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We took a hair raising flight in a tiny propeller plane to rurrenebache which is the gate way town into the Bolivian amazon. The heat and humidity hits you like a heavy blanket upon leaving the plane. It was so hot we decided to book into the only hotel with a swimming pool and spent the first afternoon floating in the pool before going to a local restaurant for some delicious amazon fried fish for dinner. We were collected by our tour company, Mashiquipe at 8 the next morning and lifted to the boat which was to carry us up the beni river to the jungle lodge with a 3 hour stop at a local village on the way. The boat ride is spectacular with views of thick forest on either side and as far as ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque October 5th 2013

Well, we had a great last few days in La Paz including going to the outskirts of town to a place called the megacentre- a modern shopping centre with fast food, no Maccy D´s though as Bolivia doesnt have any...(or starbucks or kfc for that matter, not that I´ve seen anyway) and a cinema!!! With English films!!! Woo, so me Katherine and Nicky went to see a horror ´The conjuring´ was really scary!!! And pretty good, we enjoyed it and it was such a treat to see a film in English for once! Anyway, the next destination on our agenda after La Paz was a detour up North to the jungle to do a pampas tour to see some wildlife!! We were due to get the bus on Monday at 12.30 in the afternoon. When we ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque August 30th 2013

Expecting to be leaving La Paz on a some sort of elastic band powered bi-plane, we were pleasantly suprised to see a modern jet-engined 50 or so seater. It was only a short and bumpy journey to Rurrenabaque. The views out of the window were breathtaking, snow capped Andes quickly changing to low land jungle as far as the eye can see, a beautiful sea of green. The airport was cool, one concrete runway, one mud runway and a wooden shack for a terminal. The heat hit you as soon as you got off the plane. About 20 minutes on a minibus and we were at our hostel. Rurrenabaque is a small riverside town, a literal gateway to the Bolvian Rainforest, nothing much to report here other than our hostel has a swimming pool and a ... read more
Ready to board our long boat for the journey into the jungle

D. 25/7/2013: slept almost all busride, the bus was better than expected but the roads were really bad and i woke up some times jumping up from the seat. Arrived at 7 in la paz. We found a hostel for 50 bolivianos and got a welldeserved shower. Then we went for a walk around the city, found lunch at a small restaurant for 25 bolivianos (4 courses) and pia and i walked to a mirador with a beautifull view over the city. We booked a tour into the amazonas the next day, a little expensive but it will be worth it (2000 bolivianos) We went for a cheap burger for dinner and walked through a small market. Then early home and pack and go to bed.. D. 26/7/2013: got up at 4, waaay too early. Packed ... read more
Pampas dag 1 005
Pampas dag 1 015
Pampas dag 1 018

Sorry folks, a lot of photo's and words in this entry... We were not feeling all that crash hot in La Paz, be it from some food we ate, the altitude, or the fact that we were staying in a hostel with a microbrewery attached... So we decided to forgo biking down the world's most dangerous road until later, and head down to Rurrenebaque, to visit the Amazon for the first time. The thinking was that a warm climate and so fresh food would do us the world of good. It sorted me out, but not mojo... The flight out of La Paz was at 10am, enough time to make sure the planes were flying at that time (as in previous days the early flight were delayed due to freezing conditions), and we thought enough time ... read more
This moth was the size of my hand


An early rise of 5am to head to the airport, checking in was surprisingly uneventful and there I was thinking everything was running far too smoothly for Bolivian standards. And then of course they didn't fail to disappoint, after an hour delay boarding we sat on the runway for 20 minutes before being told that there was something up with this plane so we all trudged back into the freezing cold airport, waited another 30 minutes and finally boarded an operational plane and took off. The plane leaving almost 2 hours late I was worrying that I would miss the tour completely for that day and with my trusty translator and travel buddy busy climbing a mountain I was busy freaking out about refunds and wasting a day in Rurrebenaque. All for nothing, I arrived at ... read more

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So much behind on the blog so will only be posting pictures if I can. Fiinally able to leave La Paz after getting my new passport back, on our way to much warmer land in Rurenabaque. Trip to the Pampa.... read more

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque April 23rd 2013

A very dry day in La Paz doing no more than looking around the city and booking a bus to Rurrenabaque later we were on that bus, the one that would take us into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. We had heard many stories about the bus ride from the capital into the jungle being a nightmare but we were both, surprisingly, looking forward to it. It was due to set off at 11.30am and we didn't leave until 2pm, it took the guys ages to load all the goods onto the top and underneath of the bus. Its a good sign of things to come! The bus itself was no more than a public one with semi reclining seats and costing £8 for a 24 hour ride, safe to say we were sceptical now. ... read more

We have just returned to La Paz - This time by flight. Compared to the 32 hour bus ride, the flight back on a small 10 seater plane took 30 minutes. 30 MINUTES!! we started at 2pm, and by 3.30 we had landed, caught a taxi to mid-town, checked into our accomodation and were seated in a cafe for lunch. This makes the bus ride that bit worse! (if that was possible). Rurrenabaque was really fun! its a small town, just off the amazon river. The town itself is basic, endless hostels and tour agencies as everyone goes there to do the Pampas Tour. We arrived good Friday, and as a high catholic based country - none of the bars or small shops would sell alcohol for Holy Week - so we decided to head off ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque March 29th 2013

Flying is the best way to get the Rurrenabaque from La Paz.. but many tourists will opt to take the cheaper option of the long and tedious bus ride - Lonley Planet What they did however forget to mention, is that it will be the longest, scariest journey of your life. They should say: Do not take the bus, who cares if its $11.00 - take the $80.00 flight and save yourselfs. Whislt reading this, keep in mind the bus ride was quoted at 18 hours long, turned into 32 hours - and the distance we covered was only 421Km's. So if we where at home it would have taken 4.30hours. The Journey 11am Tuesday morning, good start - the tour company we booked through had written the wrong bus terminal on the ticket. A short ... read more
Mud Pit
Waiting for the bus to clear the mud

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