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South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque January 18th 2011

Since James was doing the 6088m ice climb, I decided that this wasn´t really my cup of tea and headed off to Rurrenabaque to do a jungle pampas tour. After catching the collectivo (Bolivian minibus) to the airport, I boarded the plane to Rurrenabaque - the 16 seater that had a direct view of the cockpit and propellers! Might as well go in at the deep end for my first solo flight! Luckily for me the flight was only 45 minutes long and we only hit turbulence at the end, when alarms started going off in the cockpit. Upon arrival at the small town, I found myself a hostel recommended in the guide book and was shown to my (very basic) room. Since it was only midday and my tour was not due to start until ... read more
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South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque January 17th 2011

Nice little town - really just a stop on the way to the Bolivian jungle or pampas. Great city. Shame we didn't have much time to explore but checked out some markets (chose not to buy any llama foetuses). The view of the city on the way in is awesome and the mountain backdrop just beautiful.... read more

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque January 14th 2011

If you fly with TAM do not go to the main airport. You need to be a the military airport, if you do check in at the main terminal go outside and find the minibus that will take you across the tarmac. Quick, easy flight to Rurrembaque to find our 4x4 jeep was in fact a decrepit Toyota Minivan with no openable windows in the back but once on the river, at camp, swimming or trudging through the pampas this was a great adventure.... read more

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque November 16th 2010

My second jungle trip, a 2 day walking tour through Amazon proper ignited my senses like nothing I have ever experienced before. So here follows: A SENSORY JUNGLE EXPERIENCE. The sweet bite of the juice from the tiny mangoes that fell from the trees with a plonk. The sun beating relentlessly down on the beacks of our necks, our scalps and our thighs as we sit in the boat. The occasional cool splash of river water on your cheek as the boat rocks. The welcome sahde dappling your face as you enter the tree line. The sighs of relief and the stagnant heat that makes you flop as you enter that perfect little pituresque clearing with wooden lodges. The sting of sun in your eyes as you look up to the canopy, trying to see the ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque November 9th 2010

Well that's a tiny plane. Really tiny. Minute. Can that thing really fly? About 12 people aboard the miniscule plane to Rurrenabaque in the Bolivian Amazon. About 12 people having a minor panic attack every time the plane bumped, jiggled or dropped. What's that beeping? I really don't like being able to see in the cock pit. That beeping is still going! Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. But then we are there, touching down smoothly at Rurrenabaque "airport" and it seems like we've all been a little silly really. The "airport" is really just one room of a house and we sit on some plastic seats in the sweltering oppressive heat and wait for our bags. Everyone is already shiny with sweat and flopping considerably, but one Swiss girl and I are loving it. Heat ... read more


South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque October 18th 2010

Following advice from other travellers against taking the coach to Rurrenabaque,  (the road is supposed to be worst in the country aside from death road), we boarded a 12 seater plane to leave cold, snowy La Paz and just 35 minutes later we landed in the middle of the jungle in 36 degree heat. This country is crazy.  During this journey we learnt 3 things: 1. Small planes suffer acutely from turbulence. 2. Mountains (like those around La Paz) cause turbulence 3. When you combine said turbulence and small plane the result is a truly terrified Steve who is convinced he will not be visiting the Amazon after all.  So after a tense flight (Ellie was so happy it was short, she couldn't have coped with anymore stress radiating from the seat next to her), and a ... read more
Piranha Fishing
Turtle Power!

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque October 1st 2010

Sept 27-Oct 1st It was really nice seeing John at the airport when I arrived. THe altitude of La Paz considering it is the highest capital in the world didnt affect me like I had assumed it would. I did purchase a coca cola which helps and John and I after getting my luggage had a cab waiting for us who would take us to the Maryknoll in La Paz. The cab driver was stoked to know that I spoke some spanish and we lightly conversed. Arriving in the front of the Maryknoll in La paz after immediately getting out of the cab I came a cross a key. NOt sure exactly what kind of omen that is but I put it in my pocket with little question as the cab took off and we entered ... read more
Our boats
Just what I do

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque August 30th 2010

the entrance village to the jungle and Parque Nacional Mani...... read more
tree sloth
we were really lucky
tourning around and go back

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque August 29th 2010

There is really not much to say about this tour, besides there was a lot of animals to see!! Also, they are not afraid of people. This because there are about 6 boats arriving to this area every day. I.e a lot of tourists!!! We stayed at a prime facility (compared to on Mogli tours) with beds indoors, showers, toilets, even a bar! I believe the pictures will speak for themselves, and this was indeed a good tour for seeing a bunch of animals. For those wondering about why some of us are holding the anaconda, it's because we had no repellent or sunscreen on.... read more
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South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque August 25th 2010

Our main reason for going to Rurrenabaque, was to see alot of animal life, therefore we decided just to do the Pampas and not the jungle tour. After shopping a bit around, we ended up at a place called "Mogli Tours". Thomas and I don't speak all that much spanish, just enough to get around. But, this was no problem when the guy at Mogli gave us info about their trip. He was so enthusiastic, speaking non-verbally with a lot of gestures. Besides, he repeated his sentences up to two three times. Really easy to understand! As it turned out, this guy owned the company. Feizar, as his name was, looked like a real local amazonian man! And in fact he was. He was raised in the jungle (not by wolfs, even though he looked like ... read more
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