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South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre December 2nd 2006

Sucre is just another city really in which I settled for a few days without anything too interesting to report. Sucre however standing at 2904 metres above sea level is the highest capital city in the World but some books may contradict this statement and say that La Paz is the capital. After independence Sucre was apparently made the capital. (Yes I wish they would make up their mind as well) The journey to Sucre from Uyoni was 11 hours with 8 hours being along what has to be the worst road ever. (So I thought until I saw the death road!). With no tarmac and just a dirt stone track around mountains you jigged that hard that by the time the bus stopped your whole body was still vibrating……and as per usual we broke down! ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre December 2nd 2006

Since my last blog post I have traveled from Arequipa to Puno, Peru, and then onto La Paz and Sucre, Bolivia (see map). Over the last 4 weeks I have been in Sucre studying Spanish. Fall rains in the Andes highlands have put a stop to much of my backcountry wandering, but I have had some fun urban adventures, met some new friends, learned a little Spanish, and managed a short trek in the Cordillera de Los Frailes just west of Sucre. I arrived in Puno just in time for All Souls Day - sort of like our Memorial Day, only more colorful and festive. On this day, much of the populace heads to their local cemetery to honor, decorate, and bless their ancestors´ gravesites. But there is also music, food, and much socializing. At the ... read more
All Saints Day in the Puno graveyard
at the Puno kiddie park
Puno parade - the fishes are marching!

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre November 23rd 2006

Today is Thanksgiving and I am yet again travelling instead of eating enormous amounts of food with my family. Then again, sometimes I feel like every almuerzo over here in South America is a small version of Thanksgiving. I have settled into my next-to-last destination: Sucre, Bolivia. After my Salar de Uyuni tour I took a bus ride to Potosi, the highest city in the world. I met a compañero on the bus de Ireland and we found a great hostal in the city where I ran into two other girls from the East-Coast whom I had met two previous times in Cañon de Colca (Peru) and Lake Titicaca (Puno, Peru). I took a tour of the mines in Potosi, felt like I was going to die a quick and horrible death during the two hours ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre November 22nd 2006

Après la Jungle et ses émotions fortes, voici la suite des avantures.... De retour a La Paz en milieu de journée il est impossible de trouver un vol pour Sucre le jour même. Le premier vol disponble est pour le lendemain vendredi à 09.00 avec la compagnie Aerosur. Le prix de 550 bolivianos nous parait prohibitif... Ça fait 55 euros par personne (et oui après qq semaines en Bolivie, on a d'autres repères). C’est ça ou se taper encore 15 heures de bus nocturne sur des routes apparemment pas très faciles... le souvenir de notre voyage à Rurrenabaque est encore frais, on hésite un ¼ de seconde et on réserve 2 billets pour Sucre... 40 minutes de vol, le luxe quoi !!! On repasse par la case Hostal Jach’a Inti (l’hotel où l’on était lors de ... read more
l'université de Sucre
Un p'tit oiseau prend son envol
La place du Marché aux légumes

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre November 20th 2006

Sucre was pretty but there wasn't a whole lot to do there. The town is full of college students and hippies. One of the weird things about Bolivia is you have lots of beggar hippies. They come from their own developed countries to vagar and do do their "art" in the street and ask for money. Or they set up shop on the curb trying to sell their hemp necklaces or whatever. Or they just wander around looking ragged and asking for cigarettes or change. Or they might wander into your restaurant and preform some "music" with a harmonica and then ask for contributions. Anyway, they bother me. And Sucre has their share of them. The main attraction in Sucre is its dinosaur tracks so one morning we walked to the plaza and took the DinoTruck ... read more


South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre November 5th 2006

After leaving Sucre, we had a short drive to Potosi. Potosi was to be our last stop in Bolivia before we headed into Argentina and was an enjoyable few days. It was a very small town and was the base for the group to visit the mines and we spent a couple of days exploring. The drive into Argentina was an all day affair with a two hour boarder crossing. Argentina is much more western compared to Bolivia and Peru so our first stop at a service station provided huge excitment on the truck. We were all able to stock up on food we hadn't been able to purchase for ages (Becky got very excited about Cadburys chocalate!! YUM!). Our first and only stop in Argentina was to to Salta. We arrived late in the evening, ... read more
Becky canyoning
Mike canyoning

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre October 25th 2006

Back from the Yungas I got a cold and felt quite sick being back high up in the Andes again. From La Paz I took a bus south to Sucre - the capital of Bolivia. Situated far less high than La Paz this city is easier to handle, also because Sucre is much smaller and less hectic. The first 2 days I spent mostly in bed trying to get rid of my cold. On the 3rd day Katha and Miri arrived in Sucre as we had planned it before leaving La Paz. We went out the same evening and got quite drunk - the following day my cold was gone! :-) The next days we spent hanging around in Sucre doing not much more than nothing... We discovered excellent choclateries and restaurants and trying all the ... read more
who kidnapped the white lama?
boliviano mc
praying katha

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre October 18th 2006

Melde mich zurueck aus der Wildnis. Wow, das war wirklich ein toller Trip. Am Freitag morgen fuhren wir mit dem Bus zuerst nach Potosi (3h) und von dort auf einer Schotterstrasse nach Uyuni (6h). Dort angekommen bezogen wir unsere Zimmer im Hostel und wir hatten sogar eine eigene Dusche, was gut tat (wir wussten ja noch nicht, was auf uns zukommen wird). Nach einem Teller Pesto Spaghetti (typisch Bolivianisch) gingen wir frueh zu Bett. Am Samstag morgen wurden wir dann von Valerio mit dem Jeep abgeholt. Nachdem wir seine Frau und den zweijaehrigen Sohn auch aufgeladen hatten, ging es dann raus in die Natur. Zuerst besuchten wir den Zug-Friedhof. Einige der Zuege stehen dort anscheinend schon seit hundert Jahren. Dementsprechend verrostet stehen die da also einfach in der Wildnis. Wir waren ja zu fuenft unterwegs, alles ... read more
Laguna Colorado

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre October 13th 2006

Well, its that time of the year isn´t it when everyone goes back to school. So i thought i´d keep in the trend and try out school Bolivian style. More about that later, but i´ll fill you in on the other crazy events of the last few days first. After the uber coincidence of meeting the Claire out in Uyuni we realised not only were we in the same pub but we also ended up taking exactly the same bus sitting only a few seats apart from each other. In some ways it would have been more fun to both randomly walk onto the same bus and have the nonunderstanding stare at each other then. The bus in question was the..umm, how to say, very ´Boivian´bus from Uyuni to Potosi. Having faired well on the supposed ... read more
Appaling conditions
The god of the mines

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre October 8th 2006

Meine erste Woche ist schon fast um und ich habe schon ganz viel erlebt. Die Schule ist wirklich gut und die Lehrer toll. Bis auf meine Einzelunterricht-Lehrerin, aber das Problem haben wir nun geloest. Am Mittwoch habe ich Volleyball gespielt, muss mich ja fit halten. Lustig war, dass wir nur 4 Studenten waren und ganze drei Lehrer. Das ganze fand zwar im Fitnesscenter statt, ist aber natuerlich nicht so modern wie bei uns. Die Halle glich eher einer Squash-Halle und weil diese ja bekanntlich klein ist, haben wir wandab Volleyball gespielt, was fuer eine Herausforderung, war wirklich lustig. Am Freitag war Salsa angesagt. Die erste halbe Stunde habe ich mitgehalten, nachher habe ich mich einem Bier gewidmet. War toll, ich glaube an diesem Abend waren wirklich alle Studenten komplett. Gestern machten wir dann einen Ausflug zum ... read more

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