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South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Madidi June 30th 2013

After La Paz we spent a few nights in the beautiful valley town of Coroico, surrounded by colourful flowers and luscious greenery, even though it rained it was a pretty blissful spot. We stayed at a hostel up on the hillside, with hammocks, spectacular views and morning yoga classes. We walked to some waterfalls, although the scenery en route was more impressive than the falls themselves, as we walked passed coca fields, orange and banana trees and had great views across the valley. From nearby Yolosita we embarked on night bus to Rurrenabaque, the bumbiest bus ride I have ever experienced! The roads out of the valley were narrow, windy and on the cliff edge and for the rest of the way completely unsealed. At one point my bum left the seat so much my head ... read more
parrots on the cliff
breakfast duties
baby tarantula

South America » Bolivia » Tarija Department » Tarija June 28th 2013

Potosi was cold! Outside in the sun it was good, but as soon as you went inside it was cold. I was wearing for nearly the whole time: Tea shirt, thermal long sleeved shirt, shirt, thermal jumper, jumper, thick leather jacket, thermal trousers and jeans. The first night I slept on my thermals and beanie. Andrea lead the retreat well and we had some good discussions and good time on our own thinking about what things we need to let go of and how to do so. I really enjoyed being with the Step Team who came to be with us from the lovely town of Tupiza just down the road. The Steppers are only a year older than Joe (2 years more than Ben) and they got on really well together. It reminds me of ... read more

I arrived in Tupiza with Mariano and a couple of Italians we had met at the border. It was immediately apparent my money would go a lot further in Bolivia, as we managed to find a hostel with beds for 25 Bolivianos per night (around £2.50)! We went out for dinner as a group and it was clear my Spanish had a long way to go, as I could barely follow the conversation. Although my main reason for being in Tupiza was to book a tour to Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest salt flat, I found the town pleasant and friendly. I spent a good few hours exploring the Valle de los Machos, which was walkable from town, and saw the rock formations "Canyon del Inca" and "Puerta del Diablo". Tupiza was also a place ... read more
Salar de Uyuni tour - day 2
Salar de Uyuni tour - day 2
Salar de Uyuni tour - day 4

South America » Bolivia June 24th 2013

Bolivie : 1 Arrivée Sorata Un lieu superbe aussi bien pour se prélasser dans un hamac que pour faire de passionnantes randonnées 2 La Paz La capitale la plus haute du monde, un excellent camp de base pour s'acclimater et s'immerger dans la culture du pays 3 Cochabamba La ville accueille l'un des marchés les plus importants du pays 4 Parc National Amboro Idéalement situé, là où le luxuriant bassin amazonien rencontre le Chaco poussiéreux, et où les plaines torrides côtoient la fraîcheur des hauts plateaux, le Parque Nacional Amboró abrite une faune abondante. Une multitude d'animaux, des fourmiliers aux araçaris, en passant par les jaguars et les jararás, peuple cet immense paradis tropical. Une réserve sauvage qui ne demande qu'à être explorée. 5 ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza June 24th 2013

Tupiza is the country of cowboys and outlaws, freezing, windy, dusty, full of giant cactus plants, canyons and valleys. It is not far from here in the town of San Vincente where Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid finally met their maker (this was one of my favorite films when I was a kid). The only option we had was to take a night bus from Sucre and this didn"t appeal, we have heard too many horror stories about night busses here, and arriving at 4am anywhere isn"t our kind of fun. So we caught a bus from Sucre to Potosi (3 1/2 hours) and spent the night there to break the journey. Potosi is at 4000 m so it was freezing and hard to breathe, we were lucky that our hostel provided heating which ... read more
Inca Canyon
The horses view
Riding in Cowboy Country


South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni June 24th 2013

20th June and we set off from Tupiza at 8am on a 4 day adventure through the wilderness to finally end up at Uyuni. We were very lucky that Dan and Danielle from San Diego had already signed up to do the tour that we were looking to do, as you need a minimum of four people. Very lucky that they were such a lovely couple (comitting to 4 days in a jeep with strangers is a risk), we ended up having a blast. The first day was driving through some amazing countryside, our Toyota Landcruiser was very comfortable and warm. Our driver David was wonderful and safe and the cook Irma had the most infectious laugh, we spent most of the time giggleing after her. The highest point we got to was at 4855m a ... read more
Aguas Calientes
Laguna Colorada
Highest Geysers in the World

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza June 22nd 2013

Ola de Bolivia, Having survived the border crossing from Argentina to Bolivia unscathed and watched with amusement as some Bolivians used the unoffical border crossing (running over the dry riverbed that seperates Argentina and Bolivia), I marveled at the women in the traditional bowler hats and pleated satin skirts, met some newly trained English medics (I am like a bloody groupie) and set off to get some money. The ATMs in Bolivia take Mastercard in theory but not so often in practice. I schlepped up and down the dusty road trying to change the leftover Chilean money to Bolivianos....pleading with a man in Spanglish to stay open for another five minutes so I could get a bus to Tupiza to start some fun stuff. One of the medics lent me the 1 pound for the bus ... read more
Getting over the mountain pass
Rugged up in the snow
Foot gloves in an attempt to regain circulation

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department June 19th 2013

They say good things come to those who wait. Well this was true of our journey to La Paz: The 12 hr journey took us almost 24, starting with a 4 hour halt as there were blockades in the road due to vilage protests. We breathed a huge sigh of relief as the engine started up again, partly because we were on our way and partly because it brought some heat with it...but our next problem wasnt far away....soon enough the driver managed to run the front wheel into a ditch and we were well and truly stuck. After waiting in hope that the driver could work wonders with his spade, we gave up and hitched the rest of the way, luckily given a ride most of the way by a friendly trucker. Two micro rides ... read more
wrestling in el alto
Llamas at the witches market

Sore and tired after cycling down the WMDR (yes we are feeling our age), we sensibly had an early Saturday night in preparation for a 7.45am bus ride to Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca. We thought La Paz was chilly, but Copacabana takes the mickey, at just over 3800m the air is thin and cold, and when in the shade with a breeze blowing, positively freezing. Copacabana is only 100km or so from La Paz, but it takes almost 4hrs to get there. Firstly, it is just over an hour to get out of El Alto, the ever increasing suburb in the outskirts of La Paz. It is the fastest growing area of Bolivia as all of the people from the Altiplano move in from the country in search of a 'better' life in ... read more
Sunset in Copacabana
Sunset in Copacabana
Trout anyone?

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz June 17th 2013

We moved hotels as the guide thought that the new one was much safer. We then caught a tourist bus (double decker) Once again very scarey as the power lines are so low they barely miss the top of the bus. You certainly would not be game to stand up or it could take your head off. They did warn us not to stand. We went through some of the nicer suburbs and then onto the moon valley. Had 20 minutes there and then went back to centro. Walked back to the hotel. Had another look around the markets and then walked up to the catherdral for a look. Went out to tea with the group. Said our farewell as we were leaving at midnight. The group all got along very well which made the trip ... read more
Moon Valley
James , Joanna, Clive and robbo

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