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South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca April 7th 2014

Believe it or not, after all the walking at the farm, then again at the zoo, when we got back to Cuenca we decided to walk around El Centro. We went to the "Broken Bridge", although it is no longer broken. It collapsed many years ago into the Tomebamba River. It has now been turned into an event site on just one side of the river. Then as we walked around I took a few pictures of some of the churches and some of the street art. The city government decided to try to cut down on the tagging by offering certain areas for artist to paint. Some of the are weird, and I don't take pictures of those, but some are very nice.... read more

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca April 7th 2014

Several of the ladies that attend the Women's Bible Study on Tuesdays do not even go to Calvary Chapel Cuenca. But evidently there are not a lot of bible studies going on in town, so they come to ours. Back in February, one of the ladies heard about the Balloon Ministry and asked us to help her increase the population of their church (International Christian Church) by providing balloons to draw the children, which draws the parents. The day after we helped her they had eight new children in the church, along with their other family members. Well, they moved the location of their church and again asked us to help out. So on Saturday morning we showed up, balloons and pumps in hand. There was Braulio, Chanel and Mandy, Kathy, Nancy and Mike, Mark and ... read more

South America » Ecuador April 7th 2014

Today we had a wonderful surprise. We have not heard from our friends Pato and Ale and their son Danny for almost two months and a few days ago they called and asked if they could come over to our house on Sunday afternoon. The surprise was when they showed up at church this morning. After church we went to the Rancho Dorado restaurant in Sayausy because Debi wanted to try some cuy (guinea pig). Braulio to us there because he knew that they served cuy that was very fresh. When we ordered it we were told that it would be 45 minutes before the cuy would be ready. That is because they wait for the order to be placed before they kill the pig. Debi enjoyed the cuy along with Braulio, Pato and Danny. She ... read more

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca April 7th 2014

A few months ago Debi found some posts on Facebook about pallet furniture. One of them was a pallet attached to a wall and used for shelving. It took a long time, but we finally found some pallets, so I stained and clear coated one of them. Today we hung it on the wall. We still need to get some more colorful items to put on it, but we love it. When we return from the States the end of April we are having the living and dining room re-painted beige/light brown, so this will really look great.... read more
2014-04-06 20.00.45

South America » Brazil » Pernambuco » Recife April 7th 2014

Ok, so I really considered writing this blog in Portuguese to impress you guys but I decided against it because Google translate sucks and also because it’s so late and I’m already going to have a long night writing it in English. Tomorrow morning I have to wake up at 7:30 to go to Porto Galinhas. Its only 1.5 hours away from Recife and I think we are going to take the bus, it~s only $5 (don’t you love how cheap travel can be outside the US). So, I can~t remember where I left off but I think I was about to go out for the first time. On Friday night we decided to go to the Bar Crawl, for whatever reason the organizer completely forgot that I didn’t pay, so I got into the bar ... read more


South America » Argentina » Mendoza April 7th 2014

I really like my time spent in Mendoza and San Rafael. They are famous, because it’s the main wine region of the country. Most of the wines that you will buy in Argentina will come from Mendoza provincia and will be a Malbec or a Cabernet Sauvignon. The landscapes in those regions are nice with the big fields of vineyards. I had already tasted Argentinian white wine in Buenos Aires and in San Juan, and I really liked their taste, so I was looking forward to go to that province to taste more of it. In Mendoza, I didn’t manage to do a wine tasting in a Bodega, as they weren’t close to the city center. I however went at night to the closing ceremony of the yearly wine festival of Mendoza –Fiesta de la Vendimia-. ... read more
Traditional dances Mendoza
Vineyards San Rafael
Visit of la bodega La Abeja

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca April 6th 2014

Today we joined 28 other expats (Gringos) on a tour bus provided by the Cuenca Chamber of Commerce. We took a drive for about 30 minutes to the University of Cuenca's Experimental Dairy Farm. It is located on 563 acres of land that used to be owned by the government. They only have about 55-60 head of cows, a couple of horses and about 50 guinea pigs. They told us how they are trying to get the Ecuadorian cows to match the milk output of the International cows (from the US and other countries). The Ecuadorian cows produce about 12 - 15 liters of milk per day. The International cows produce 20 - 30 liters per day. They are doing this strictly through research, not through steroids or hormones. They also showed us how they do ... read more

1. Stopp: Rio Die letzte Woche in Brasilien, die erste Woche ohne Begleitschutz und 30 Personen im Schlepptau. Es ist toll, wenn man mal einfach machen kann, worauf man Lust hat. So geschehen in Rio, wo wir in 2,5 Tagen einen Streifzug quer feldein wagen. Begonnen haben wir mit Santa Teresa, Künslerviertel: viele Bars, Restaurants und Hipster. Weiter am nächsten Tag: Pão de Açúcar erst einmal am Morgen. Die beiden Seilbahnfahrten von 0 auf 395 m bieten einen gewagten und ungewöhnlichen Blick runter auf beide Strände, Copacabana und Ipanema. Während ersterer eher bei den Touris beliebt ist, gehört der zweite eher den Locals. Macht aber nichts, beide Strände sind toll. Soviel kann schon mal gesagt sein. Der Acucar ist wider Erwarten relativ leer. Mit uns ist nur Gruppe 32 und 39 von irgendeinem grossen Ozeandampfer mit ... read more
Travelroute Brasilien
Hoch geht's zum Zuckerhut

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre April 6th 2014

Two months is a long time in one place. Sucre began to feel like home. Leaving was bittersweet. We were sorry to go, but excited to move on. Ten reasons why we'll miss it.... read more

My plan for the next few days was to travel north about 3 hours from Bariloche to San Martin De Los Andes. San Martin De Los Andes sits at the northern end of the very beautiful route of the 7 lakes and on the southern edge of the Lanin national park (more lakes and mountains, ho hum), which is dominated by the 3,700m+ Lanin Volcano. Prior to coming to San Martin I had vague plans to join an organised trip to walk/climb around Lanin (this would be good practice for the even higher climb up Cotopaxi when I got to Ecuador). But on arrival, conscious that it might not be the best therapy for my back and finding San Martin less accessible than I had expected, it now seemed unwise and unlikely in the 3 full ... read more
Basalt Cliffs between San Martin and Quila Quina
The Viewpoint Above San  Martin De Los Andes
On the Way Out to Hua Hum

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