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South America » Brazil » Pernambuco » Recife April 10th 2014

Ola meus amigos!!! Wow, I have so much to share and it~s already so late. I´m sorry I don~t make an appropriate amount of time to write these things, they must be horrible to read, I never reread once I write them... but I suppose you can forgive me. So let~s see...I went to Porto de galinhas. It was amazinggggggg. I took a bus from Recife, which take about 1.5 hours. I didn~t leave until noon because I wanted to take care of some things here first, the bank and such things. I went with someone from the hostel from Sao Paulo, her name is Joyce and she is really carefree (like me) and tons of fun to hang out with. We finally got to Porto de Galinhas around 3 which was really late because the ... read more

South America » Brazil » Pernambuco » Recife April 7th 2014

Ok, so I really considered writing this blog in Portuguese to impress you guys but I decided against it because Google translate sucks and also because it’s so late and I’m already going to have a long night writing it in English. Tomorrow morning I have to wake up at 7:30 to go to Porto Galinhas. Its only 1.5 hours away from Recife and I think we are going to take the bus, it~s only $5 (don’t you love how cheap travel can be outside the US). So, I can~t remember where I left off but I think I was about to go out for the first time. On Friday night we decided to go to the Bar Crawl, for whatever reason the organizer completely forgot that I didn’t pay, so I got into the bar ... read more

South America » Brazil » Pernambuco » Recife April 4th 2014

So everyone is bugging me about starting a blog, understandably... Recife is awesome :) I will try to back track a little for you. I left RDU on Tuesday bright eyed and bushy-tailed but that quickly wore off in Miami during my five hour layover in Miami. I got on the plane to Sao Paulo around 9pm and started what I would consider the worst plane ride ever... it was so uncomfortable, I couldn~t sleep at all and the food was... TERRIBLE. There was a Brazillian sitting next to me who was really friendly and unbelievably beautiful, turns out she was a model with several boyfriends in various countries and was flying back from ULTRA in Miami. She was tons of fun to talk to and assured me that it would be really easy to find ... read more

South America » Brazil » Pernambuco » Recife February 26th 2014

Days 20-21 – Indonesian Crew Show; Recife & Olinda Sunday – Feb. 23/14 – At Sea Nice having two sea days in a row – puts a real level of relaxation into the “routine”. Once again Brooke & I headed off to do different things: she to the lecture by the guest geologist on “The Shale Revolution” and I to learn how to make Ensemada’s and Cinnamon Rolls – demonstrated by the head Baker Joel. The day’s highlight was the Indonesian Crew Show held at 2 pm instead of the regular 11:00 pm. The performance was extremely well attended, unlike the later time slot. The performances were by the Indonesian room and dining room stewards and we made a point of telling the dining room steward who make up more than 50% of the ... read more
Monkey Dance
Prince & Princess in Monkey Dance
Dining Room Supervisors doing their part

Fernando de Noronha…most of you may have never heard about this place. Speak to an Argentinian….or any Brazilian…and you see a huge smile…and the comment goes…I heard it’s beautiful, but I’ve never been. This is the place where a lot of Brazilians do dream of going on honeymoon….and yes, there are a lot of them around...on honeymoon! Fernando de Noronha is a small archipelago, with the main island something like 10km on maybe 3km maximum. It’s green, it’s very green….and there is some beautiful water around. The Brazilians love theirs beaches, and they consider the best beach of Brazil to be in Fernando, more accurately Praia do Sancho. Having travelled my slight share of beaches, I think we are not far of top 10 in the world! Then there is the diving, Fernando has the beaches, ... read more
ten of them...
Fernando de Noronha
Praia do Sancho...pretty amazing!


South America » Brazil » Pernambuco » Recife July 9th 2013

Don't worry, Recife has never been very high on my wish-list...and it's still not after two days spent here....but we are on the way to the East...and a place which is supposed to be fabulous! We first did Santiago to Buenos Aires, than spent a short 12 hours in Buenos Aires before flying to Sao Paolo than Recife. This part of the trip was going to be we have now with us all our bags of a year spent in Argentina. Not having a scale at home, I just had to guess what would be the damages....well...142kg in checked bags...and I guess something like 60kg in carry-on between 3 of us. I knew 142kg checked bag would hurt on did...a little... and a first into paying for extra kilos for me for quite a ... read more
Could do with sunshine...
Olinda....and behind...Recife...

