and bustle so the going was slow. Most of us were at the windows waving and taking photos of the houses that dotted the mountainside which was fine until we picked up speed and it became quite chilly. Road conditions were good until the final 10km when it switched back to unsealed roads and we bounced along; those who were lying down already adept at holding on and sleeping at the same time. We waited on the truck for DCR to clear us through and then for unknown reasons, we had to walk to Angola. Stopping to collect our passports from the policeman, we walked across ... read more
Baobab seed pod fight!
keeping warm around the fire
Luanda by day

Africa » Angola » Cabinda Province » Cabinda July 15th 2012

Sunday July 15 We drove along smooth tarmac all the way into town and found the Catholic Mission with ease. Situated opposite a beach, the guys put up their tents and legged it across the road and jumped in. The sand was black which had made the water look dirty from a distance but it was actually quite nice. Denise, Suse and I stayed along the water's edge watching the sun setting over the horizon. It was lovely and peaceful until Justice ran out of the water towards me, intent on hugging me and I ran to Denise who held the cameras. We got a good photo out of it though! It was the perfect night to snuggle under the sleeping bag and I found ear plugs necessary with the wall behind my tent backing onto ... read more
Bar #1
Goat meat to accompany the beer
Bar #2

Africa » Angola » North » Luanda April 12th 2012

Sights, Smells and Tastes Sights Smells Bad most of the time... Tastes img=http://i445.photobucke... read more

Africa » Angola » North » Luanda April 10th 2012

So today we went for a drive with my Tio and Tia. There were 7 of us packed into a Landcruiser... Seat belts were not an option. The roads here are unbelievable. It's 4WDriving to the max. Lots of fun. We took a drive out to a waterfall in Mabubas that my Tio wanted to show us. On the way he asked if we wanted to eat at a restaurant or if we wanted to eat at the market. We thought let's be adventurous and eat at the market (experience some local cuisine). Ummmm.... well you see that monkey... that was enough to change our minds. We arrived at the waterfall and it was beautiful. There was a restaurant there where we ate some lunch. Daniel had cutlets which they cooked with Chorizo. Mum and I ... read more
My brother and I
The windscreen on the car

Africa » Angola » North » Luanda April 10th 2012

I was born in Luanda, the capital city of Angola. 5 hours Sydney to Perth, 10 hours Sydney to Johannesburg, 3 hours Johannesburg to LuandaWe were greeted at the airport by my Aunty, Uncle and 2 cousins. It was beautiful as I'd not seen my one and only (blood) Aunty since I was 3yrs old. Thankfully though, it was nothing too dramatic and emotional.Both my cousins studiously grabbed our luggage and we headed off. The drive to our hotel was about 45mins from the airport and the entire time I didn’t want to blink.What I saw was completely overwhelming although I’d seen it countless times.It was the exact scene from the movies which depict Africa.A storm of dust in a chaotic fallen city, uneven rubbish laden roads, women carrying goods on their heads with babies securely ... read more

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