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Africa » Angola » North » Luanda June 1st 1997

I have been meaning to write about my past travels, but if you live in the United States, you know that time can be such a scarce thing; well only because we make it scarce. Between work, children, home chores and sleeping, one needs more than 24 hours (thank goodness I'm not a soccer mom). Having said that, I have figured out a way to make time available for what I enjoy most – travel. I will start by writing about Angola, one of the odd countries in Africa I visited many years back. My memories of Angola are not exactly exciting, neither are they bad. Angola has never been the tourist destination. Even in recent years, very few tourists go to Angola. Majority of foreigners in the country are either diplomats or contractors with foreign ... read more
Sao Miguel Fortress
Beautiful landscape of Angola
The Fort Sao Miguel

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