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South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca April 13th 2014

Day 55. We farewelled Cuzco with fond memories with a mini van trip to the bus station for a 7 hrs trip by local bus firstly back-tracking to Juliaca before heading further into the highlands and Puno. The high altiplano scenery to Puno was dramatic. Not such a comfortable bus as it's not a regular route & along the way Ruth had her first onboard toilet experience & while able to borrow a head-torch & toilet paper a nose peg was unable to be found. Puno is located on the shores of Lake Titicaca, and is a melting pot of Aymara and Quechuan Indian culture. Traditional Andean customs are still strongly represented here & is the reason why we will be doing a home stay here with a traditional Indian family. Lake Titicaca is the highest ... read more

South America » Paraguay » Concepcion April 13th 2014

Hola nuestra amiguitos! We will open this blog with the first page of a book about Paraguay... A remarkable book about a remarkable country! ‘An island surrounded by land’ said Boa Bastos of his country, Paraguay. ‘It’s a remarkable observation, not so much because it is true, but because it comes from a Paraguayan. I have met few Paraguayans who saw their country in relative terms, quite simply, for most, there was, quite simply, no other world than their own. As I travelled around Paraguay, I began to appreciate the scale of its insularity. It sits at the heart of a continent but not on the way to anywhere else. Bounded by three other nations, it is a country nearly twice the size of the United Kingdom but with only a tenth of the ... read more
Our cabin at El Roble
Gardens at El Roble

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Punta Arenas April 13th 2014

I'd come to one of those mythical places that conjures up images of adventure and a palpable sense of history! Punto Arenas, the capital of the Magellanes and Chilean Antarctica Region, is the southern-most point on continental South America, and sits on the Straits of Magellan with a view across to Tierra del Fuego. What a thrill! Upon arrival, I immediately headed to the waterfront to see these wonders. Not only was it amazing to sense all of this, but also the endless storms of Puerto Natales had given way to magnificent clouds, a fiery sunset, and Patagonia's famed four seasons in a day--I felt free, renewed and ready for exploration! And the city was full of treasures to discover. The city was big, 130,000 people--bigger than my hometown and the largest I'd been in for ... read more
Straits of Magellan
victory marking peace treaty between old enemies Chile & Argentina
cemetery hedges into infinity--loved the wayward ones

South America » Paraguay » Encarnacion April 12th 2014

D and T checking in once again to amuse you... The country of Paraguay... We took a bus across the international bridge between the Argentinian city of Posadas and the Paraguayan city of Encarnación, changed a few dollars with the sketchy money-changers on the street and became instant millionaires (in Paraguayan Guaranís at least). Encarnación is very clean and quite sleepy for a city. There’s a nice beach area by the river and plenty of cheap markets to get supplies! And there was good fruit in town, finally! Fruit had been quite rare in these here parts during our travels so we feasted on mango, papaya, guava, and the heavenly maracuya or mburucuya as it’s called here (not sure of the English translation – but it’s similar to a passion fruit). And the ice-cream wasn't bad ... read more
Trinidad Ruins
Jesuit Missions in Trinidad
Amazing Stonework

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco April 12th 2014

Day 54. Today was a well earned free day in Cuzco. Time to arrange laundry, rest weary bodies & for me time to catch up on the blog. In the morning we took a leisurely walk into the city hoping for a little more warmth as shorts were the only clean clothes not in the laundry & the sun duly obliged. On reflection we have been very lucky with the weather as the wet season doesn't officially end till the end of April. While the dry season is the preferred tourist season it can get very hot. We headed to the San Blas square where a weekly artisan market is held. Ruth really enjoyed it inspecting every conceivable item & was able to bargain for some nice trinkets but I needed to wanders bit wider & ... read more


South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima April 12th 2014

I'm here in Peru .... I made it!! Sooo busy at the airport. It felt like every flight arrived at the same time and apparently they do! My driver Mario was there to greet me and provide a very calming influence. Thank goodness as it would have been very easy to have been swept away in the sea of people. I was wisked away to the lovely Maritza's appartment after a 30 min drive. Have posted a view from her lounge room. The flight over was pretty good and the pilot landed very well (see, I'm feeling like I can comment now that I have landed a few times lol) but it felt like10 hrs instead of 5. Most probably because I am still trying to recover from the jet lag and haven't really stopped. But, ... read more
Walking around
My sailor friends
Mira flores, Lima

South America » Argentina » Santa Fe » Rosario April 12th 2014

7 April 2014 – Monday – Cordoba to Rosario, Argentina Today we journeyed by bus from Cordoba to Rosario. The trip took twelve hours. The countryside was flat, mostly agricultural, and water-logged from the heavy and persistent rain from the previous day. It rained nearly the entire journey. The bus stopped about a dozen times in the small towns en route. When we arrived at the bus terminus in Rosario we sought out the tourist office to acquire a map. There were two attendants, a female talking on a mobile phone and a male staring into space. We asked the male for a map and after a couple minutes’ search he found a few of them at the bottom of a cabinet behind him. We asked him if he could mark on the map the location ... read more
Rosario 010
Rosario 009
Rosario 005

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail April 11th 2014

Day 53 is day 4 of the Inca Trail and a special day to remember being our wedding anniversary as well. However a 3.30 am wake-up tea quickly brought us down to earth. Another reasonable sleep in warmer conditions however I awoke to still very stiff muscles & some effects from the dehydration. We set off with great expectations at 4.10am, torch lights & breakfast snack in hand only to line up with a number of other groups at a nearby control point and await for the 5.30 am opening of the track. The delay is understandable as the last 6 kms is narrow with some steep drop off points yet some people think they need to reach the Sun Gate first & try to rush or make dangerous passing moves. Fortunately we did not see ... read more

Hola Amigos! In the far northeast corner of an odd finger-like part of Argentina is a series of pretty cascades! We based ourselves in a nice hotel in the hot and humid border town of Puerto Iguazu as we explored the amazing sites in the area... The rainforest setting was beautiful and the wildlife was great, but the spectacular Iguazu Falls stole the show! Iguazu Falls are one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. Wow! The mighty Rio Iguazu abruptly plummets over 80 metres in a series of colossal cascades that stretch about 3 kilometres across! The sight of these falls is mind-blowing! The sound of billions of gallons of water smashing to the river below in a lush green jungle setting with chirping birds and frolicking mammals... We spent two full days in ... read more
Trail through the forest
Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail April 10th 2014

Day 52 is day 3 of the Inca trail. A 6 am wake-up tea again after a reasonable sleep in freezing conditions for a 7.20 am start for a less intense day covering 11 kms to Winaywayna base camp. The early start is to allow us to reach camp by lunch time & after a rest inspect the spectacular nearby Winay Wayna ('Forever Young')ruins. We started with a trek over the third pass to the beautiful ruins of Phuyupatamarca, the 'Town above the Clouds', at 3,600 mtrs. This is another unique micro climate system known as the cloud forest that is almost continuously in cloud & fog & creates moist & humid conditions that is the perfect environment for moss, lichen & flowers to thrive including numerous types of orchids. Incas considered orchids the nicest flower ... read more
Inca stairs

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