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South America » Ecuador » Centre » Cotopaxi November 24th 2009

Nous avons organisé notre séjour au parc national de Cotopaxi avec notre hotel, Secret Garden, qui a aussi quelques chambres á proposer lá bas. Le matin, aprés 1h30 de route, la jeep nous a déposé á l'auberge, et lá, c'était comme le paradis. Loin du bruit et de la pollution de Quito, nous étions dans les montagnes, entourés de 9 volcans, certains toujours actifs. A Quito, nous avions gagné un quizz et le premier prix était une nuit pour deux á Cotopaxi. Alors nous avons profité de l'aubaine et pris la "suite nuptiale", petite maison avec étage. Le rez de chaussé avait une baignoire, une cheminée et la chambre avait une vue magnifique sur les montagnes. Le soir, comme il n'y a pas d'électricité, le personnel allume des bougies et la cheminée et on a meme ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Cotopaxi November 23rd 2009

Once we left our hostel in Quito we arrived at their sister hostel in Cotopaxi. This hostel was like a paradise exceot for the temperature as it is 3500 meters in the mountains! On our arrival we were given our lunch and then brought for a short trip to a near by waterfall followed by the 4 dogs of the house. The house itself sits on two hecters of land and overlooks the giant volcano which is still active. That evening we played some Extreme Jenga, had a beer and went to bed. On Saturday morning (My Birthday), we were collected at 11.30am by our two guides for the climb. We also had a new member to our team (Andy) from England so now our team was made completely of the british and Irish Lions!! Our ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Cotopaxi October 26th 2009

Cotopaxi sits in Central Ecuador in the Avenue of Volcanoes. It's the highest snow-capped active Volcano in the world, at 5897m. Taking out preparation a bit too seriously, we attended a vulcanology lecture in Quito and were informed that a large volcanic explosion was due on Cotopaxi within the next two years. In fact by 'due', it is 70% likely to be this year. This put us off the idea a little bit as the vulcanologist presenting the lecture was a bit of a doom merchant. The title of the lecture was 'Everyone in Quito will die this year'. Well not word for word but that was the gist. The altitude is a significant worry when attempting a climb like this. Supposedly only 1 in 10 make it for reasons including the cold (it drops to ... read more
Cotopaxi from Illiniza Norte
Lindsay in full gear
Cotopaxi at 5500m

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Cotopaxi October 26th 2009

Hola When I arrived at the secret garden hostel in Quito I met two London boys who agreed to do the equator with me the following day. I was writing my blog and they went for pizza without me, so I walked across the street to what must be the best pizza deal going in Ecuador. I ordered a personal Hawaiian pizza with a tasty passion fruit drink for $3.30 - and joined a group of 6 Brits who were already eating. Found out they were going to the equator the following day and agreed to join the girls at 7:15 the next morning to walk to the market to get fruit. The following morning, bright and early I was walking with Maeve - from Ireland. All of them were headed to Colombia so I was ... read more
It is hard to balance there
This almost worked
The gringo bradey bunch

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Cotopaxi October 19th 2009

I've just had a brilliant (though very tiring) weekend in Cotopaxi National Park. It started with a very early morning on saturday. I left the house at 6am and made my way to the South American Explorers Clubhouse in Quito. After introductions and a run through of the plan for the weekend we set off for Cotapaxi National Park. We arrived at Languna de Limpiopunga (3,800m the highest I'd ever been though not for long!) with the sun shining and blue skies. We set off along the lake towards Ruimiñahui (Central peak, 4,631m). Mark (one of the guides) setted a slow place, due to the altitude, as we meandered through the paramo and then headed up to the top of a grassy ridge. Here we had a rest taking in the views and eating some of ... read more


South America » Ecuador » Centre » Cotopaxi October 11th 2009

An early departure from our house had us in the back of a truck with mountain bikes on the roof, heading straight towards Cotopaxi National Park. This park is Ecuador's premier Andean sanctuary, housing the country's second highest peak, which is also the highest active volcano in the world. It's summit is 5897m above sea level, and demands dedication, adjustment to altitude, and excellent physical condition. "The first refuge", located at 4800m, is reserved for the more laid back Cotopaxi experience... AKA me! A bumpy drive brought us to the base of the volcano, where we were promised a "short" hike to the cabin. This "short" hike yet again proves my point of the special "Ecuadorian time zone". Two hours later I stumbled into the cabin, completely drained and out of breath from the drastic change ... read more
In The Cabin
Group Biking

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Cotopaxi October 8th 2009

Bonjour, comme derniers preparatifs avant l'ascencion de Cotopaxi (le plus haut volcan actif au monde, 5900m), nous avons decide de passer qques jours dans les sources thermales de Papallacta (3300m, il faut s'aclimater tout de meme!). On s'est bien repose! Donc, vendredi matin, nous sommes partis de Quito a 9h00 avec tout l'equipement necessaire pour l'ascension. Nous avons marche jusqu'au refuge (4800m), puis avons pratiquer comment marcher sur un glacier avec des crampons et un piolet. On s'est couche vers 18h, mais c'etait tout simplement impossible de dormir ( a cause du froid et du bruit de nos 30 autres colocs). A minuit, nous avons dejeuner et nous avons debute l'ascension a 1h am au clair de la lune. Comme c'etait difficile!!! Pour les 2, nous n'avions jamais fait de montagne plus difficile, a cause de ... read more
ouff, dur dur la vie
Photo 5
Photo 8

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Cotopaxi September 9th 2009

We have been having a wonderful time here a Secret Garden Cotopaxi, we had seen a leaflet about this place at another hostel and the setting looked great, and we haven´t been disappointed. We have decided to go over the budget a little here but has all been well worth it. Heading south from Quito to the hostel again we had a clear day and could see the brilliant volanoes. The hostel is set just outside the National Park Cotopaxi in the quiet countryside and set with the most amazing view of Cotopaxi which has you just mesmorised. We have spent three days here and really enjoyed and savoured, the food has been brilliant. Set at 3500m it wasn´t as cold as we had been expecting, our room was nice and the fire kept it warm ... read more
Climbing Cotopaxi
Up at 5000m
Refuge on Cotopaxi

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Cotopaxi August 17th 2009

We made the decision that we would not climb right to the top of Cotopaxi - a huge snow capped volcano near Quito that rises to almost 6000m. Instead, we booked a night at the Secret Garden Cotopaxi, which is an eco-hostel that has no electricity but fantastic views of a number of volcanoes. It´s a lovely, lovely place to stay and it is so peaceful and quiet, however it does cost $25 per night for a dorm bed although this does include meals and snacks. The hostel is really well organised so within minutes of arriving we were donning wellies and clambering up and down a river to a waterfall. The next day we headed to Cotopaxi to climb up to 5000m where the glacier begins. The weather was horrendous and as we walked cold ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Cotopaxi August 7th 2009

What a fantastic day we had on Volcan Cotopaxi :-))))) We left Latacunga at 8am (Ecuador is great, things work here, people do what they say when they say) to drive up into the Parque Nacional. When we got to the first stop - the museum, we were a bit concerned, it was misty, cloudy, raining and overcast but by the time we got to Laguna de Limpiopungo at 3800m we were above at least some of the weather, but the volcano itself was still not visible. From the lake we drove up to the car park at 4500m from where we had to hike about 1km in distance and up 300m in altitude to the refugio at 4800m. This is tough, at this altitude it's difficult to breathe, the path is volcanic sand and pebbles ... read more

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