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Today was another travel day, this time from Brasilia to Rio de Janeiro with a quick stop in Sao Paulo to change flights. In the 1.5 layover, I grabbed my ticket to the France vs Germany game, cancelled a flight and ate lunch. Both flights were quick and smooth. In Rio, we landed at the airport that sits right in front of the Sugar Loaf. I waited there for my friend Bruno who was coming to the airport to pick up his wife Antonia and daughter Nina. I had seen them in Blumenau on Saturday night and they were to land in Rio about 40 minutes after me. While waiting, I all of a sudden noticed Brazilian soccer legend Rivellino standing right in front of me. He was a star in the 70’s and was on ... read more

Today was mostly about travel. Our flight out of Rio was at 1.15pm, so in the morning we went to a nearby cafe and had breakfast, then walked a few blocks around a big avenue in Copacabana. In the morning time, the look and feel of the city was more like Chennai or Bangalore. We got back to our apartment around 10.30, cleaned up everything then took a taxi to Santos Dumont airport. We were traveling to Goiania and connecting through the Sao Paulo airport. At the airport there was a big screen showing the netherlands v mexico knockout game, and we watched the full 2nd half along with a bunch of people. Dramatic finish to the game: Mexico were already 1-0 up when we started watching, then just when we thought there would be a ... read more

After a good night's sleep, popped down to the local supermarket this morning and got some breakfast: pizza bun type things with different kinds of meat....and again pay-by-weight but i did not indulge too much this time. Then around 10am we took the subway down to Ipanema beach and decided to walk down the beaches all the way to Copacabana beach where the Fan Fest and public screening of the first game was to be held. The sand was so soft and the water so clear and beautiful. And it was also very very clean unlike beaches in Chennai, although i don't know if this is the norm or if it's been spruced up for the World Cup. In any case, it was very enjoyable to walk for about 5km along the water's edge, getting wet ... read more

Bryant and I departed from Dallas at 4pm on Thursday June 26th. The flight had one stop at Miami and then went on to Rio, arriving at around 7am local time in Rio on Friday June 27th. As usual, due to my inability to sleep sitting up, i did not sleep at all throughout the flight. Admittedly i did close my eyes and was in some sort of 'low power' or 'standby' mode but no proper sleep by any means. Our taxi driver spoke only Portuguese, but we both had brushed up enough to be able to tell him the address as well as figure out how long it would take to get there. We're staying at a rented out apartment (as hotels are way too expensive during the world cup). Since we were a little ... read more

Following our last aiki training session in Brasil, we headed out to the beach to watch Brasil versus Cameroon. What a cracker! Literally so, as fireworks flew for every brasilian goals - there were 4! I dont think Ill ever watch a game of football in better style - feet on the sand, tropical ocean lapping at my toes and gorgeous sunset in the background...... read more
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Arrived in Rio on Tuesday 17th June, where Jo and Marcela Tada welcomed us to Brazil in style. Luiz organised our accommodation and we all "rehydrated" at a local bar, with Brazilian beer, tapas style food and guava juice, yum! Today, we explored Rio by metro, and found the FIFA fan zone on Copacabana beach, ahead of the England game tomorrow, come on England! Off training tonight with Jo′s club! Excursion tomorrow with Ricardo. More to come later!... read more
First lunch in Rio at Luiz s place
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View from the flat

Got the metro train to Copacabana beach where we were to be picked up for out tour. It was right opposite the Rio fan park. The tour guide was really good, but again the traffic was horrendous. The drive to the mountain was uneventful, but the air conditioning in the bus rescued us from the heat outside. We were given tickets for the cable cars. The views were spectacular. A must see for anyone coming to Rio. The people were very friendly and helpful. We concluded the tour at about 1pm and again the traffic to the city for the tour was a nightmare. The first stop was the cathedral where we decided to get off and discontinue the tour. We then decided to find a place to watch the next game on our way back ... read more

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Loaded up on the free breakfast from the hostel and rolls made for lunch. (An excellent habit of Brazilian hostels so far). With beautiful blue skies and high temperatures, even at 8.30am, we set off to Sugarloaf mountain. The bus stop was 2 blocks away and the staff at Che Lagarto really helpful with bus numbers. On our short walk to the bus station we passed through a fresh food market selling amazingly fresh fruit, many of which the market sellers offered us to try - the strawberries were delicious. We later found out that another unusual fruit we were given to try was called Cherymoya, or custard apple. Really nice. There were also live crabs on a string, which we dismissed as dead until they started nipping at each other. I would question their storage ... read more

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This is the first blog either of us have ever kept and we'll try to update it when we can. We hope to make it as helpful to people looking to travel South America as possible. After arriving at Heathrow with 2.5hours before the flight left we were left very stressed because the airline refused to allow us to fly without proof we were leaving Brazil within 90 days. We explained our whole trip wouldn't be 90 days and therefore wouldn't require a visa (we checked). We had also booked Machu Pichu in Peru for the end of April again proving we wouldn't be in Brazil, but they wanted confirmed transportation out of Brazil in 90 days. We spent over an hour searching for buses or flights. The flights were really expensive even to the surrounding ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Copacabana January 10th 2014

Wednesday 8th January (Odyssey Day 61) We were collected from the hotel by an air-conditioned coach this morning and everyone was thrilled with the alternative transport that we had for the trip to Rio. The scenery was absolutely beautiful on the drive, with stunning views of the mountains out one window and the sea on the other side. It was a really winding drive along the coast. We arrived in to Rio de Janeiro at lunch time, about 1300 and checked in to our 4 star hotel just down the road from Copacabana beach. What more could we possibly want? A walk down the street to the beach was definitely in order. We did hear about Simon’s interesting drive to get here though. Apparently he got caught in a bit of a riot after a peaceful ... read more
Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

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