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South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito February 21st 2007

Late in the afternoon we left Iguacu in a private mini bus to have what we thought we be a safer and more comfortable journey. How wrong we were! Our drivers were very friendly and nice but perhaps just a little crazy. Unluckily we ended out sitting at the front of the bus. This meant that we could read the speedometer and were aware of exactly how fast we were going. I didn´t think we were going to make it to Bonito when we were driving at 120, 130kmh in the dark and pouring rain on unpaved roads. I must explain that this was no highway with paved roads and lighting and little rest stops along the way. This was a bumpy road and every town has speed humps so you can´t sleep. I hate Brasilian ... read more
Grotto de Azul
River swimming
Fun with phones

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito January 15th 2007

In Bonito bin ich deswegen gelandet, weil Ricardos Schwester dort Urlaub gemacht hat, und mich die Photos doch ganz schoen beeindruckt haben. In Bonito an sich gibt es ziemlich wenig zu sehen, es gibt nur eine einzige Strasse voller Poussadas und Reisebueros. Wenige Kilometer entfernt gibt es aber einen Haufen touristische Attraktionen. Da ich alleine bin muss ich immer Motorradtaxis zu den einzelnen Orten nehmen - ueber die orangenen Strassen durch's gruene Pantanal... Interessante Leute habe ich in Bonito eigentlich nicht getroffen. Ein nettes franzoesisches Paerchen und ein paar englischsprachige Touristen. Das war's aber auch schon. Trotzem: meine Poussade ist recht preisguenstig und wenn man nicht viel unternehmen will, ist Bonito ein guter Ort um sich etwas zu entspannen. Auch ist hier im Gegensatz zu den meisten Brasilianischen Touristenorten alles hervorragend or... read more
Das groesste Bett was ich bisher in Brasilien hatte!
Motorradtaxi zum Rio Fluss
Ich im Neoprenanzug auf dem Weg zum Schnorcheln

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito October 26th 2006

Halfway through our 4 hour bus journey to Bonito our bus switched to 4x4 mode and headed off down a dusty unmade track for the final leg of the journey. Where exactly is Bonito? Thankfully Bonito is a very nice town. We were greeted off the bus by the HI hostel staff and transported back to their gaff just outside the town centre. This was one of the nicest hostels we've stayed in - the rooms were large, and they even had air conditioning (luxury after a hammock in a shed in a swamp), there was a swimming pool, pool table and an excellent chill area full of hammocks. We dropped off our stuff in our rooms and headed to the kitchen where was ordered a couple of Misto Quentes, a now very familiar meal. Basically ... read more
Boia Cross - floating down the river
Boia Cross
Preparing to Snorkel at the Municipal Pool

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito October 12th 2006

On a lucky buy (flash sale) from the local TAM airlines, I was able to get tickets to the city of Campo Grande for about 20% of the regular prices (which still came to about 300 bucks, but...). My good friends Marcelo and Genesis (no that is not his real name), jumped on the opportunity along with me. Already on the flight, the party began. We had like 5 inflight beer each, and it was like the good old days. Just being silly teenagers again. We arrived in Campo Grande, and took out our rental car. We were spending the night there, and driving the 200kms to Bonito in the early morning. Did some grocery shopping to save restaurant money, and off we went. 200kms of the straightest road I have ever seen. The pastures here ... read more
Rainbow Hole
Rio do Peixe

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito July 21st 2006

Today Rhian (who was now feeling much better after the food poisoning) Kim and Gill decided to go back to the rio prata lodge and do the snorkelling trip they didn´t do on the day before, it was exactly the same with the guide Nau who was lovely with kim and very reassuring, he still seemed to think that kims problem was that she couldn´t swim though, not just that she was scared of putting her head in the water! Tim, Nic, Jo and me had to get up ridiculously early as we were picked up at 6am by Paulo and taken to the cave where we would be abseiling. we went for training the night before to check we were able to do it, and also went to get fitted for a wetsuit, which were ... read more
us all in the lobby of the hotel about to go out
kim being drawn on


South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito July 20th 2006

ok, so we´ve left Brazil now and were in Bolivia, but hopefully we´ll be able to get up to date with what we´ve got up to so far!! and i´ll start with the snorkelling we mentioned at the end of the last blog. After arriving in Bonito, Bryan our guide then told us a bit about the town, it has only fairly recently started offering ecotrips to tourists, the town itself has no attractions other than the natural resources of the area, and it has only been recently that the people of Bonito realised that people are interested in taking ecotrips such as snorkeling, abseiling and horseriding. As a group we decided that we would go to a ranch that was near the Prata river that offered snorkelling trips and horseriding, and would possibly abseil tomorrow. ... read more
tim and jo  in hammocks

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito July 8th 2006

I rode my high from the Pantanal to Bonito, a small tourist town sprinkled with rivers. The attractions were pretty, but the women were beautiful. They stood in their shop windows with tight jeans and short shirts. The younger ones stumbled over their words when alto rubio ojos de azul Tim walked through the door. The older beauties gave us only ice. This made me feel at home, a beautiful bitch is a beautiful bitch no matter if you are in Bonito Brazil or Biloxi USA. We wasted the day and wandered at night. We stumbled onto the local fair and perched ourselves on the one bustling corner in the sleepy town. Tim and i exchanged long winded conversations, as we most often do. We spoke about nature and love and our love for nature. He ... read more
bus ride

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito February 17th 2006

Ok, so it's been a week since we left Bonito but this is the first chance we´ve had to write about it (see next entry). Spent a couple of beautiful hot days here, a bike ride to an artificial beach, which included volleyball courts in and out of the water, a "Flying Fox" hang-slide into the lake, a trampoline, and huge fish surrounding you as you wade through the shallow end! The next day was spent snorkelling, unfortunately we have no photos other than us in our wetsuits (very flattering!), but it was amazing. The waters were absolutely crystal clear, and in fact we weren´t allowed to touch the bottom as disturbing the limestone would dirty the water. The fish were beautiful, colourful, and unperturbed by us floating silently above them watching their every move. One ... read more

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito February 10th 2006

We got the farm truck from the Pantanal to a building that sat on a cross-road, it was a very strange place. We were greeted by a young gentleman in military uniform with a gun and jack boots which gave the impression the building was a State border post, however he beckoned us into the office in a ´make yourself at home´way. A few of us went in and a few of us waited outside. In the corner of the room was a small TV showing the final stages of a Samba competition, the guard was very much enjoying the girls shaking their bootie and encouraged us to watch it. Beside the TV was a huge library of pornographic DVDs. After getting directions from the guard I made my way to the toilet. Out the back ... read more

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito December 19th 2005

Hi bloggers! Thanks for everyone that keeps in touch, it's great! We have just had our underwater cameras developed so here are some photos for your viewing pleasure. There are some from one of the top 10 beaches in the world, Lopez Mendez, Brazil. Some from when we floated down a river in Bonito. Some from the Argentinian side of the Iguazu falls and from dolphin swimming in New Zealand. ... read more
We think this is a Dorada

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