South America » Brazil » Pernambuco March 11th 2013

Am Samstag bin ich also um 5 aufgestanden, eine dreiviertel Stunde später hat mich Carlos abgeholt. Überpünktlich sind wir am Treffpunkt vor der Uni angekommen. Treffen war für 6.15 Uhr angesetzt und wie eine der Professorinnen vorher mit Nachdruck angekündigt hatte, würde der Bus um 6.30 Uhr losfahren, egal ob noch jemand fehlt oder nicht. Jetzt ratet, wer 6.30 Uhr noch nicht da war! Richtig, die Profs (alle!) und der Bus. Die Fahrt hat schließlich eine gefühlte Ewigkeit gedauert, erst nach über 5 Stunden sind wir in Bonito (was übrigens so viel heißt wie "hübsch") angekommen. Bis dahin hatten wir alle einen Bärenhunger, aber wir mussten noch die ganze Gruppe von 40 Studenten auf 2 Pousadas verteilen und bei südamerikanischem Denkmuster kann man sich sicher sein, dass sowas total chaotisch und uneffektiv abläuft. So war es ... read more
sieht doch gar nicht so schwierig aus...
brasilianischer Regenwald
ich in Aktion :)

South America » Brazil » Pernambuco January 22nd 2013

Basically that's what it's all about on the Brazilian beaches. I'm pretty sure at least 50% of women here have had boob jobs, and there is also some serious booty to be seen. I don't think it's possible to purchase a bikini with full bum coverage in this country. I feel a little out of place with my full bikini bottoms. The last couple of weeks have been über relaxed, hopping down the coast and sticking around long enough to get a good feel of the towns we are in. Pipa is another beach town, a bit like Jeri, but not as pristine and not with quite the same laid back vibe. Our pousada was a little way out of town, a good 10-15 minute walk, but it was a really nice place with a pool ... read more
Cool pot shower!
Drummers in Recife

South America » Brazil » Pernambuco » Olinda October 25th 2012

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world - equivalent to an incredible 35 United Kingdoms - and, after my extended stay in São Paulo, I have only four weeks to see what I can of it. Opting for quality rather than quantity, my plan is to devote three of those weeks discovering Brazil's northeast reagion, the Nordeste, before spending my final week or so in Brazil in and around its most famous city - Rio de Janeiro. I say goodbye to a distinctly dreary São Paulo - I wake up on the morning of my flight to the sound of thunder and torrential rain. Rain I can deal with, but the combination of thunder/lightning and flying is not one I particularly look forward to. Take-off from São Paulo's city-centre Congonhas airport is, predictably, very ... read more
Faded grandeur, Recife
Faded grandeur, Recife
Faded grandeur, Recife

South America » Brazil » Pernambuco » Fernando de Noronha October 17th 2012

Nun ist er auch schon wieder vorbei, unser kleiner Aufenthalt im Paradies. Schade, dass die schönsten Dinge scheinbar immer am schnellsten zu Ende gehen… :( Gestern sind wir extra ganz früh aufgestanden, damit wir schon um 6 an der Baía dos Golfinhos sein können, um die Ankunft von etwa 300 Delfinen zu beobachten. Denn die kommen jeden Morgen nach der Jagd dorthin um sich auszuruhen. Die Bucht selbst darf man nicht betreten, aber es gibt oberhalb der Bucht einen guten Aussichtspunkt, wo auch immer Leute vom örtlichen Delfinprojekt sind, Ferngläser verteilen und interessante Dinge erzählen. Leider konnten wir nur eine Stunde da bleiben, weil wir noch einen Ausflug für den Tag gebucht hatten und der sollte plötzlich schon um 8 losgehen. Wir sind also zurück zur Pousada um zu frühstücken und uns umzuziehen. Dann haben wir ... read more
wer kann mir sagen, was das für ein Baum ist?
Praia do Cachorro

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