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South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque October 5th 2013

Well, we had a great last few days in La Paz including going to the outskirts of town to a place called the megacentre- a modern shopping centre with fast food, no Maccy D´s though as Bolivia doesnt have any...(or starbucks or kfc for that matter, not that I´ve seen anyway) and a cinema!!! With English films!!! Woo, so me Katherine and Nicky went to see a horror ´The conjuring´ was really scary!!! And pretty good, we enjoyed it and it was such a treat to see a film in English for once! Anyway, the next destination on our agenda after La Paz was a detour up North to the jungle to do a pampas tour to see some wildlife!! We were due to get the bus on Monday at 12.30 in the afternoon. When we ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni October 4th 2013

Currently in Pisac in the Sacred Valley in Peru!! (Oct. 13th, 2013) Well, we have finished our tour of the Salar de Uyuni (Salt Flats outside of Uyuni) and i have to admit that it was totally fantastic!! Everything was just perfect! I hope to give you some of the details in the following... So, our arrival in Uyuni was not very fun since Lisa was not feeling very well. The train from Oruro was fun and an interesting experience. About an hour´s out of Uyuni, we actually derailed in the desert!! And the train employees worked for about an hour and a half to (eventually) successfully put the engine back onto the track! It was amazing and I wished that I could´ve seen what they were doing but we weren´t allowed to exit the train. ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Tarija Department » Tarija October 1st 2013

Après un trajet pendant lequel nous n'avons pas fermé l’œil, nous arrivons à Tarija vers 04h30 pour enfin nous écrouler dans nos lits ! Notre première journée ici débute par la visite du minuscule mais néanmoins sympathique musée paléontologique, suivie d'un passage dans l'une des cathédrales de la ville. Le lendemain, nous partons pour la route des vins. Première étape à la bodega Kohlberg, la plus vieille de la ville (50 ans) où nous sont présentés les cuves ainsi que le processus de fabrication du vin, jusqu'à la mise en bouteille. Nous nous dirigeons ensuite vers la maison Kohlberg, domaine très charmant entouré de vignobles, où nous faisons une première dégustation de vin rouge, assez fort, accompagné de jambon et d'un fromage humide sans goût (difficile que nous sommes). Troisième visite dans une petite boutique aux ... read more
Musée paléonthologique

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz September 29th 2013

Good Afternoon, Folks! I´m very sorry that I have been so deficient at continuing this blog but it just seems like time has been slipping away more and more as we get closer and closer to our departure date of Oct. 17th!! We do have a little time today so I will try to catch up a little... We are currently in Uyuni, which is midway down from La Paz towards the south of Bolivia. We arrived in La Paz on Sept. 24th, having successfully crossed the border from Puno to Copacabana on Lago Titicaca and continuing right on to La Paz. I say ¨successfully¨ because I had committed an oversight and had NOT upgraded Rumi´s passport to a new one as it is slated to expire in late February (they only give kids 5 years ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni September 28th 2013

Hi, Well Iḿ back from the Salt flats trip and currently in the city of La Paz!! So what are the salt flats or Uyuni del Salar? The Salt flat in Uyuni is the worldś largest salt flat at over 4,000 square miles! The salt is over 10 metres thick in some areas!! It was once part of a prehistoric lake, when the water evaporated it left behind two major salt deserts including Salar de Uyuni. Tour operators offer various trips around the salt flats and nearby sites. You are basically ferried around in a jeep to the major sites of interest in the area. Soo we joined a tour by Quechua connections and there were two jeeps with six travellers in each. We were in with two French guys and a young English couple. On ... read more


South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi September 27th 2013

Dès le lendemain de notre arrivée à Potosi, c'est équipés de la tête aux pieds que nous partons aux mines de Potosi. Premier arrêt au marché où le guide nous explique ce que les mineurs consomment : feuilles de coca pour couper la faim, gros cigares, dynamites et alcool à 96° ! Nous profitons de l'occaz pour goûter aux salteñas, petits chaussons fourrés de viande et de légumes, délicieux ! Arrivés à la mine, nous pénétrons dans un passage déjà étroit et qui ne fera que rétrécir. A la fin d'un conduit, nous faisons une pause à côté d'une sculpture du diable. Les mineurs lui font des offrandes afin d'éviter des éboulements dans les galeries. Nous rencontrons ensuite des hommes en plein travail avec qui nous nous asseyons longuement en buvant des coups. Nous en apprenons ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Cochabamba Department » Cochabamba September 21st 2013

Well, our plans to leave Sucre and go to Potosi the mining town, a nice relatively short bus journey away of only four hours, then head onto Uyuni to do a tour of the salt flats didn´t quite go to plan...we turned up at the bus station on Tuesday morning, bags packed, had said our goodbyes, were mentally prepared to go when....the roads to Potosi (and Uyuni and La Paz) were blockaded- some protests. So we couldnt really face going back to the hostel we had just left as we would probably never leave!!! Plus they couldnt guarantee that the roads would be clear the next day. So our other options were go to Santa Cruz (where we´d already been and was in the opposite direction to where we wated to be) or Cochabamba, a city ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre September 19th 2013

Réveil difficile à 5h30 pour aller prendre le bus pour Cochabamba. Nous patientons toute la journée en ville avant d'aller au terminal pour prendre le bus de Sucre qui part à 19h30. Passage aux toilettes du terminal dans lesquels les culs se font la guerre mondiale : impressionnant ce que les boliviens sont déchaînés sur le trône ! C'est un trajet difficile qui nous attend : une piste qui nous fait rebondir sur nos sièges, bordée par d'effrayants ravins, le tout de nuit. Difficile de fermer l’œil à moins d'être un vrai bolivien ! Nous arrivons ainsi à Sucre dans la matinée, et allons directement au parc Crétacico. Nous y regardons d'abord un film explicatif sur la fin du règne des dinosaures, puis nous observons une immense paroi d'environ 1km de long sur laquelle on peut ... read more
Entrée du parc Cretacico
T Rex

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre September 15th 2013

Hi, So last time I wrote we were about to go and see the dinosaur footprints!! Well we did go, although it took us a while to find the correct bus, well actually the bus stop, and that´s because it doesn´t exist- you just put your hand out and it will stop for you! Not a bad system! So 15p and half an hour later we arrived at the site!! I´m probably missing out a lot of incredibly important information but the gist was that while quarrying the site, dinosaur footprints were discovered and as the guide kept proudly telling us they had been verified by European paleontologists to be genuine! He even had photos to back this up, not that we were questioning him in the first place but maybe previous visitors had. I was ... read more
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South America » Bolivia September 14th 2013

Bolivia is an incredible place. When we travelled from Sucre to Uyuni, it was the landscapes that captured my attention. I was surprised at how quickly the scenery changed and how different they felt from each other. It was like we were travelling from planet to planet in a bus like spacecraft - one minute driving through a dry mountain range then, in what seemed like an instant, we were looking at a desert with yellow and green tufts of grass growing out of the black sand and further along the road it changed again, this time to a barren rocky landscape that made me wonder if anything could survive in it. Our time in Bolivia was coming to an end and although we had spent a month in such a small country, I felt an ... read more
Train graveyard just outside Uyuni
Train graveyard just outside Uyuni
Salt peak on the salt flats

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